May 1st, 2010

As I sit down to work on our Android Phone Guide and eat some tasty General Tso’s Chicken, I notice something curious pop up on my HTC Incredible – a big “System Update” dialogue box:


Pressing the “More Info” button didn’t yield a very good explanation of what was included:


So we know its 3.5MB but that’s about it… and the link they offered to was currently a broken link. Time to install the update and do some sleuthing for myself! Here is the phone info from before and after:


So the Build Number changed from ending in 493 to ending in 494 and the Software number changed from ending in .0 to .2 – so this was definitely wasn’t a phantom update even though the Firmware version still reads 2.1-update1.

What exactly did this update accomplish? I’m not sure… but I’ve got word into HTC and Verizon and hopefully we can collectively figure out what this Indredible OTA is all about. I’m guessing it could be something to do with the glitchy signal bar display but that’s just a guess.

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