MSI Android Tablet Coming 2nd Half Of 2010


msi-tabletWe already knew that MSI was working on an Android Tablet because we saw one – called the MSI Harmony – at CES 2010. Although company sales director Sambora Chen doesn’t give us TOO much more information, price and general date are $500 in the 2nd half of 2010.

The MSI Android tablet will have a 10-inch color touchscreen with an Nvidia Tegra processor in a thin and light frame. I’m sure the unveiling of the Apple iPad had something to do with timing here – although pretty much all other news for the week was overshadowed by that, including anything MSI would/did announce.

One reason for excitement? Android is getting Flash support which you can assume an Android tablet would also have (and the iPad doesn’t).

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Flash Ready For Droid & Nexus One, OTA Please?

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  1. Capacitive or resistive?
    I don’t really like the idea of a tablet..
    Still waiting for that HP Smartbook with touch screen :D

  2. I’m not a big fan of the tablet idea because I think having my Droid and a laptop is enough and I don’t need something in the middle. However, once the Android tablets start coming out, Apple is in serious trouble. People don’t give a damn about Apple’s philosophical problems with Flash and their refusal to cooperate with Adobe, they just want a device that works with Flash.

  3. I’m not a big fan of the idea either but I will probably get one for around the house since I don’t have a laptop anymore. I do agree Apple will be in serious trouble when this tablet and more like it hit the shelves. Could be a better tool for turning more people onto Android like the Droid was. We shall see

  4. Apple will always have a fair number of people who drink the cool-aid, but for those of us who value flexibility and functionality, there’s really no comparison between an Android tablet and the iPad. It is a shame that Apple got out of the gate first again, though. By taking the initiative they get to define the space, leaving the rest to compete on Apple’s terms.

  5. Apple sets the standards, and all others play catch up. I’m a Google fan-boy, mind you, but to say that Apple will be in trouble doesn’t hold true in my mind. That iPad will be way bad cool, and not having flash will be just another plank in the cool-aid drinkers belief that Apple and specifically, Steve Jobs is the way, truth and life.

    The Android tablets are on my radar, specifically for the “netbook” space that I almost bought into. I do need something more than a really good phone for remote web access. That tablet would fit that space, plus a better option to a phone/iPod Touch/laptop for movie watching while traveling.

  6. Adobe is really ticked with this and should act on this snub. They really should work hard with Google to really show off what a fully tweaked for flash 10 Android device can do beside the iPad. I mean there is SO much flash content on the web. Talk about putting the blinders on a lot of content. Google should actually be pumped about this opportunity and take full advantage of it. Show it off.

    You know those Mac vs PC commercials Apple has been smugly using for 5 years? It’s time to put the iPad in it’s place. ;)

  7. YAY!!!
    Nvidia Tegra~!
    This means that the INTEL ADAM chipset is working well on Android! This makes me a happy camper!

  8. or does it? Teara was reserved for the Intel Adam,… though I could be wrong?

  9. The tablet concept isn’t for everyone. If it’s for you…great, if not, please don’t try to convince me it isn’t for me. I have an Android phone and love it. I have an iPod Touch and love it. I see the benefits of the iPhone and Android, but quite frankly, BOTH are very workable with only minor adjustments when switching from one to the other. I’m excited to see what new tablets come out from Apple and anyone else. Let’s just let technology move forward and see what innovations appear. I’m hoping to have a tablet by the end of the year, I just don’t know if it will be from Apple or someone else.

  10. Well, I was thinking the other day.
    I would love to put a Screen on my StarTrac bike. Now, I’m a big guy and invested in this to become a smaller big guy! So, there is a mount for a standard vesa monitor. The mount is $250!!!. A screen will be at least another $99 if i go cheap and it won’t be touch.
    A 10inch Tablet I can sit where I would sit a book. And, well, I could read a book on it, or webpage, or, uh, a movie? I MAYBE could even teleconference?
    Wait, now I’m cooking with fire here!.
    So, I also wouldn’t mind something I could take notes with real quick in store that would have all day battery life.
    I don’t want to ‘whip it out’ and use it (don’t start the jokes), I just want to INSTANTLY do data entry.
    Sofar, a Tablet seems pretty good. I don’t have the 40 HDMI cable, the $250 mount and the $100 monitor, and a separate Netbook running windows slobile or Windows 7 slow edition.
    Yes, sofar, I am warming up to this tablet idea.
    I am really liking ICD’s very cool magnetic mount and the possibility of a 15in tablet, but the prospect of an unknown price makes me think the 10in tablets will be just fine, unless ICD pulls a small miracle.

    This MSI looks good enough. Lord knows their stuff rarely tanks quality wise.
    And, while it’s sleek, I think we’ve all just forgotten the JooJoo in the last couple weeks since it was named.
    I want to make Android Apps for my phone. The prospect of deploying tablets without Steve’s approval and extra costs sound just right too.

  11. Guys … really no point in this argument. Besides the fact that despite all the criticism .. I think iPad’s gonna be phenomenal. But with all the hype Apple could have called it iMonkey and it would still have been a bestseller !

  12. The tablet is now being refered to as the mPad.

  13. Ipad is going to FAIL!!!
    This thing blows!
    No 16:9, no multitasking, no handwriting recognition, no flash, no camera,..Oh and did I say no handwriting recognition! I wanted to take this thing to class & use it to take notes & scribble formulas (windows tablets can do this but the “iPad” does not!?!?) Steve what the hell were you thinking! Mr Jobs you could have made this thing so totally awesome, (light years ahead of anything currently out there) instead you have given us this big steaming pile! The ipad sucks period!

    The tablet space that we all thought they would enter, has a clearly defined set of functionalities. That is precisely the reason that everyone was so disappointed with the iPad. It had NONE of those features.

    Think about it, if Apple had just come out and said they were developing an advanced ereader like nothing else you’ve ever seen, we would have been impressed. But to say this whole time they were developing a tablet, and then show this? They killed their own hype by claiming this device was something it wasn’t.

    You can’t just come into a space that has been in existence for over 10 years now, say you have something to add to it, then change the definition of the space to fit your device.

    A tablet has been, is, and always will be a device that is a fully functional notebook you can write on. It should be a notepad replacement. It CAN be a convertible laptop, OR a slate type device, but it needs to be a fully functional computer to fit the definition. Even a netbook is a fully functional computer at it’s heart.

    The iPad is a big iPod touch…not even an iPhone. And it HARDLY fills the space they claimed it would.

    Even Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field couldn’t help him this time

  14. A tablet is a grand idea for a doctor that makes house calls, which I do. It would be lighter than my laptop, easier to carry in and out of the homes, and would serve as an excellent internet reference resouce. Reading references would be made much easier on a tablet vs. a cell phone, although a cell phone works well on the fly.
    In addition, Medicare is mandating e-records for all medical records on Medicare patients. Wouldn’t this be an easier way to link up with e-record providers!
    Android is becoming the way to go. Had Apple linked with Verizon I would have bought an iPhone and an iPad both. As it is, they did not, something I think was oddly short-sighted. Now I have an order in for a Google Nexus One Android smartphone when my Verizon store has it available, and am shopping for the next tablet utilizing Android and Verizon. (That’s how I landed on this site.)

  15. Funny that iPad has no hand writing recognition, anyone remember the newton platform by Mac? that basically defined the concept of portable true handwriting recognition and drawing. so they have a huge back log of work done on that, but choose to leave it out of there new stuff.


  16. At this moment, only Android can compete with iOS. I am expecting a good “gPad” during this year. It will be a user experience laying on the sofa and browsing web pages using just a finger.

  17. Wiipad NeNo 10.2” google android 2.1 Tablet

  18. o gawd you people are pretty much all ignorant morons. android tablets such as archos 5 predate ipad, end of story.

  19. Hope they bring this tablet to market soon now. Can’t wait to get my hands on a descent iPAD alternative.

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