Hold The Fones: Vodafone’s Nexus One Stock Is Just Fine


The long-awaited launch of the Nexus One for Vodafone commences today, but the stock depletion we reported on not too long ago is now a non-issue, seemingly: you can order the Nexus One as readily as you could from Google themselves. A likely scenario, here, is that Vodafone initially ordered a shipment of devices specifically for preordering, and received another shipment that would be available in time for today’s release.


That or someone went “Holy crap! We have no phones!” and frantically placed a rush order. Either way, be sure to head over to Vodafone’s site to claim your Nexus One now before the stock is gobbled up again. Thanks to AndroidCommunity for the spotting.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. £35 per month pay monthly plan means minimum cost of £840 ($1283) over the 2-year contract of 600minutes of voice calls per month and 1GB monthly bandwidth limit for data. I wish blogs took the little pain to quote actual minimum cost of those Android phones, including the minimum 2-year contract expenses.

    I mean comon, just cause the large telecom companies don’t want that people know how much they actually signup for, just because they don’t want consumers to realize how much money they actually have to pay on the contract, does not mean blogs can’t just make the basic calculations and present them as clearly as possible.

  2. @Charbax I understand your frustrations, but I elected not to regurgitate information that we’ve repeated over and over (not to mention it’s a trend that has been around for a while and doesn’t seem likely to go away, so a majority of Vodafone’s and other carriers’ customers are already aware).

  3. Just get this phone to Norway Google. People are waiting for it. And here we have a maximum contract of one year by law and it would also be against the law if they had it exlusively on a contract as they do now in certain parts of this world. BTW – I want it at full price without any contract so if you want your money Google just get it here already…

  4. @Charbax The phone doesn’t cost £840. Don’t forget you are getting a service (minutes, SMS and Internet) and a phone. So the cost of the phone is not 35 a month, is the difference between these contract and another one without subsidy (SIM only plan). Let’s keep it simple and let the people do it by themselves.

  5. @Manuel, in most countries around the world, you don’t have to sign contracts for thousands of dollars just to get a smartphone.

    It doesn’t matter if there is some cost for services. I pay about $10 per month for 1GB/month HSDPA service here in Denmark, why should I want to pay for any Voice or SMS when I should be able to do VOIP and IM over that same HSDPA data service?

    It’d be very simple, I just would like bloggers to state in parenthesis the total cost of ownership thus (Minimum total cost of ownership: £840 ($1283)).

  6. I’m quite happy to pay £35 a month for that, it’s a great phone, which retails from at around £500 or so, add on a contract for the UNLIMITED TEXTS, 600 FREE MINUTES, and 1GB OF INTERNET (which is hard to get hold of unless you have an iPhone over here)for two years, and that equals out very well in out market.

  7. @Chabax Total cost of ownership is nonesense! Because whether you own a Nexus One, iPhone, Win Mo or any other phone you will be paying a monthly bill with an extra charge for internet if your phone can connect! In fact last time I renewed my contract with Vodafone, I was going to go onto the SIM Only plan, they gave me a cheeper monthly rate than the SIM only plan, and they gave a free phone too. Besides you can import a Nexus One from the US for just over £400… That is the real cost of the phone!

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