Parental Supervision Activists Targets Android


When Steve Jobs pointed out that Android has an app-store for porn, it shook the silicon-filled world: reactions and emotions flew about as Jobs’ words struck the chords (and probably the hearts) of many Android enthusiasts. He struck more than just our chords, though: the dogs behind the Parental Television Council got sicced on Android, too.

Having been scorched by the activist group for the iPhone’s ability to freely access adult content in the market without age restrictions, Apple complied and started taking steps toward alleviating the pressure from them and the FCC. Now that Apple’s mopped up, though, the PTC is getting set to target Android, as well.

Speaking with ArsTechnica, PTC’s national grassroots director (awesome title) Gavin McKiernan expressed their plans to target other mobile devices, as well, with the frontrunner being Android.

“We plan to draw attention to other platforms, such as Android, or Verizon’s Vcast service, that aren’t really doing anything,” McKiernan told Ars.” We definitely want to see progress from some of the other handheld devices.”

They plan to pressure Google in similar fashion to how they did with Apple, asking them to pull down any sexually or violently objective content from the Market. Even if an app isn’t specifically X-rated, a questionable icon or screenshot in the app’s Market description would prove undesirable. They also want browsers to begin implementing parental control features much like many of our desktop counterparts do.


It’ll be interesting to witness to what extent they’ll try to get these practices in place. I can’t imagine they’ll reasonably ask (or be able to force) all of the browser developers to implement these measures, and it definitely goes against Android’s “open” atmosphere to – at the very least – ask a browser developer to pull their app down until they’ve updated it. It’s because of this that I think – without any government sanctioned or signed laws and ordinances – Google will turn a blind eye to the matter. When you begin to go against the current that you set – the same current that attracted developers to your platform – it not only makes you look bad, but it could have a direct negative effect on developer support altogether.

This is where everyone starts to become uncomfortable, I assume. With the prospect of Google having to build protective walls around their Market and operating system, would you ever be turned away from Android? Is the PTC in way over their heads? Or will you just wait for your favorite “objective” app to appear on a website as an easy .apk download if the PTC succeeds in getting Google to comply?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. fuck off that is all i have to say, the farthest they should drag this is to make a “adult content” section in the market and verify your age blah blah blah… anything past that is ridiculous.

  2. So ridiculous, I cannot stand people like this, they are just griping about stuff to be griping. It doesn’t matter to them if there are adult oriented apps in someones store, they just want the 5 minutes of fame trying to be the “regulators” of the world. Just my opinion.

  3. Like Covert said adult content section with age and password verification. Which isn’t really a lot to ask of Android or any other App marketplace. I’d still buy an android based phone regardless. Of course kids don’t need smartphones IMO and this problem wouldn’t be…well a problem.

  4. If you don’t want your kid to see porn on a mobile device, how about this… keep your $30 a month and don’t let your 12 year old to have one.

    Moreover, why aren’t they going after Blackberry? More kids have Blackberries than they do wonky Android phones.

  5. There seems to be a growing contingent of nutjobs who are pining for the days of the Spanish Inquisition. People keep trying to tell us we’re wrong for being human. Sad thing is, I can eventually see this coming to be for Google. It won’t be their choice, either. This has to end.

  6. If these parents (or any other adults) are so worried about the contect kids are viewing on smartphones, don’t buy them smartphones?

  7. This is yet another reason to get an Android phone… to screw over Apple (aka the new Microsoft). Seriously, the anti-trust people need to be out in full force against Apple. They are starting to use their size, money and market share dictate too much to others what they should and shouldn’t be allowed to do.

  8. C’mon Son!! TFOHWDBS!!

  9. They can’t demand shit. They can boycott and that is fine and it is their right but they have no control over this stuff. Until they sway enough wimpy politicians into attempting some kind of law (which would likely fail) they can’t do anything. Worst they could probably do is force some kind of cheesy ratings system like on games or movies but people simply can’t legally ban things because they personally find them offensive.

  10. “They also want browsers to begin implementing parental control features much like many of our desktop counterparts do.”

    What the fuck are they talking about? My desktop has no parental controls. As it shouldn’t, since I’m an adult.

  11. it isn’t that they are taking away your “right” to be perverted, we want to be able to not have to see that smut when looking for apps on the market if we don’t want to. It is about time Android does something about this, would have thought this would have been a feature since day one.

  12. What percentage of kids with cell phones under 18 have an Adroid based phone or even a smartphone? I’m sure it’s a tiny percentage. Chances are that the parents who bought them the phone don’t care if they’re exposed to porn or if the kid is mature and responsible enough to have saved up to by the phone themselves, they’re mature and responsible enough to handle porn if and when it pops up on their phone.

  13. Actually I probably shouldn’t leave comments while drinking after an all-nighter. :)

  14. I’ve already scratched Apple and the Windows 7 phone OS off my list of “acceptable” OSes. If I can’t find a platform that lets me be the adult (I’m 60) that’s it. I’d get a dumb phone and drop down to the cheapest service plan. You listening AT&T, Verizon, et. al? And as far as kids are concerned – if you don’t trust your 14 (13? 12?…) year old don’t give them a smartphone.

  15. I do not have an iphone, but my hunch is that it is extremely easy to hit the browser button on one, and porn-surf to your hearts content…

    Who needs an app to accomplish this?

  16. The people that don’t care need to start a new organization to oppose people like “PTC”

  17. What Porn? Steve thinks what is available on the market is porn, then he doesn’t know what porn is. Mikandi is the porn market and that has nothing to do with Google. That self serving asshole has to have control over everybodys business.

  18. I think parents should just start parenting instead of expecting everyone else to do it for them… don’t want to look like the bad guy? Tough shi+. While this wouldn’t effect me, as I’d set my own phone for no restrictions… it’s just another thing that I need to set up. And besides, these things are all like “child-proof” caps on Rx bottles… kids figure out how to open them almost instantly, all they prevent access to are infants and older, less-saavy/dextrous individuals.

  19. This isnt going to go anywhere. Its the parents that need to control their kids and what they view on their phone. If a parent wants to give their kid a phone that can access the web and or porn then its their responsibility to monitor their usage, not googles.

  20. @Scott… this is exactly why I have started to believe that all these “see sexy girl” apps that are popping up more and more are from Apple. They banned their stuff and then started jabbing and Android. Now all of a sudden I see alot more of these apps than I did before. And I don’t think its the developers coming from iPhone.

    I also agree with others. What are these kids under 18 doing with smartphones and whats stopping them from simply browsing for porn on their browser.

    I really believe with the timing of this that Apple is pushing this stuff. And if Google adds and adult content section the Jobs will say “see Google endorses porn”. Google will have to find a very clever way to handle this. It will probably need to be some clever parental control like turning off market icons and pics and queueing app install requests until authorized by the parent. That should handle it IMO.

  21. “When Steve Jobs pointed out that Android has an app-store for porn, it shook the silicon-filled world…”

    To be honest, when I read “silicon” I didn’t really think of computers.

  22. Overzealous morons… First off, it is the responsibility of the person who SIGNS the contract as minors cannot enter into contract with a carrier. Why place the burden on content providers/dev’s? All you have to do is goto the web browser and you’ll get all the porn you want. So… Let the PARENT be responsible and STOP blaming everyone ELSE for their failures to institute control over their own kids. ONLY here in the U.S. is there such a hang up with sexuality anyway. Say one thing and do another… Just like in Utah, where all the religious zealots hide in the shadows to create the LARGEST online porn subscription by capita (by State) in the Nation. Hmmmmm…. Those are all kids doing that right? Ridiculous…

  23. What is funny is I was looking on my daughters iTouch the other day and there was an application called: Sex Positions. So Jobs should shut his trap!

  24. Just to follow up…the application wasn’t on her phone, it was in the Apple Store.

  25. @Cool
    And how it the person who signs the contract supposed to enforce this on their kids w/o some means of doing so?

    At least some age verification and an ID/PW combo to access sexually oriented apps should be common sense. At the moment I see Google doing due diligence in this area by not even allowing sex apps on the official market at all. The ones who need to be taken to task about age verification are MiKandi. And that is who these parental activists need to go after. And age verification plus ID/PW account login is what they need to settle for.

  26. @Don
    Yeah, it makes it pretty clear that Jobs is just scared about losing market share and will use any means he can to prevent that.

  27. I’d say F*** them all, but there’s probably none of them I’d want to.

  28. Good and Bad.
    Good: I think it is a good idea to segregate adult content in the market. The vendors and developers of adult content would want this as it protects them from accusations. Parents would want it if they are trying to exercise control — as some people here shout about. If you want parents to exercise control, then provide a way in the Market to do just that. Parental settings.
    Bad #1: It requires some kind of implementation where the parent can set the level of Market access on a device such that the child cannot (theoretically) get around the restriction. So just how would this work? Who can limit my phone, since I am an adult? Does the limit have to be set from my device? If so, then what prevents me from undoing it? A password that only the parent knows? In order to protect myself from someone doing this to my phone, I should also be able to set the level to Adult and password protect that setting.
    Bad #2: The line between what goes into the Adult section becomes blurry. It is not a bright line. Some things that might be considered PG or PG-13 might be okay for high school aged or jr. high school aged kids but not for grade school aged kids. So do we need more than a G-Rated and NC-17-rated section in the Market?
    Bad #3: Who rates the apps to decide which rating they get? Steve Jobs?
    Despite the difficulties, if they can be overcome, I would in principle not be opposed to segregating adult or mature content. By doing so, it allows material not suitable for children to have a specific place to be both consumed and marketed.

  29. As long as you can install apps from your SD card, no problem here. If the market becomes censored it can go fuck itself.

  30. If you don’t want your underage kid to see porn on his phone, then don’t get him a phone with web access… Simple as that, no amount of restrictions is gonna stop a reasonably savvy teenager these days otherwise… ‘Sides, I’d imagine the main outlet for this is still gonna be their computer(s). Honestly, this should fall under the scope of parental supervision, nothing else.

  31. Come on
    There is no apps which contain any undesirable content in the market.

    Love the android icon and semi-naked women

  32. The internet is made for porn and it’s our freedom to use it. Porn should be accepted today. Some people live -50 years. Let our porn be

  33. what happened to civil liberties lolwut?

  34. How’s this for an answer? Umm… Fuck you Parental Supervision Activists. How about the right thing to do? Don’t buy you’re kid a smartphone, give little Johnny or Janey an EnV2 or a BlackBerry Pearl and let them have at it. This is a toy for big people but obviously these parents that bitch wouldn’t understand because they are incapable of telling their children “NO”. I suggest they take better parenting classes and learn how to be a PARENT instead of wanting some fucking organization, corporation or society in general to raise their children and bear the burden of responsibilty that they should carry.

    Fucking nanny state pukes. If anything needs to be filtered it’s this virulent and nonsensical crap that people like these spew out. As a parent of 3. One 15 yr, 10 yr and 9 yr old I can’t say that I am perfect. What I can say is that my kids know right from wrong and “I” and my wife deem what is fit for them to watch, read, listen to, etc… not some blowhard group of ninny’s thinking they know what’s best for everyone. Sorry for the rant I just get really aggravated when retards like this speak out, let alone procreate.

  35. I don’t believe that anyone should control what others see, but as an adult I should have the right to browse the market without seeing adult/porn related content. It is not just about keeping it from kids. There are many adults that don’t want to see or read those kinds of things. Just keep it seperate, no big deal. I agree that you have to know what your children are doing, not try to control everyone else in the world.

  36. Google already has ‘Safe search’ options for their general search. They let you filter out explicit content. That means they already have ways to flag content as such. My understanding is that Google accounts already have parental control provisions.

    App Market already has ‘flag as inappropriate’ option. Let community moderate. Encourage devs to classify their own apps. If they don’t, and a certain number of people flag it as adult, it gets moved automatically to adult section.

  37. Apple’s decision to voluntarily give up MY RIGHTS to an organization like this only further insure that I will no longer support Apple or its products.

  38. I support Google voluntarily putting parental controls in place for the Market with phone lock-down settings for parents to put locks in place for their children. Same with similar controls in the applications.

    But that’s the third or fourth line of defense. First and foremost, parents should be talking to their children about sexuality and pornography. If the parents haven’t reached their kids by the time they’ve handed them a cell phone capable of downloading porn (which any phone with a browser can do), then removing a couple apps because the word “boob” appears in the description is not likely to have much of an impact.

    Second line of defense is if you have a porn-starved teen who can’t be trusted with a box of tissues and 5 minutes alone, then maybe as a parent you should second guess giving them a phone with open access to the Internet. If they need a phone, get them a phone with no net access. If they need net access, then you need to teach them responsibility before you hand it over to them.

    I support building in tools for parents to help parent their children, but these are only tools, and the parents need to stop relying on technology to do their work for them. Otherwise your children aren’t actually LEARNING anything.

    And with all this, there should be absolutely no censorship of apps in the Market. Porn in the Market for those of age who can legally purchase it and want to see it … and blocks in place for those who are or do not. The available for adults should not be hampered or hindered in any way.

  39. How about not giving your kid a smartphone, dumbshits.

  40. I have an 11 year old and a 7 year old and we have taught them (and use some basic parental controls) what they can and can’t go to on the web on their home computers. They know what we allow and what we don’t and I certainly don’t want any other restrictions put on us by anyone.

    My 11 year old has a basic keyboard phone that he can text and talk on, but we don’t allow him to surf the web, mainly due to not needing an extra $20-$30 a month. When we DO allow him to, we will do so, knowing what is available to see and either not caring or trusting that we have taught him right.

    It is no one’s job but us as parents to restrict our kids… I have some of those ‘porn’ (HA!) apps on my phone and I make sure that my kids only get to a ‘games’ folder when they play with it. Easy as that.

    I HATE organizations like this…

  41. PTC are a bunch of clowns on some moralistic crusade who believe they have some holier than thou obligation to protect other people’s kids. What about the parents PTC? Shouldn’t the parents make that call & not a bunch of suits from some organization? It really bugs me the arrogance of a bunch of parents who try to tell other parents what to do, but don’t pay attention to their own kids. I for one, don’t tell any parents what to do. Make up your own mind about things. Sure, I’ll tell you my opinion if you ask.

    Here’s the thing. WHY DOES A CHILD/TEEN NEED A SMARTPHONE? There is no reason. IMO,
    get them a dumb flip phone with MP3 playback, type some basic notes, calender features, & NO WEB BROWSER! If parents want to do that, it’s their choice. However, kids or teens don’t need an iPhone, don’t need an Android device, & can easily watch porn by browsing the web! Kids can watch porn, by watching their friends mess around at high school & junior high parties. Believe it or not, sex happens. May not like it, but it does happen. Kids/teens can go to a neighbor’s house & watch rated R movies with plenty of sexual content. Is the PTC going after the film industry too? Give me a break.

    At some point, parents have to mold their kids/teens. At some point, kids/teens have to make smart decisions. If you are 18 years or older, it’s your legal choice to watch or not to watch or pay for porn. I’m not going to take anyone’s God given or constitutional right away to watch that content. It’s a decision for individuals to make.

    Should their be parental controls? Sure, if just to shut Apple up & give parents some control. However, I think parents do need to be smart & really ask themselves, “does a child/teen really need that?” I believe the proper tech tool for the proper age & what they are using it for is a relevant discussion for parents. I just do not see the need for them to have such devices.

  42. I agree… I may be 12(13 in like 14 days), but “content” should be blocked for kids (awkward time to say(kids “underage” as I qualify for that group”)… How about a age dependent kid group that will block only that DIRECTLY relevant to adult content (ex: play boy), rather then say so Maxim, which has an adult theme,but little or no TRULLY adult content?

    I don’t really like Google, but recently I look up to them, as they ARE the American dream. In China they stopped censoring because they believe in Democracy. Apple is communist, as they strictly control the prices for their products (But this has stopped companies like best buy and (the formally) Circuit city from clawing at each toher claiming they have better prices on iTouch’s and iCrap then so-and-so competitor. Maybe Steve jobs was born in North Korea.

  43. PS: I’m getting the Droid Incredible… So! 99% of everyone I know owns a iTouch…

  44. Anyone thinking about a united Miltia run Coup d’état at Apple? if so i’m in…

  45. The only thing sadder then seeing Apple crumble under the PTC, would be to see Google, our hero and protector of civil rights, crumble as well.

  46. Quote from this article:

    They plan to pressure Google in similar fashion to how they did with Apple, asking them to pull down any sexually or violently objective content from the Market.

    Quote from the source article (Ars Technica):
    Despite PTC’s singular “think of the children” focus, the group insists it isn’t interested in wholesale censorship, as some of its previous campaigns might lead one to believe. “Our goal is on limiting children’s access to objectionable content” and ensuring parents have the ability to limit this access when deemed necessary, McKiernan told Ars. “We take no stance on the ability of adults to access legal images, movies, or whatever the case may be.”

    Did you read the original article before making yours? I’m not a fan of the PTC but there’s no reason to make a grimmer portrait than reality…

  47. There’s porn in the android market?

    Why have I been kept in the dark? I never even thought about looking for porn apps.

    @Don, “Just to follow up…the application wasn’t on her phone, it was in the Apple Store”. That was pretty funny IMO.

  48. Steve Blowjobs and these other assholes could go F*CK themselves and stop trying to stick their tentacles where they don’t belong.

  49. in my oppion Google should straight up say no android is open based and needs to stay that way if those people have a problem just creat a damn app that allows parents to lock and block that content they should have no say on what other people do with their kids and familys so they need to just get off their high horses and lay off

  50. All i can say is Fuck off. We can all pretend our kids are sweet and innocent but I’m sure most teenagers are doing something dirty or illegal. I mean come on, teenagers. Back when you were kids porn was TELEVISED and you guys didn’t give a flying rats ass as kids. Why do you care now?

  51. Google’s Terms of Service: http://www.google.com/accounts/TOS
    Section 8.4
    Since using an Android phone pretty much requires a Google Account, then it follows the same TOS.

    Also, if you’re worried about your kids finding porn, don’t buy them a smartphone. Or raise them better. But that’s just too obvious, right?

  52. Mudrock…you are an idiot. You want kids having free access to porn? Where is porn televised except on pay channels? Why do we care? We don’t want our kids to end up like you!

  53. And for all you people who want your porn, you can still have it, some people just want to be able to control what their kids access. Why is that so wrong?

  54. Don’t go and blame the android market for any of this, Jobs can’t say his precious iPhone is so protective when you can just open the browser up on the phone and look up porn from there.

  55. I would say the real problem is where to get good free porn at a good resolution. So far I’m not impressed. As far as the blowhard group, it should just go nowhere. I just can’t see boys trying to buy porn in the market when they can just surf for it like everyone else.

  56. Hard for many people on this forum and for geeks in general to believe but in the USA there is a large majority of Christians and this stuff flies in the face of what they believe. Even tho i am not a practicing christian, it still bothers me that it is so easily accessable. No one wants to stop it, just make it harder for minors to get to it.

    If you want Android to me more popular with the masses then you will find these issues will rear it’s ugly head. This is one of many that will arise as this platform gains popularity. Comes with the territory. You cannot have it both ways, less this platform become an obscure geeky sideshow that gets passed over by the masses.

    this and other issues apple has already addressed or is addressing.

  57. Sweet! Don’t think that because you have a bigger body that you should be polluting your mind and giving evil desires a place in your heart. Let’s all protect children from impure and immoral thought’s in fact let us help each other by abstaining from worldy pleasures so that we can truly live life abundantly! Repent, and accept Christ’s offering of forgiveness so that you will have everlasting life. Don’t just be a man be a Supernatural man like me.

    God Bless!

  58. Oh yeah! I am my Brothers keeper.

  59. ok…so theres a porn market…android is open to all developers, if their app cant exist on googles market, theyll post it in a torrent site or a secondary app store like mkandy…if we want it we will get it

  60. Company’s need to stop bowing down to these asshole groups. They dont help progress our society one bit, they want nothing but to pat themselves on the back. This is sickening to think that they want others to write code to prevent their kids from accessing sites, or being on the computer to late or installing applications, when the problem isn’t that they exist. The problem is that they are terrible parents who don’t want to govern their own kids but let others do it for them. I say smack your kid teach them wrong from right and if you can’t do that don’t go blaming the legitimate source of your child’s “discretion” on your inability to raise your own kid.

    To all the special interest groups grow up, learn to raise your own kids and let the rest of the world live in peace.

    PS. I have been an avid fan of the android OS and porn (I will admit that as an adult) and I didn’t know such a market even existed.

  61. This is what Steve Jobs wanted to happen when he was writing his comments on the Android market.

  62. @joe you can still control what your kids access by not allowing your underage ones to have web access on his/her phone period. I understand you are a ‘caring’ parent but it shouldn’t be at the expense of others. There isn’t one reason I can think of that an underage kid should have mobil web access.

  63. Screw these guys. Keep android open. By open I mean totally naked and shaking it.

  64. F*ck censorship and these retarded parents, they have no right to take away our rights. Be a parent and dont let your kids have a f*cking smartphone with internet access. Im 19 and I could be a better parent than some of these retards who get butt hurt when someone mentions the word boob in front of their kid.

  65. Screw off leave us open!!! Its the parents fault if kidz aren’t taught responsible use of a device like this anyways.

  66. What in the hell is wrong with some of you. I weep for the newer generation as well as our nation…The contempt, the hate, the arrogance and the intolerance is stunning. decent people want boundries and standards. Pure and simple. this anything goes generation is stupifying and sad.

  67. idk abt u guys but i LOOOVVVVEEE porn, nothing makes me happier…GO PORN GO PORN GO PORN!!!

  68. @Bill

    This new generation is being pussyfied by people like you. When I grew up we didn’t have all this PC bullshit and yet my generation is probably saner than all these sheltered ‘softies’ I see running around now. And even with all cradling and hand holding they’re still quick to turn to drugs and suicide because the weee little kid is under pressure,,, waaaaaaaaah,, sniff, sniff. Back then, I didn’t need the government or media to think for me, we were allowed to think for ourselves. My parents were strong and didn’t need to outsource their responsibility to others. If your are a good parent you wouldn’t need to shelter your kids as much or need censorship all over the place.

  69. @bill you can have your boundaries you fat ass woman! but YOU are responsible for putting them around your wussy children, and ONLY your wussy children. your beliefs should not affect the rest of the world, that is pure selfishness. people are so damn lazy and they expect there to always be a special program that involves there feelings and protects them. you people need to parent your children, not other people. fucken lazy assholes

  70. @brock. ya know i called up christ and he actually told me that jerkin off to hot sluts getting railed by 13 foot shlongs was just fine by him. in fact he does it numerous times a week. you must have been talking to his bitch secretary. she is a fatty.

  71. @fupadroid Shame on you .

  72. 1. I’m a minor with an Android phone, and if those ****** try to prevent me from getting porn, I will not be happy. However, I think an “adult content” section is appropriate, because there are a lot of bad porn apps on Android. While I’m not insulting high-quality porn, I don’t want my search results flooded by stupid, low-quality apps. So yeah, make “Applications” “Games” and “Adult” sections. That makes sense. And using the fact that people will develop what people will develop is a low blow even for Stevey. It makes me want to make a Cydia (the iPhone equivalent of the Market; open development, but requires an arduous jailbreak process) app that is composed entirely of hyperlinks to the dirtiest porn sites I can find. Then someone can quote Eric Schmidt as saying “you know, iPhone OS has a porn app store too.”

  73. @john

    This has nothing to do with the government, I am no fan of big government, or the government in general. Nor do i have or need any hand holding, kid. Better think twice about what you say and who you say it too. I have been over seas, i have been to war, I am pretty sure I am older than you and much more independent and self sufficient than you ever will be. I am not advocating gov censorship, just some common sense decency standards, as most normal people do. Again, this is about blocking access to minors, not everyone.

    Sorry, but again, this anything goes generation is a cesspool. really. Minors need to have limited or no access to drugs, sex and firearms. thats why men cannot have sex with 11 year old boys, 9 year olds cannot legally drive, you cannot marry a goat, etc etc. there has to be some standards for Gods sake, and people cannot hover and cocoon their kids 24/7 365, they have to be in the big world to learn and grow, but give easy access on a device they have 24/7 in their possesion?

    I did not have a sheltered life nor do i propose any kind of nanny state. But for gods sake, if porn is that important in your life, you do have problems. Kids will be kids and will experiment with things they should not, even well brought up kids, but why make it on a silver platter for them? Its part of parenting, to protect to a certain extent. limiting porn to minors will not scar a child for life, I am sure of it.

  74. @fup

    wow the anger, hatred and intolerance of this everything goes generation, how sad. So much energy goes into this hatred, seething hatred for any type of decency. well azz hole, someday if a pedo attacks your child, just remind yourself, f*ck boundries, ok?

  75. @davidr

    MiKandi here.

    “The ones who need to be taken to task about age verification are MiKandi. And that is who these parental activists need to go after.”

    From the moment you access our site on your mobile browser, it’s made very clear MiKandi is for adults only. Our mobile landing page is very straight forward, with absolutely no adult images.

    By downloading our mobile app store, the viewer is confirming that he or she is at least 18 years of age and/or over the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which they reside.

    Our web portals are also very tame, and the landing pages contain absolutely no sexual images. In order to begin browsing and/or logging in to our web portals, again the user confirms that he or she is of legal age to view adult content.

    We take this matter very seriously. However, in the end it’s up to the viewer to *honestly* represent themselves. MiKandi, our adult users, and Google Android should not be punished for those that choose to not be honest.

  76. I’m not a big fan of the censors but I am the parent of an almost 11 year old – and, as promised, gave him a Droid when he came home with a report card with all As and Bs. And though he’s reasonably mature for a 10 year old, I have parental control software on his home PC and his younger brother’s machine (I use Norton Family Safety)…and would love to put some on his Droid. The problem is there isn’t anything I’ve found that works well on Android.

    In my view there’s nothing wrong with making this software available for parents to install on their kids’ devices. The line for me is when it’s mandatory…as it is with Apple.

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