LogMeIn Says “Me Too”, Enters Beta With Ignition


Some pretty desirable apps are on their way soon with all of these beta periods. Yesterday, Sling Media thought they’d take the sly route with their SlingPlayer Mobile app and urge their beta testers not to say anything about them entering a private beta phase(you guys really need to put an NDA on these things if you want to ensure maximum privacy). Now, LogMeIn has gone into beta with their Ignition app, and the wraps came off just a bit easier.

logmein ignition banner

The beta site doesn’t actually allow you to do anything – it just gives you instructions on how to set your app up to work with your LogMeIn account – but users who were signed up should have received a direct download link within their email (you can also find the app for download in the market). Our tipster James has already played with the app on perhaps the weakest device on the market –  the T-Mobile G1 – and he assures us that it’s smooth and feels like it’s ready for prime time. Ignition will allow you to control your computer and access your files remotely. I’m excited to hear that we’re inching toward a first release as LogMeIn has been a life saver for me in countless situations (I’d name them, but I don’t think your heart can handle it).

[Thanks James, and everyone else who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. haha my g1 is sad that you called it the weakest. even though it is true, it still hurts. :P

  2. I just tried out the logmein app. It works pretty well. I had some problems logging into a W2K3 server but it eventually worked. The mouse pointer is always centered and you move the screen behind it around to get to where you want to click.

    It would be handy in a pinch but I don’t see paying $30 for it like the iPhone version.

  3. It’s about time!!

  4. I’m still holding out for TeamViewer… It took them awhile to develop for the iPhone, but hopefully with everyone else developing for the Droid, it’ll push them to work faster.

  5. Tried it out on my Droid….pretty slick! I’ll have to give it a more thorough run through, but it seems like it has everything I’d ask for.

  6. Can anyone post an .apk? The email I got didn’t have a direct download link nor can I find it in the market. It might be because I’m running a Moment with the leaked 2.1 ROM, but regardless, I’d love to have it.

  7. Has anyone tried PhonemyPC, is it esentially the same thing. How does LogMeIn compare?

  8. I can compare them.

    Ignition uses a technology similar to RDP: it renders content on the phone rather than transfering image data. Thus, for basic windows stuff it will probably perform better than PhoneMyPC on 3G. However, it consumes so much CPU (and presumably battery) power that the back of the phone becomes hot.

    Ignition allows you to log-in to a PC, but PhoneMyPC is missing this feature until the next release.

    PhoneMyPC outperforms Ignition dramatically when displaying graphics content such as photos or video.

    Neither app has sound or file transfer. LogMeIn traditionally requires a monthly payment for sound or file transfer; PhoneMyPC has promised to provide those for free in the next few releases.

    PhoneMyPC has many convenience features, such as passive viewing (for monitoring a PC), control-pad like control (for giving presentations), process and window control (for techies and diagnostics) and more.

    PhoneMyPC has a much smoother UI feel with kinetics and smoother scrolling.

    LogMeIn (maker of Ignition) is a well established company with lots of money, mediocre support and an established reputation.

    SoftwareForMe (maker of PhoneMyPC) is a new, small group of Android geeks, provides excellent support and has no reputation to speak of (other than what has been earned through PhoneMyPC)

  9. I have a incredible and downloaded this and hwo the hell do I get it to work? I am trying to log onto a windows PC I have set up running remotely… I am new to droid stuff so a little help maybe :) please e-mail me at [email protected] thanks

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