Intel Ports Android to Atom


Intel announced today that it has ported Android to its Atom microproccesors in a move to support “all OSes for Atom phones” and hopefully gain some traction as the go-to processor for smartphones. The bit of information was revealed at Intel Developor Forum in Beijing, and Intel’s Renee James is saying there is already interest in Atom-enabled Android from some customers.


It isn’t the first time Android has been ported to an Atom-based processor, as Acer utilized the Atom chipset for a line of netbooks, but it is a big step in a new direction for an OS which was originally designed for use with mobile phone processors based on ARM technology. ARM has been the big name in mobile processors up to this point, but Intel is hoping to change that. They are promising the first of these Atom-based Android devices will be revealed before the first half of the year comes to an end, so we should be learning more about the project soon.

[PC World via Engadget]

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  1. i think Android is going to be mounted over netbooks, laptops and even desktops….As an Ubuntu user i love Google, cause is going to elevate Linux to the max level!Sorry for my bad English!Claudio from Italy.

  2. i don’t know about laptops and desktops the software can’t do anything that a real PC could handle so it be pointless bottlenecking, althought chrome will dominate netbooks i believe

  3. More Players = More Business, More Marketshare, More Development, More Innovations.

    Its a good thing

  4. Would LOVE to put Android on my kids’ HP netbooks.

  5. Intel wants a piece of the pie.

  6. I hope it works better than my maxed out atom 270. The amazing thing about this would be native x86 on a phone. You could easily port windows code to a phone or native linux. It would really kick ass.

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