Brief Preview Shows The Every Day Usage Of A MyTouch 3G Slide


The T-Mobile MyTouch Slide was already outed well ahead of the carrier officially announcing it, but besides having a look at the phone’s interface and its exteriors, we haven’t seen much. TmoNews got their hands on a video via InfoSyncWorld who got an exclusive first look at the device thanks to T-Mobile’s vice president of product development, Andrew Sherrard.

The clip gives you a quick run down of the phone and its Espresso UI running on top of Android 2.1. If this thing is underpowered, then I can’t tell because everything looks very smooth. He demonstrated swiping through several homescreens set up with different widgets and icons, gave us a look at the pretty Weather animations that HTC is becoming popular for, and ventured into his contacts to call someone named “Robert”. Later on, we see a sophisticated-looking woman send a text and follow it up with a phone call.

It gives you a good idea of what you should expect when you pick the phone up, but something about that contact book threw me off. This is one of the cases I’m hoping HTC will allow us to disable the Sense UI as navigating contacts – outside of using universal search – looks like a very dreadful task.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wow you’re right – yuck, that contact interface is disgusting. How does that help anyone reach the people they need to?

  2. looks nice to me but Espresso appears to have a cheaper (budget) look compared to normal Sense… however, i believe this phone will sell really well for tmo.

  3. I agree, the contact book looked unusable. There just seems to be too much eye candy with this phone. There’s a point where a simple list works best.

    And whats with all the apps being decorated like a button? It reminds me of bevels. Hideous!

    I definitely would not buy this phone.

  4. I was planning to get my wife this phone on release day, but looks like i’ll wait until its able to be rooted 1st so i can put a better version of 2.1 on it for her. So guess she’ll get it a few days late.

  5. Is it me, or in tye video, did that lady really write a reply to a message without once using the space bar? ha

  6. @love69
    it’s because she wrote “kthxbye”

  7. are you sure the ‘contact book’ wasnt just the favesgallery that tmo customized for the sense ui….

    for those unfamiliar, you can set up to 20 contacts that basically stream everything to you as motoblur would…

    the actual contact list is much like you see in ‘sensed’ devices today, with the horizontal slider at the bottom for groups, favs, etc… i agree its more aesthetically pleasing overall, but if you have those 1,2,5,8 ppl you aaalways are communicating with… it is a decent ‘shortcut’

  8. Its look ehhh. Where’s the evo g tmobile version WITH android 2.1 or better? Tmobile loves subpar phones and why? It better atleast have a snap dragon or its going to be a fail and I’m canceling my service and going with horrible sprint for the evo! Come on tmobile!!!

  9. For every smartphone power user there are many more that have no use for anything beyond the myTouch Slide. IMO it’s in tmo’s best interest to serve the bigger market first. I don’t understand why power users even care about what tmo does – they should be concerned with carriers that serve their needs.

  10. @coolMANDINGO- if you want a Superphone on TMobile, buy the Nexus One. I did.

  11. @ caleb and everyone else

    i really do believe that the contact list in the video IS for the myfaves contacts only. notice that the contacts were mom (personal) and brenda, and she slides over about 4 or 5 rows (with two contact cards each) and she is back to the same brenda again… either the phone only has about 10 contacts in it or, most likely, it is just the myfaves contact app.

  12. that video was gay

  13. @ ratnok

    anyone who does lots of research on their next phone will not go anywhere near the N1. it’s a beautiful phone with an unforgivable list of defects… with the lack of proper help support and contact, it’s a HUGE gamble!

  14. Another terrible phone from T-Mo. They come out with the first Android phone then proceed to get their asses kicked by every other carrier.

    The MT3G was eeh and so is this new one. But the Behold 2? The Cliq? Really??? T-Mo should be ashamed of themselves for letting the opportunity slide by. Hell, soon AT&T will even have a better android than T-mo. I’m just trying to decide if I want to pay $200 to get out of my contract or wait it out and see if they can redeem themselves. And I’ve been with them since 2000. I’m just disgusted.

    And please don’t say, “what about the N1?”. That ain’t T-mo’s phone.

  15. @ratnok.. the n1 is wack. My girl has that phone. She’s the problem with the muffled calls. Tmobile had the audacity to tell her to let them hold $560 to do the exchange for the phone. That alone makes me me not buy the phone. Its also missing the sense ui.that phone is barely super. I’m taking my behind to sprint. Tmobile is to behind in the times when it comes to phones.verizon,asprint,att then maybe tmobile.like I said before they chose to be wack. Tmobile was first out the gate with android and its been 2 years almost and still no good phones.what’s up with that?

  16. @xenomorph…. I feel you. Yeah that phone is wack as hell yo. The only things aight about the n1 is the live wallpapers and the snapdragon.other than that ,the n1 is a MAJOR failure.now this new phone. Mytouch(wack ass name)3g is looks to be subpar also.what do you think? Do think tmobile will ever be any good? As far as phones

  17. Those of you saying the N1 is “whack” (wow 1993) have no idea what your talking about. This is by far the best phone I have ever owned. Now I dont have the issues that your speaking of and this being my third android phone it is by the best phone I have had. My only complaint is the speaker phone. N1 struggles alot with its lack of promotion in stores so all you can base your information is from the countless reviews of the phone good and bad.

    I agree do your research on your next phone, had you done that you would understand the N1 is not a T-mobile phone but a google phone and the support is there you just have to open your eyes and read. I know what I got into when buying the phone I dont expect tmo to fix things they have no control over.

    Back on Topic I think the Mytouch slide is going to be a good mid to entry level smartphone for Tmobile. Not everyphone has to have a snapdragon processor. I dont think is T-mobiles intent for this phone to compete with the N1, Evo and incredible. But I do agree Tmo needs a highend phone.

  18. @ coolMANDINGO

    I agree that the name MyTouch is a little fruity, but the Slide should really be a huge seller, and I will tell you why. For T-Mobile customers, it will def be the best Android phone available to them because of Android 2.1 w/Sense, a keyboard (finally!) that looks great and spacious and the fact that aside from the N1, it will have the best specs on any Android phone currently offered on TMo. Htc and TMo worked very close together on this phone so the chances of major problems are very small and you will be able to contact TMo directly for replacements if need be. Tmo also (perhaps sadly) has chosen to supply phones for the casual-indifferent demographic, so this means that most of TMo’s customers aren’t really scoping out Phandroid.com or doing their research and will not care about processor speed, RAM, etc. TMo will have a sh*# ton of adds and campaigning behind the MyTouch name, so I know, without a doubt, that this phone will be do really well. I may check it out, however, I (like you and the others here) are in the minority when it comes to high-end preferences. I really want a 1 ghz processor but I also want the phone to work. Sorry N1.

  19. Hmm, Expresso UI? I thought this was a stock Android phone, but it looks like this has what we thought would be the next generation of Sense UI, based on leaked screenshots (thank heavens it’s not). Still, it does have some interesting features. Also, this phone’s operation looks way too smooth to be running on a mere 528MHz CPU like the previous model. Let’s hope that’s not just a little movie magic thrown in, because I’m sick and tired of seeing companies throw tons of underpowered phones on the market.

  20. Played around with this phone, saw a guy with one at a starbucks. He told me it’s not a snapdragon but honestly I thought he was lying. The phone is WAY smoother than my N1. I like the look of my N1 more but in person his white slide looked Sick. The keyboard was amazing too. I might have to E-Bay my N1 now.

  21. @ Havoc

    You are right that many ppl do not do the proper research, but I do. I know everything about the N1 and every Android phone available in the U.S. market to date, and I still stand by my comment that it is a HUGE gamble to buy the N1. If you got a good one, than congrats to you. Seriously, this phone has way too many issues and is not for anyone who is low maintenance and doesn’t have the time to experiment with Google’s latest test phone.

    @ Brad

    Speaking of ppl who aren’t doing their proper research… the Slide has already been reported to have a 600MHz processor, but the kicker here is that it will have twice the RAM of any Android phone TMo offers at the moment, 512 RAM. (same as N1 and Incredible) This RAM boost will be the reason why the Slide is smooth and fast.

  22. Anyone who is saying the N1 is “whack” huffed a half bottle of glue this morning, or knows NOTHING about phones, and should keep their mouth shut. The N1 is the same exact phone as the Incredible, and Desire. THEY ARE ALL MADE BY HTC YOU TOOLS. The Evo 4G, Hmmmmmm also made by HTC. These are all just iterations of the SAME PHONE. Also, anyone who says, “The N1 doesn’t have sense UI”, could be the most retarded person on planet earth. ANDROID IS GOOGLE MORONS. Google wanted this phone to be Android in it’s purest form. TRUE Android, the way GOGGLE designed it. Know something before you open your mouth. Better yet, keep your trap closed so you don’t make everyone else around you dumber for having listened to the nonsense sprouting from your uneducated mouth.

  23. that last post was a bit confusing… just to set the record straight, the N1 IS made by HTC, just like the Incredible and the Desire, and their specs are nearly identical, yet the N1 clearly has many issues that plague a huge percentage of ppl that bought it. Among those issues are faulty multi-touch, screwy 3G reception, major problems with dust under the screen (HTC Hero has the same issue), screen seems to be more prone to cracks, etc… The N1 is NOT exactly the same phone as the Incredible and Desire.

  24. hmmmmm
    those buttons in the notification bar look awesome…wish we had them in all android phones…
    either way im also canceling my tmobile contract for the same reason as most who want better phones. TMO let VZW overtake them. the N1 is a nice phone but you have to go through a vertical limbo just to get it, and it doesnt seem like TMO is getting anything worthy of note in the near future, so its off to sprint i go!

  25. this actualually looks llike a great phone

  26. What is that stupid windshield wiper thing about?? And the contacts thing bears all the hallmarks of a Faves Gallery. It looks just like the animations on the Tmo website. I’ve been with Tmo for 10 years and I’ve never touched the “Faves” silliness.

  27. THIS IS NOT THE MYTOUCH!!! the mytouch is beautiful and this is just…”no” don’t make fun of the mytouch with this obsolete nightmare

  28. the MyTouch is…beautiful?… lol let’s not get all emotional here. the MyTouch is fine. and for the record, the MyTouch Slide looks nearly identical to it. seriously, barely any diff in the look between the two…

  29. Based on the video, the only two things i dislike about this phone are the facts that its Keyboard is very confusing. The numbers are the same size as the letters and same with some other symbols. This phone is still better than the regular myTouch 3G though because of the facts it has a better camera and way more apps pre-installed.

  30. My boyfriend has the N1 and had had no problems with it. I personally like the slide. It runs fast and smooth. I love it.

  31. Look guys I have the my touch slide and that’s not the address book is the my faves screen and actually the phone so far has been better the the htc hd2 and any other android phone tmobile has brought out.

  32. I’m sorry, am I the only one who noticed that this is a G1 phone?

  33. My husband has the N1 and loves it…he’s an android freak and has owned a few previously. Its the first time he’s owned one and didnt feel the need to tweak every internal possible, so thats gotta say something for it.

    As for the mytouch slide, I’m personally a crackberry fan. I’ve always hated touchscreen, owned the G1 BRIEFLY…sent it right back, got a new blackberry. I swore I’d never get a new phone after my 9700, but intend on trying out the slide since theres a keyboard…

    as for the contact pictures, thats definitely a faves gallery…the actual contact list is exactly like the G1…bars of names to scroll through.

    ….the phone looks sleek, and seems to function properly..we’ll see how this goes. Worst case scenario, if I hate it, I’ll pay out the $179 for it…and then sell it on ebay for $379. $200 profit for a failed phone isnt a bad option :)

  34. You can get information about the MyTouch Slide at http://www.mytouchslide.com

  35. So I’d like to amend my previous post. I now have the slide in hand…and I’m ready to jump ship back to my blackberry. I absolutely hate the keyboard and the touchscreen. I guess some people are better left in crackberry land. Good luck to the rest of you users..I hope it works out well for you =)

  36. I don’t get the big issue with the contacts or anything else here. I have owned both the 9700 and now the Slide and I love this thing. What in the world could you NOT like about the touchscreen? it works perfectly. Both the on-screen keyboard and hardware one work great. Just not getting that… and to go back to the 9700 because it’s better? No way. The only thing I would say is there is no comparison with battery life here but then that should be no surprise. Is it really THAT hard to come up with a battery that will last for these new touchscreen smart phones?

  37. Ok so I have had this phone for about 3 weeks.. coming from a rooted g1 and playing with many phones.. I will Say this phone is awesome it is very very FAST. my brother has the evo and when on wifi this phone loads pages faster then his, has a stronger signal then his, and does so much more… the Phonebook rocks its the same as all androids but has some cool things others do not.. start typing there number or there name in and they pop up at the top of the screen.. I have never had to scroll throw the list.. swype is all you need i have maybe used the keyboard like 5 times which is the only thing i dislike about the phone and its only because coming from a g1 it sucks. But im sure i will get to like it the longer i have the phone.

  38. CHILL, “i will defenitely not buy this phone” “oh that contacts list is bad” its a contact list!!!!!!!!!! this phone is amazing its people like yall that make phones go under because yall know nothing and go and criticize it thats like me saying the iphone 4 is a good phone!!!!

  39. and its not even a contact list that IS the myfaves gallery

  40. and the wipers are an animation in the weather and its pretty cool but your punk asses are running out of things to say cause there is none! so you bag on that YALL are tools

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