Vodafone UK to Get Nexus One Before End of April?


Vodafone updated their Nexus One page, now showing under the “Coming Soon” tag that “soon” will be April. Interesting, considering April is a little over a week from coming to a close. Does this mean the handset will be available to those waiting for its release in a matter of days? Or could this be a case of simple error.


Well, I guess we won’t have to wait much longer to find out either way. While the very similar HTC Desire has taken the UK by storm, I’m sure many would still love to get their hands on the N1.

[via eurodroid

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  1. Why would they bother w/the Nexus One if they can get the Desire (possibly cheaper)… The Desire has a touchpad (better than trackball), louder speaker (or at ‘least audible when it lies flat on a hard surface), and better front buttons. You can always strip it of Sense if you don’t like it..

  2. Jesus, they still haven’t released the N1 yet? It’s practically obsolete!

  3. Who wants to get an N1 with the ongoing 3G issues that HTC have decided to give up on. I’ve got my eye on the HTC Desire or HTC Evo (if it gets released in UK).

  4. Wave of Verizon complaints in 5… 4… 3…

  5. Their agreement/payment to brand and sell this phone is most likely months old. Something delayed it but if you invest you still put it to market regardless of how obsolete is it or whatever and attempt to make a profit.

  6. @G8D
    IMO, Vodafone has not technically delayed the release on its network as it said “Spring” from the initial Nexus launch in Jan. I will be interested in seeing their pricing on the device and it is still necessary to buy the device from Google website. It will also be interesting to see the extent of their advertising to support the launch.

    FYI, because the Nexus One sold into the UK from Jan was a GSM radio bandwidth phone, I imported mine into UK ($529 plus tax/shipping) and get the monthly rolling package rather than a contract….from any one of 6 carriers here—O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3, T Mob or Virgin at a good monthly rate of £15-20 ($23-32). You pick the network based on the reception in your area. I have had no GSM problems in UK. When the Nexus Two launches, I will probably look to sell my Nexus One on Ebay and recoup much of my initial outlay.

    Google should be congratulated for disrupting the existing sales model of the network operators. I wish you had more competion in the US.


  7. Seriously, why would anyone buy this over the Desire?

    It’s likely to cost more (the Desire already is crazily cheap on T-mobile..) and the Desire has HTC sense plus cool stuff like the optical trackpad and more RAM.

    Don’t waste your time Voda.. Too late to the party!

  8. Oh. Plus the Desire has now been rooted B-)

  9. I spoke to a couple of people from the vodafone telephone upgrades just last week and they all told me it would be out the middle of May. So I just decided to get a desire instead. Got sick of waiting for months on end with no news. Kind of like with the desire now. I have ordered it, but vodafone are refusing to tell me and other paying customers when they’re getting their phones!

  10. With the current fragmentation issues the N1 appeals to me much more than the desire. HTC have still not updated Sense on the Hero beyond 1.5. I want future android releases quickly, something you should get with a phone sold directly from google.

  11. I prefer the look and feel of the Nexus one and suspect that Google will use it to test out new stuff like Flash and OS updates. I expect HTC will be late to the party when it comes to updating the phone. Not a slur on HTC as they are lightyears ahead of Samsung who don’t bother to update the Galaxy which is more recent then the Hero.

    That said there’s only so long I can wait, how do you strip Sense UI from the Desire?
    I don’t mean just throwing another home screen on top actually remove the whole layer.

  12. @modelportfolio2003

    They said “a few short weeks” over 15 weeks ago.

    By even the most pessimistic estimate couldn’t call that accurate.

  13. The Nexus One is better looking than the Desire. And the Nexus’ Trackball isn’t really bad or “unmodern”. I like that Notification in 4 colours of the trackball…thats a big plus!
    And of course Android 2.2 in May

  14. They will need to sell this at a good price to make it successful…like the same as US $529 = £345

  15. The mention of “April” on Vodafone’s website is gone…what’s up with that?

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