[Update] It’s A Celebration: Google Just Partied For Something Android Related


Last night was Saturday night, and even for us techie nerd-geeks (new classification), it also serves as party night. The collective minds behind the advent of Android are no exception to this long-standing nightly routine: they tore down the house and our little mascot was the guest of honor.


A party is a party, though, and sometimes you don’t need a real reason to have one. It does make me wonder, however (warning: speculation ahead): what could’ve happened to trigger it? It’s entirely plausible that the team just wanted to have a good time for the general success of their platform, but the eager beaver in me questions: is Froyo just about finished?

We’re expecting to see Froyo at this year’s Google I/O conference on May 19th, so it’s possible that they could be celebrating the final beta stage leading up to its early summer arrival date. Or they could just be wanting a good time, who knows? Check out other photos of the party from Android Engineer (and hopeful photographer) Romain Guy here.

[Update]: It was indeed just a party. Specifically, the Android team held their annual BBQ. Nothing to see here, let’s all move along.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. after all the hard work the google guys have put in they deserve to have some fun! maybe they are celebrating the fact that like 99.9999% of all new smartphones run on their os

  2. The real question here is why were they allowed to leave their chambers of toil and stop coding for even one hour.

  3. That looks pretty cool.

  4. Why not just point out that they were partying, had a really neat centerpiece, and leave the speculation to the readers and their comments. A good writer engages his readers. A bad reporter has a need to sound knowledgeable, even if he’s not.

  5. My speculation is that since Steve Jobs made his comment about Flash and Adobe has decided to give FREE ANDROID PHONES to all the employees of Adobe that Google was celebrating this VICTORY OVER APPLE iPHONE!! It is definatly a victory for the Android smartphone OS and Google.

  6. Its funny how its fits the Hero’s lockscreen exactly rofl

  7. wow aubry chill out, he declared it speculation and there is nothing wrong with that

  8. @aubry
    this is a blog. people come here for the speculation of the tech-bloggers. you are allowed to agree or disagree with their opinion, and then share that in the comments section.
    i think you might be looking for a forum. there somebody, can share a story, leave it open ended, and then hope that the readers will speculate further. there is a big button at the top that says “forum” in white. click on that and fuck off.

  9. @pieter
    I 100% agree with you!!

  10. You’ve got to assume it’s Froyo – seems to be a lot of ice going on, would tie in with the frozen in froyo :)

  11. I hope they are partying because that finally convinced HTC to give mytouch 3g the 2.1 update asap.

  12. Rofl Aubry,

    This is what’s known as a “Blog”. Welcome.

  13. This was not related to Froyo.

  14. @Dianne how would you know that haha, what are you privy to? would you mind sharing?

  15. its probably the update after froyo hahaha gray goose!!!

  16. @Rob, there’s a difference between some guy blogging from his mom’s basement and a website that legitimately wants to stake a claim to some kind of credibility. Which is this: a fun bit of fluff or a serious Android information source? Good speculation lays out all the facts, looks for a pattern in the chaos, and makes a case. Otherwise it’s just opinion.

  17. Awesome! Haha a frozen funnel. I could just see all my phone’s programmers walking around stumbling muttering some android nonsense to themselves.

  18. It’s really too bad the drink part doesn’t come out someplace else.

  19. my question is why would they name something after the nick name for frozen yogurt?

  20. Copied from a google employee’s twitter:

    “OMG people. It was our annual barbecue, we do this every year.”

  21. I rest my case.

  22. @Aubry, which is why I also offered the notion that they could just be partying just because.

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