New Encipher Tablet Is Nigeria-Bound


It seems we can’t go a day without seeing a new Android-based tablet of some sort, now. Nigeria-based Encipher has come up with their own prototype and hopes to launch it in their country of origin. It sports a 7″ touchscreen (not yet sure if this is resistive or capacitive) with a 2:1 resolution of 800×400.


Other specs include a 400mhz VIS8505 processor, 16gb hard drive, 512 megs of RAM, HDMI out, and a lot more. The company has posted more images on their official Facebook profile, so head over there if you need a closer look. Check out the full list of the Encipher’s early specs below.

* CPU:VIS8505 400mhz
* 16GB HDD
* 512RAM
* LCD: 7″ 16:9 aspect ratio, 800*400 resolution
* Camera
* Wifi:802.11 b/g.
* External 3G( means one can use their existing USB mobile broadband with the device).
* Android 1.6 (codename: Donut).
* 35mm jack, HDMI output, support for TV-OUT, USB2.0, SD/MMC card port,
* Accessories: User manual, HDMI cable

[via Android Authority]

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  1. AWESOME!! Might promote this to some of my relatives.

  2. I see potential for this, but without pricing and an upgrade path it’s hard to give it its props.

  3. Not bad.Android is indeed going global.

  4. Nice, android in Nigeria, its about time!

  5. Some better specs would have been nice but the design is lovely.

  6. As a Nigerian, I’m glad to see this.


  7. how come the fold on the left has a Chinese name.

  8. This makes me proud of my COUNTRY!!!! NIGERIAAAAA!!!

  9. because it is probably built in china.

  10. How come no information on the battery life ?

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