Samsung Galaxy S Gets Its First Ad [Video]


We expect Samsung to announce their launch plans for the Samsung Galaxy S soon, and it looks like they’re gearing up for some ad campaigns specifically for the phone. This phone came out of CTIA Wireless in March and caught everyone by surprise. Its 4-inch Super AMOLED display with Samsung’s Cortex A8 1ghz processor shined through in an awe-inspiring video package.

This ad is basically that same video, but cut down to 30 seconds (perfect for a television spot, I’d say). If we do end up seeing this clip reach the airwaves, it’ll be interesting to note that Samsung rarely advertises their phones in this manner: they usually leave it up to the carrier. It could be indicative of the phone being available for at least two major national carriers at launch (and don’t forget that it’ll be going to the UK, Europe, and other regions shortly after the US launch).

What did you guys think of the clip?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update] It’s A Celebration: Google Just Partied For Something Android Related

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  1. Very Apple like ad LOL. Samsung is such a copycat, but it works for them. They expect to shipover 20 million units this year and I bet they will hit it.

  2. Keep the Android phone coming Baby. Proud owner of an HTC INCREDIBLE

  3. does anyone know if this is coming to at&T????

  4. Speculation says its going to T-Mobile

  5. Verizon please….

  6. after reading the review on gsmarena.com this phone really lost some appeal to me.

    I mean YES it has an AWESOME screen, but the touchwiz and only 5 mp camera w/out flash. Just doesn’t seem to live up to the Incredible.

  7. Not to mention, it’s a little freaking big.. will this even fit in your pocket?

  8. Not to mention, it’s a little freaking big.. will this even fit in your pocket?

    walk around looking like you got a boner all the time, lol

  9. @elijahblake – Do you have a link for the review?
    Also it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S is going to AT&T
    The T959 model will most likely be going to T-Mobile (Different Name, Same phone, Different Frequencies)

  10. Rob,

    What’s the deal? The site keeps crashing today… Server overload or what

  11. Wow, that display is just sweet. Thats the only thing I really am missing on my Droid; OLED displays just look fantastic. The blacks are true black.

  12. Why do people keep shooting loads over Incredible’s 8mp camera? 3 additional MP DOES NOTHING FOR YOU when you have tiny, plastic optics!!!!111one AND/OR aren’t printing posters. Get a friggin’ clue, you numbskulls.

  13. @ nickchop

    Well how about the LED flash that it’s missing? That’s def a no brainer. I mean if you’re looking for a phone to replace your camera (like I am) then it is very important….

  14. Was I the only one that noticed that they used Yahoo mail and calendar for the office and not Google? Just thought it was interesting. Love my HTC Incredible, just want that “Super” AMOLED screen.

  15. Meh, it’s not that big. Tbh, I went to best buy to test out the archos 5 inch tablet. I wanted to see how a product that size felt in my hand/fit in my pocket/etc. Having done so, I think the 4 to 5 inch range is ideal and anything less is a problem. It’s the only reason I’m NOT buying the incredible. The moment either ATT or Verizon bring out a phone in the 4 to 5 inch spectrum, with a decent enough camera, and with a front cam for web calls, they have my cash. Which will it be? I kinda hope it’s verizon because ATT drives me batty…. still I’ll put up with it for a real phone.

  16. I hope it is coming to AT&T. Alas, this phone appears to be too cool for AT&T.

  17. come on tmobile tmobile tmobile

  18. How much is this phone going for with a 2-year contract for AT&T?
    Anyone know?

  19. http://www.expansys.ca/d.aspx?i=198626


    The website says it has LED flash, and apparently Samsung confirmed this. Also, the phone will most likely be for ATT and Tmobile. I’m guessing around $200 with contract seems to be the standard.

  20. Reason why it doesn’t show VZW, TMO, Sprint or AT&T is because they want to launch it on all carriers at the same time. You’ll see.

  21. i think this phone will be available to tmo this november.. this could be the behold 3, all the behold 1 (t919) came out in 2008 november, the behold 2(t939) came out november last year, so this samsung (behold 3 t959) might come out this november as well, hopefully sooner than that..

  22. After falling for the Galaxy, I’m not buying Samsung again.

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