LG Ally Suits Up, Shows Some Specs


If you haven’t checked over the LG/Iron Man 2 tie-in site, it has now gone live giving us a small taste of what you can expect from the LG Ally. The phone will run on Android 2.1, feature a 3.2″ touchscreen, and run its augmented reality apps through the lens of its 3.2MP camera. That’s about all they are giving us right now.


These specs don’t quite line up with the LG LU2300/Aloha like many were expecting. That phone has a 5MP camera, 3.5″ capacitive touchscreen, and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. While the slide-out QWERTY remains, looks like some earlier speculation that the phone will have a 600MHz ARM11 processor may end up being true.

Head over to LGIM2.com to check out what other limited info is provided on the phone and see some Flash-y Iron Man action.

[LGIM2.com via BGR]

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  1. I hope this phone doesn’t suck as bad as Ironman 2. Saw it yesterday. Pretty disappointing. Think Transformers 2.

  2. @fred
    I’ve heard so many disappointing things, I was kind of looking forward to it until I heard most of the reviews.

  3. Alrighty if this phone does indeed sport a 600Mhz ARM11 then it ISN’T the Aloha. The Aloha is also known as the LU2300 which not only differs in specs but physically as well.

  4. As a movie lover, I didn’t ‘love’ Transformers 1, or 2 but I enjoyed both of them about equally.

  5. Transformers 1 was popcorn fun.
    Trnasformers 2 was brain cancer.

    Iron Man 2 got a 73% rating (Certified Fresh) based upon 73 professional film critics. So it’s good, but not as good as the first. (93%)

    Too bad the specs are so weak for this LG phone. Hopefully, it will have a $99 price tag. So far, it’s specs are in the G1’s range, although the RAM must be higher since it has Eclair.

  6. im just hoping its not the lu2300.

  7. Korea/Asia has been getting some super slick phones recently. The Aloha and Motoroi come to mind immediately. I wonder why they aren’t bringing those beauties State side?

  8. @Rich

    Mainly because carriers make the final call on what they need in their lineup an what price point they are aiming at.

  9. So the aloha exists in Asia? Are there any pics or specs about that?

  10. What carrier is this going to? I hope AT&T

  11. @craig
    It will be carried by VZW

  12. Does anyone think this http://www.lge.co.kr/cokr/pr/pr_news/FrontBoardDetailCmd.laf?mncode=NEWS&actcode=NEWS&seq=10857 phone will come to europe. Its the real lu/su2300,aloha thing. with a 3.5″ screen and snappy dragon.

  13. Its gotta have more oomph than 600MHZ to run the Launcher 2 because the DROID absolutely sucks with the Launcher 2 on the newest Cyanogen, unless this thing has at least 512megs RAM.

  14. When I first got this LG Ally I loved it. I’ve had it for about five months now and it is, without a doubt, the most frustrating device of any kind I have ever had to endure since my first cell phone back in 1990.

    Background – it has the latest 2.1 update from Verizon. No third party apps loaded.

    Battery life is no where close to advertised. You’re lucky to get a full day of use out of this thing. If you actually make calls with it expect to recharge at least once a day and that is with an extended battery installed.

    Corporate calendar rarely works and is incomplete. You have to create a Gmail calendar and sync to it for calendar to be useful.

    Corporate email – forget it. I’ve had to do a factory reset every day for the past three weeks. Email works fine for a couple of hours and then it all goes crazy. The system closes email after 8-10 seconds. If you open an email within that time the system closes the message after 3-5 seconds, and then closes the email app after another 2-3 seconds.

    With no apps loaded this thing regularly shows 10mb of available memory. How can there only be 10MB of memory with no apps running?

    Before anyone starts responding with suggested fixes – I’ve tried them all from every blog and Verizion’s minimalist support page. Disabled voice privacy; done the #*#*4636*#*# thing; not loaded any other apps except Advanced Task Killer as recommended by Verizon and most every blog; I’ve changed the battery; done soft boots, factory resets all to no avail. I’ve checked all the other settings to make sure there were no conflicts and things are getting worse every day.

    If you are considering this phone – DON’T WASTE YOU MONEY. If somone offers you one for free – TURN THEM DOWN.

    As flaky as my old Blackberry was it at least worked 95% of the time. The LG Ally work 5% of the time if you are lucky.

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