[Update] 7-inch Archos Tablet Headed To Stores In June For $199, Pre-order Now At Amazon


Androinica is reporting that Archos is set to ship the 7-inch version of their Home Tablet next month. Retailing for $199.99, the tablet will come with a modified version of Android 1.6, a 600mhz processor, 4GB of internal storage, WiFi and USB for connectivity, and would be able to playback 7 hours of video and 44 hours of music (in tune with what we learned from the FCC approval a few weeks back, besides the $20 difference in price).


The Archos 5 debuted to some less-than-favorable reviews, so we expect Archos to make a solid attempt at fixing up those issues in this 2-inch upgrade. We still can’t pinpoint why the lack of Android 2.1 is an issue, but there haven’t been many details regarding the tablet’s development. Additionally, the Android Market may be partially inaccessible due to the fact that it isn’t a Google-certified device, but if the Archos 5 is anything to go by, then this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

What say you? Are you ready to give Archos another chance next month?

[Update]: Amazon now has the Archos 7 for pre-order.

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  1. Give me access to the Market, and I might think about it. Maybe.

  2. If this thing is rooted and there is a decent 2.1 or 2.2 Rom developed I’m down for one. But with 1.6 no way.

  3. Anybody know if this thing supports flash? That would be the only way I would buy it.. oh and 3g

  4. Donut, gimped processor.


  5. It seems pretty good. 800×480 resolution and able to play more video formats than most phones. Plus a 7″ screen make it good for that. . I played with Archos 5 at Best Buy and its a good portable media player.

  6. I will look into it.

    It would be nice if they upgraded it to 2.1.

  7. Sorry, Archos, you don’t have the marketing chops or level of fanboi dedication to release immediately out-of-date crippleware and get away with it. Leave that to Steve…

  8. I had one for about a week.
    And rooted unrooted it disappointed me
    So much I sold it for 100$ same crap two inches more pls. ..

  9. Why do they even bother making this. Grow it to 10 inches and put in a faster chip and you would have a good device. What we want is a device as capable as the Droid Incredible with a large screen.

  10. It’s worth the price and with the potential modifications that should be out for it you might have a pretty cool tablet… there’s the Wepad or Wetab or what they changed it to as well they may be descent…
    Sooner or later someone will put out a sweet Android tablet… hopefully.

  11. The archos 5 plays flash, I see no reason why this wouldn’t. However, it’s purpose is probably more of a pmp thing. As for that purpose….well I always loved my archos 5, and it’s 160 gigs….and I believe I saw that you can get something similar to this with 500 gigs….but I think I will stick with the evo

  12. This is exactly what the Android platform does NOT need. sorry, Archos. Try again.

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