MSI Tablet To Come In June, Dual-Screen Delayed Until Later In The Year


AndroidAuthority is reporting that MSI is planning to bring us two tablet devices in Q3. We’re not sure if one of these is the same tablet we saw at this year’s CES, but given its “second half” expected launch window, we’re just going to assume as much. Planned are 8.9-inch and 10-inch variations, however there still aren’t any specifics to throw a stick at.


It’s also being reported that their dual-screen Android device – much like what’s described in HTC’s patent –  is being delayed until Q4. Technically, the tablet is as solid as they’ll get except for one huge drawback: battery life vanishes right before your eyes. Obviously, two screens are going to suck up twice as much battery life (that’s flawed logic, by the way, but we’ll go with it) so they’re going to have to figure out something to make it work.

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  1. battery life was probably a concern that MS Courier encounter too

  2. Use the new batteries that Tesla is putting in their cars and make the thing a little bit bigger problem solved… :)

  3. Idiots… Love the no windows logo with our favorite green little guy, but…….. they might have wanted to photoshop out Windows 7 from the bottom screen……
    You know?

    Ehh I don’t like the design at all.

  4. this is the idea I have had in my head for years. To bad I didn’t make millions of dollars of some get rich quick scheme then start a company to make these…

  5. fuck you bitch

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