Samsung Galaxy 3? Don’t Mind If I Do; Spotted In User Agent Profile


Samsung seems to be working on a new phone. A Samsung User Agent profile came up recently and it seems to be for a phone called the GT-i5801. From the agent, we can see that it’ll be running Android, and has a rather unusual screen resolution: 240×480. It’s suggested that this could simply be a typo as – up until now – there is no Android phone with a 2:1 screen resolution (indicative of what you might find on older flip phones).


It also appears that it could be a Samsung Galaxy 3, with several foreign retailers listing a similarly-modeled GT-i5800 with that name. It’ll be interesting to see what type of phone this turns out to be if the resolution listed in the profile is correct. Could we be seeing Android adapted for the under-powered feature phone market? Just a little speculation, as usual, since we don’t have any other details presently.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. wow yet another phone with crappy customer support! Yay!

  2. ^ hahaha

  3. I can see an android being offered for $0 for a contract, or $30 or something similar. Budget phones. Not everyone can dish out $200 or $600+ without contract. But still wants to have the innovation of a great OS.

  4. It may be a cheap Android phone closer to the Vodafone 845 type of specs: http://armdevices.net/2010/04/28/vodafone-845-cheap-android-phone-how-cheap/

    Low resolution resistive LCD screen. This could provide $100 to $200 Android phone sold without contract, even unlocked, or locked buy on a pre-paid plan.

  5. @Janus I agree

  6. They are probably aiming for a high/med/low cost android line up for the carrier. This will provide everyone of different price ranges the option to get their hands on a data heavy device, thus bringing in more data revenue for the carrier. People that dont want to spend 200$ on a phone, but want to have something capable of staying connected will have this as an avaliable option.

  7. it’s not a typo. it’s just low-end andriod phone 4 everyone

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