May 5th, 2010

Intel mentioned that they had been working on porting Android to the Atom processor set back in April, and now they are formally announcing their latest line of CPUs, which will support Android among other operating systems such as Meego. The new chips boast dramatic power savings over earlier iterations, and will see a good increase in the performance sector.


The new Atom Z6xx Series of processors will reach 1.5GHz for mobile phones and up to 1.9GHz for tablet devices, providing 1080p video decoding, 720p video recording, and 3D graphics while decreasing idle power consumption fifty times over. This equates to 10 days of standby battery life. The new chipset should also provide up to 2 days of audio playback, and 4 to 5 hours of browsing and video.

Along with Android support, the Z6xx platform will cover the now-standard mobile technologies of Wi-Fi, 3G/HSPA, and WiMAX. The latest in mobile processing from Intel is available now, so expect to see some devices utlizing the new technology coming to market later this year. The Android television Sony/Google joint venture is supposed to use a variant of the Intel Atom processor, whether it is this new version or something completely different should be revealed at Google I/O.

[Press Release]

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