Game On: GameFly Brings GameCenter App to Android


If you need to have complete control over your GameFly queue everywhere you go, or if you just want to check out new titles while you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment, traveling on a bus, etc., then you’ll be happy to know that GameFly has brought its GameCenter app to the Android Market today. No, you can’t play the games on your phone, but you can check out trailers and news, share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter, and manage your titles in line to be checked out.


Users who download the app will get a free 15-day trial to GameFly, which may just be a little too short to check out and play much more than one game, but hey, I don’t know what kind of free time you have. If you are a GameFly user or want to be one, check out the app in the Android Market now:


[thanks to Thomas for the heads up!]

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  1. I can’t find this in the marketplace. Is it not available for 1.5 (Eris)?

  2. GameFly is a good service. I just wish it would get its pricing down and more in line with NetFlix. When the recession hit, unfortunately, it was one of the things that I immediately cut from my budget ($20/mo.). But if GF could get a plan sub-$10, I’d definitely reinitiate the service.

    In terms of game selection and delivery, GameFly is a fantastic service. I highly recommed it as long as you are willing to pay the current rates.

  3. This is old, this app has been available since the last week of April. Chance at 15 mins of fame? denied!

  4. its called “Game Center” by GameFly. I’ve had this ever since i got my Droid Incredible last week of April

  5. @Ray180

    Only Android 1.6 or higher.

  6. Thats an okay app but I thought it would be better.

  7. The GameCenter android app is a piece of garbage. It does not integrate with your gameQ. Going to the “gameQ” just opens up the mobile site in a new pane. So, when you’re browsing games you have no visibility into whether you’ve already added it to your queue.

  8. I really wanted to like Gamefly, but when the third game they sent me was number 12 on the list… I’ll give it another shot in six months. Really, really wanted to like it.

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