LG Ally Commercial Leaks, Not the Phone We Thought it Was


An LG tie-in with the upcoming Iron Man 2 leaked today, and it gives us our first official look at the phone that will undoubtedly be coming very, very soon: what was once known as the LG Aloha, and since has been dubbed the LG Ally. Aside from just the name change, it is looking like the new Android phone from Verizon — and first from LG — will not be what we expected. Rather than the silver-colored QWERTY device with an offset trackpad under the screen we have become accustomed with, we are getting an all black handset with a more familiar Verizon Android feel.


Yes, it is still a QWERTY slide-out, but indications are that this phone will not be the high-powered 1GHz monster people were hoping for. Instead you can expect the phone to have a lower powered 600MHz ARM11 chip, according to sources over at Android and Me. There is still a chance that this will in fact simply be a re-designed exterior with the guts of the LG LU2300, however.

Many may wonder why a new Android would come so close to the HTC Droid Incredible, but I will remind you it isn’t unprecedented for Verizon. The LG Ally will most likely be to the Droid Incredible what the Droid Eris was to the original Droid (whew, that was a lot of Droid-age).

Expect more info to be coming very shortly, as the commercial directs viewers to LG.com/ally, which further directs you to LGIM2.com, which promises updates coming on April 30th (today).

[AndroidCentral via Android and Me]

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  1. I have to admit, that was pretty goddamn hilarious. Good call on the voyager-esque redesign.

  2. When will they ditch the keyboard?

  3. @Dogsby, some phones have keyboards because there are people who like keyboards. Others don’t because there are people who don’t like them. It’s a pretty simple choice: get a phone that has what you like.

  4. This is very redundant… As in way to similar to the droid.

  5. if this phone has the snapdragon i would get this over the incredible hands down. keyboard ftw i wouldnt mind the smaller screen or the lower res camera. 1ghz + 2.1 + keyboard, best phone ever

  6. @dogsby

    options never hurt

    i prefer keyboards, because its comfortable to hit real buttons, it allows you to have somewhere to comfortably hold for things like games or watching videos/reading long articles, and it allows me to see 100% of whats going on when typing vs waiting for a virtual screen to pop up, which takes 75%-100% of the screen real estate. Why hide everything if I don’t have to, and if I’m replying to something, commenting on a picture, or chatting with someone, it’s nice to see more, not less.

    Besides…look down. Your keyboard has actual buttons for a reason :)

  7. @Dogsby…Listen to Ross. If you don’t want a keyboard/touch phone, don’t buy one. If you like pure touch, buy it. Personally, I like touch screens, but love even more to have a real keyboard for email purposes!

    Legion, how was it hilarious? If it’s a “redesign” of the Voyager, how would it be esque? This is a slide out touch qwerty vs flip. Completely different OS, etc…Just curious.

    I find it absolutely hilarious.

  9. So no real reason to purchase then.

    Sigh. When will somebody give me a large hires screen, usable keyboard, fast cpu, reasonable capacity battery, decent camera, and a d-pad designed for gaming on the *left* side of the keyboard.

    Everything seems to compromise somewhere. Is my wish-list weird or something?

  10. @andyclap thats the same type of phone i want. maybe we’re just different or real buttons arent cool.

  11. Why would LG sell an inferior phone when they have a snapdragon phone selling in Korea? The difference in manufacturing cost is like 20 bucks i guess, very stupid IMHO

  12. this phone looks pretty cool. it would be nice if it had the snapdragon, i don’t know why they are wasting time making phones without it anymore. as for the keyboard/no keyboard issue, i’m sure they will eventually launch another phone without a keyboard. as for the droid vs ally issue… this phone looks way better imo. it’s a way more sleek design, the keyboard appears to be infinitely better, and it says LG on it instead of Motorola… those are wins all around.

    @andyclap i totally agree someone needs to make a phone with a d-pad on the left… it would make all my emulators so much more fun. i use an eris atm and it’s so terrible to play snes on… *sigh*

  13. Just ordered the Incredible, so no comments on the phone. But the commercial was spectacular. I almost never laugh at so called “funny” commercials *cough* superbowl *cough*, but this one was very funny and well done. Good work LG!

  14. Interesting that it’s now May 1st, and there is still an ad up on the screen saying to check back on April 30th for more info.

  15. Having a real keyboard allows you to type by feel, also.
    I can type on my enV 1 and look someone in the face and talk to them.

  16. Yes, with the exception that LG doesn’t have a single rumored or actual phone without a keyboard, neither does Moto.

    As for HTC, the Eris/Hero are old news, the Incredible is the only option if you’re on Verizon.

    I’m unhappy because there are way more phones with keyboards. But like you said, it’s a moot point.

  17. (Android-based phones, that is.)

  18. The phone will still be a 1ghz snapdrangon according to engadget http://i.engadget.com/2010/04/30/lg-ally-to-say-aloha-to-verizon-in-mid-may/

  19. I wish more people would comment on the signal reception of these phones for voice communications.I live in a weak signal area ; but, get much better reception with my current LG phone(VX8350) than I got from my previous(Motorola).I have to use an amplifier and antenna on my broadband card(KPC650)and plug it into my phone at times when I travel.I want to move up phone wise but it is hard to determine if any of the “smart phones” accept antennas.

  20. I live in an area where my cell company has the best service. I’ve never had a problem with any phone until the Ally. I have no reception inplaces I used to have four bars…forget four…three…two bars. Prepar yourself for one or nothing.

    The phone seems to be glitchy. This is the replacement for the first glitchy phone. I’ve had it for one month. The first required a hard data reset. This one required me to reprogram it. Every text I had sent in the past 24 hours went out at one time. Needless to say I was not pleased.

    I hope to have better experiences in the future…

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