[UPDATE] First LG Android Finally Coming to Verizon this Summer, Renamed Ally


You like-a the Snapdragon? You want a slide-out QWERTY keyboard? Have you been wondering if and when the LG Aloha would ever get official? Looks like that will be happening this May, as BGR reports Verizon is slated to announce the LG Aloha for a summer release. The Aloha will be the name applied to the US version of the handset known as the LU2300 in other areas of the world.


The phone comes packed with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 5 MP camera with 720p video recording, and a 3.5-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. It will run on Android 2.1, and, lest I forget, the LG Aloha will also feature a beautiful slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Anyone familiar with the LG Voyager or ENV Touch who has been longing for a power-packed Android with a great physical keyboard should be salivating.

Assuming this phone does become official, it is looking to be just one more great high-end Android coming to Verizon.

[UPDATE]: We are now learning that the LG Aloha will most likely be renamed as the LG Ally. It’s a shame because I sort of liked the ring to the Aloha. With the overall look of the phone and its new name, I don’t see this one falling into the line of Droid-branded devices, but then again the Incredible didn’t earn the badge of Droid until only a few weeks before its release.

[BGR via Android and Me, PhoneDog]

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  1. sorry if I offend anyone but…. FUCK YEAH!!!!!

  2. I’d love for Verizon to stop announcing and/or releasing new Android phones until they update the Droid Eris. Just my two cents.

  3. Aside from the physical keyboard, think it’ll have anything on the Incredible? I’ve got a bit more wait time before I can upgrade, close enough that the Aloha might be imminent by then.

  4. omg, can tmobile please get any of these cool phones?

  5. I guess thats why Verizon customers bills are triple digits every month, cause Verizon keeps grabbing all the newest phones with the latest technology, and T-Mobile is getting toys like Mytouch slide, and phone that are outdated before their release(HD2). My company gives me an employee’s discount for Verizon but its still so expensive to switch.

  6. If this had sense it would be awesome…

  7. Looks nice but where are the physical buttons for menu and back functions? I only see home and search buttons. I thought Android required all four.

  8. So wait this thing isn’t coming to europe?

  9. I actually really like the idea of this phone. I’m slated to upgrade to the Incredible on May 23, but depending on when this thing comes out I may have a decision to make. LG makes the best physical keyboards, hands down. It’s the only reason I hate thinking about giving up my LG Voyager!

  10. I agree with Lewis. Verizon needs to step up to the plate and update the Eris before they release anymore 2.1 phones. I finally caved and installed the upgrade myself. Works beautifully and is a lot faster. I recommend the upgrade, but really, we shouldn’t have to resort to these methods for an upgrade. Wake up, Verizon!

  11. @Ban Seconded, Europe release awaited.

  12. Well if you hate SenseUI, don’t need the 8 megapixel camera and really need a physical keyboard this looks like a great Android device and the spacing on the keyboard is way better that the Motorola Droid’s Keyboard. My only concern is that is my hand usually rest right around where the track-pad is placed on the LG Aloha which would make it easy to use but way to easy to accidentally use.

  13. @Stæld thanks. Really looking forward to this phone, this might be the one.

  14. @Me +1

  15. I did some thinking:
    Nexus one first game changer with 1 Ghz processor, 512 ROM and RAM. Only thing it has the new ones don’t is the noise cancellation. Incredible has a better multi- touch then N1.
    Evo has bigger screen and front camera. Now LG has physical keyboard. Is not like the G1 though. G1 is 5 rows and is more like a traditional keyboard. My guess is there playing us for fools. Wait a year and I bet you get 1.5 Ghz processor, 1 Ghz Ram and Rom. 4.0 to 4.3 inch screen. Multi-touch. Noise cancelation microphone. Front camera. Amoled screen and keypad like the G1 but slightly bigger.

  16. Dammit. I’ve been eagerly eying this phone, but I was hoping it’d come to T-Mobile instead.

    I love my service, but we’ve always gotten crummy also-ran phones. :-(

    (Well, except the G1, but that was a fluke. Basically nothing since. I don’t count the Nexus One since I can’t buy the blasted thing in a store and fiddle with it first)

  17. @Lewis that is what you get for gettin the eris you should of spent a little more and got the droid…

  18. Ill buy this just because of the KEYBOARD. LG wont sell more Android phones than HTC….but theyll certainly sell more QWERTY Ones with Snapdragon.

  19. Android Central is reporting that this phone will be called Ally. Do we know which name is correct?

  20. a four row keyboard is a great physical keyboard? me thinks not.

  21. Not bad, the screen could be a tad bit larger at 3.7″ but 3.5 should be plenty. Hopefully that Weather widget will be customizable because as it stands it is fugly. This dont look to be vanilla 2.1 based from the launcher, which is something Verizon will need, perhaps the DROID 2…..

  22. dammit htc, get your sh!t together and release a snapdragon/android phone already with the tp2’s keyboard!

  23. @ JJ no doubt. I’ll be coming from the TP2, and love the keyboard. You wouldn’t think it’d be that hard.

  24. will it become a droid? if it does, those blue accents will probably be red by the time they hit the shelves. It will also need a much more bad ass name…

  25. For those that prefer physical keyboards, but share my disgust for the Droid keyboard, and aren’t opposed to a stock incarnation of Android (i.e. no Sense UI), I give you the LG Aloha. The Droid may have had its moment to shine, but the Aloha and Incredible are about to put it squarely in its place, which is the discount clearance bin. I’m expecting to see the price of the Droid drop to $99 pretty quickly once this comes out, because the Aloha is superior in pretty much every aspect except screen size, and I doubt that many people are going to care about a difference on 0.2 inches.

  26. I’m waitin on the motorola shadow aka droid2 aka nexus two

  27. Yet again… Verizon gets another snapdragon phone… comeon tmobile… anytime now

  28. “13. phoenix wrote on April 29, 2010

    a four row keyboard is a great physical keyboard? me thinks not.”

    Keyboard on the Voyager is four rows. Voyage has been a great phone for me. I absolutely abhor the keyboard on the Moto Droid. I was thinking about going with the Incredible this June, but now that this might release this summer, I’m not sure I’m ready to give up my keyboard…we shall see.

  29. My guess is that Verizon will likey be calling this phone not Aloha or Ally, but Droid Aloha or Droid Ally.

  30. lmao sweet stuff man.

  31. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AND STILL the DPAD is on the right! WHY oh WHY? C’mon phone manu’s…..we want old school, put it on the left!!!!!!

  32. To bad the LG Aloha is already out. It’s an old Virgin Mobile flip phone.


  33. All us G1 early adopters, whose contracts come up this summer, know what we want. Fast processor, five row keyboard, lots of memory, great screen, preferably from HTC. Is it too much to ask T-Mobile to give Android’s first fans a chance to keep giving them money for another couple of years? C’mon, screens are getting bigger. Why can’t anyone fit a proper number of keys under them?

    I guess I’ll just stay off contract and watch all my vital apps grow too big to fit in the G1’s memory. Sooner or later I’ll buy a new phone from somebody. T-mo, I like your service but I can’t wait forever.

  34. So Much for Tmobile being the “Leader” in Android….Sprint & Verizon Shit on that notion. The G1, Cliq and My Touch are better than what they have to offer? I think not.

  35. Just so everyone knows, I am holding one of these devices right now, and it ios nothing like the photos. Its closer to the env touch form factor. The keypad is not metallic at all, its all black. The SW is 2.1. I have a photo but don’t have time to post it just yet. it actually has a nicer look than the photos I think. It has dedicated send and end keys as well as home and menu. The back arrow and search are touch based right above them. Battery is 1500mah

  36. It also has 5 home screens.

  37. I have heard that aloha/ally is pre loaded with android 2.2 froyo.. does anyone know if this is true?? and HTC incradable has 2.1 installed, but can it be upgrade to froyo over ota?

  38. @vzw guy. Where do you have this? How much did it cost you? How much ram does it have? I’m really interested in this phone man please upload some pics or information. Thanks.

  39. sorry if I offend to Darkseider but es un pendejo.

  40. dpad on the wrong side… again

  41. I work for vzw and we had an introduction 2 days ago, this phone and the windows version were shown. I didn’t have much time to go all through to get specs like video capture and such. The picture that was released in the posts today for iron man is the one I had. In my opinion I would get the incredible. I didn’t care for this phone at all…..

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