LogMeIn Ignition Coming Soon To Android


LogMeIn is now working on their most recent version of their remote connection client called LogMeIn Ignition for Android! With Ignition you can gain complete remote access to all your files and applications from anywhere, at any time, from your Android phone. This gives you complete freedom from being bound by a computer or laptop and allows you to always be connected to your PC or Mac, if need be. LogMeIn allows multiple users to connect to your computer over the Internet to conduct meetings, trainings, support and more.



  • One-click remote access without a browser
  • Controls and access files and application on remote computers
  • Send and manage online collaborations.
  • In reverse, IT professionals can configure your Android phone from a desktop to configure Exchange email for example.

Additional information about LogMeIn Ignition for Android is available at

Official eBay Application Now Available

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  1. i use logmein for accessing my work computer at home, and they just released an app for the ipod. it’s a really great program, which is why i got pissed when i saw they released to the pod first instead of android. then, while reading the forums, their it guys were saying that they weren’t porting ignition to android. glad to hear that was all bs!

  2. Use this on my iPod, it’s pretty good..

    A LAN based VNC is faster though..

  3. With Mac access this sounds better than phonemypc which I’m currently using…

  4. when I first saw the name i though it was called “lo mein”

  5. Nice. My wife uses Logmein. If the supersonic is more then vaporware, I guess she will be using my phone. Well not my phone but will be if it comes out…

  6. I used LogMeIn Ignition on my iPhone, and it was pretty good. On my Droid, I use PhoneMyPC and it is much faster and has more features; I just wish they had a PC client as well.

    At the very least, the competition will be good for us all!

  7. PhoneMyPC did not work for me, at all. One of their reps told me it wasn’t really for accessing a computer that no one is at, as it cannot handle the log-in screen. Personally I thought the way I had to set up my PC for it was really hoaky and it seemed very unsecure.

    I am completely excited and stoked for the release of Logmein Ignition for the Droid. This is the main reason I bought my phone and am excited to see it come out.

  8. Logmein software is a very effective product that has allowed me to be productive in and out of the office. One thing that doesnt’ seem to work right is when I try to access a windows pc from a linux machine. even after correct username and password, it somehow boots off the linux person trying to access the windows machine. Not sure, about that little glitch, but i have to check more into it.

  9. Wow. It works really well. It’s awesome.

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