Apr 30th, 2010

An LG tie-in with the upcoming Iron Man 2 leaked today, and it gives us our first official look at the phone that will undoubtedly be coming very, very soon: what was once known as the LG Aloha, and since has been dubbed the LG Ally. Aside from just the name change, it is looking like the new Android phone from Verizon — and first from LG — will not be what we expected. Rather than the silver-colored QWERTY device with an offset trackpad under the screen we have become accustomed with, we are getting an all black handset with a more familiar Verizon Android feel.


Yes, it is still a QWERTY slide-out, but indications are that this phone will not be the high-powered 1GHz monster people were hoping for. Instead you can expect the phone to have a lower powered 600MHz ARM11 chip, according to sources over at Android and Me. There is still a chance that this will in fact simply be a re-designed exterior with the guts of the LG LU2300, however.

Many may wonder why a new Android would come so close to the HTC Droid Incredible, but I will remind you it isn’t unprecedented for Verizon. The LG Ally will most likely be to the Droid Incredible what the Droid Eris was to the original Droid (whew, that was a lot of Droid-age).

Expect more info to be coming very shortly, as the commercial directs viewers to LG.com/ally, which further directs you to LGIM2.com, which promises updates coming on April 30th (today).

[AndroidCentral via Android and Me]

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