Could These Be Motorola Shadow/Droid 2 Spec Details and Pics?


Right after the Wi-Fi Alliance certified the Motorola MB810, the handset that most likely will become the Motorola Shadow, we received a tip sending us to a series of pics and specs further detailing what they claim will be not one, but two new Android devices headed to Verizon from Motorola.

I don’t quite trust Google translate to give me the exact meaning of the posts on this foreign forum, but the important facts are right there in plain English. The Motorola Shadow and Droid 2 are claimed to be two separate devices, with the main difference being the inclusion of  a slide-out keyboard on the Droid 2.


Here is what we MIGHT see from the Shadow:

  • 4.3 “FWVGA (854 x 480) screen
  • TI OMAP 3630, which has the PowerVR SGX530 GPU
  • 8MP camera with Dual LED
  • 720p recording
  • 512MB RAM
  • FM Radio
  • GPS
  • HDMI port
  • USB port
  • Android 2.1 running Moto Blur with 7 homescreens
  • Very thin and light
  • 4 physical buttons on front (Back, Menu, Home, Search)
  • Slated for a June release for Verizon if everything goes well

Word is the Droid 2 would have a similarly sized screen, but it is not clear if other specs would be shared between the two phones. Earlier reports indicated the Shadow would be outfitted for GSM. While neither CDMA or GSM is confirmed, it will definitely be interesting to see which way Motorola goes. It looks like this handset will compete pretty evenly with the latest and greatest phones from HTC and Samsung, though no indication of a second front-facing camera is given.

For now file this as rumor and take all of this with a big grain of salt, we’ll wait for further details to call this a confirmation.

[UPDATE]: Thanks to Zach in the comments for the heads up, look like this hefty chunk of unconfirmed info and speculation actually originates from our friends over at AndroidForums. Still nothing official, but head over to the Unofficial Motorola Shadow Thread to read more.

[thanks Vitala for the heads up!]

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  1. June? Man this is crazy. I can’t wait to see the number of Android units shipped by the end of this year.

  2. Personally I don’t see how it could be out by June, but if it is I would have a tough time leaving verizon for the Evo like I am planning to do.

    I like Sprints plans better, but in all honesty I think Motorola’s receivers have a leg up on HTC’s receivers… and when they are tasked too, their build quality is fantastic. I know I’m crazy for wanting my phone to actually function well as a “phone” but thats just my oppinion.

  3. They got that info from your own forums and that thread has been around for well over a month with all this info.


  4. motorola seriously needs to give up on blur..

  5. If this came to the UK, I’d be 100% buying that. Looks a lot better than my Milestone.

    Shame about Moto Blur though, and aren’t Google aiming for 2.2 by June?

  6. My head is spinning trying to keep up with all these phones. Two days ago I was sure I was going to get an Incredible, yesterday I was less sure, today I am looking at phones that do not exist yet, but are hypothetical specs from leaked press releases…

    You guys are killing me. :-)

  7. That first picture is very obviously a negative image of the second picture.

  8. How did the author of this blog post not clearly see that the “two phones” in the picture is actually the same phone and the same EXACT photo, just in the negative?? Really???

  9. Awesome, I feel honored to have my “gathering” in a site’s post :). Actually, you have to change the 4.3″ to 4.1″ :)

  10. The image on top of the two phones is just an inverted image of the bottom one….

  11. LOL! Especially when the numbers in the lower right corner is the same.

  12. Ok I just got hard….

  13. @Samuel M hell yeah they do its just dam tacky looking.

  14. Awesome. After dinking around with several keyboarded android devices last night at Best Buy, I’m convinced that physical keyboards are the biggest waste of both hardware space and blog verbage ever.

  15. Matches these renders from months ago of what was supposed to be either the Shadow or Droid 2: http://www.droidforums.net/img/motorola-shadow-11610.jpg

  16. wow.. FOUR physical buttons! that feature destroys the EVO 4g! The Evo is now officially obsolete.

  17. I don’t see anywhere within the article that says the picture is of the Shadow and Droid 2.

  18. @suzy, jordan
    Never said the photo was of both or either handset actually, I am well aware that it is the same phone in the picture, anyone who isn’t should get their eyes checked.

  19. @Amu
    You seem to know quite a bit about the Shadow and Droid 2? If there is anything else you would like to share feel free to contact me at [email protected].

  20. all of this info has been in the howardforums thread for quite a while. this is all OLD news.

  21. Motoblur? No thanks.

  22. Kevin, you just posted a whole news article claiming exactly that……I mean honestly there wasn’t a shred of new information in this article, I feel misinformed for having read it.

  23. ugh, motoblur? no thanks.

  24. this are for a 3d phone

  25. Ok, I just got soft….:(

  26. It won’t have blur and it won’t run 3630. I know a few people that have had access to the phone. They said there’s a possibility that its running OMAP4, if not Snap Dragon. But I know for sure there’s no Blur.

  27. @Disaster

    Are you sure it’s not running a OMAP3 3630? The Droid runs on the 3430. Insiders on the Howardforums have said it would run 3630 and it won’t be a Snapdragon.

    Motoblur can be turned off really easily so that’s not a issue for me.

  28. That’s what my sources said, I’m 100% right, so don’t quote me on this. I’ve heard from somewhere it could possibly even have the 3640. Again, don’t quote me.

  29. ^I meant to say I’m NOT 100% right.

  30. Hmmm yahoo message board rocks!avenuetickets.com rocks!

  31. I doubt the Shadow will have the OMAP 4 because as of right now they are patching the bugs with the SoC already in use (OMAP 3630), and cannot change any hardware related things, too late for that

  32. this picture is like 6 months old. i saw it on engadget.

  33. I love it….already got the Incredible which is still an INCREDIBLE phone, but this is yet another great Android phone to beat up on Apple with! :-)

  34. how is it that t mobile lead the android charge… now they have fallen so so so far behind.

  35. Haven’t we seen that inverted pic before? like… 6 months ago?

  36. I will say it again like I have said it before on other forums – THIS IS NOT THE SHADOW! I do not know HOW Motorola has done it with the Shadow phone, but they have really keep the phone under wraps and I have YET TO SEE AN accurate picture on the web of the SHADOW. I have had the SHADOW in my hand and my spouse is using it everyday (Moto User Trial). The phone is a GREAT phone, and I will trade my DROID ii for it when Moto allows friends and family on the USER Trial. The Shadow does have Moto Blur, and as Zach says, the BLUR can be turned off. It will be released with 2.1.1, and I mean to tell you, there IS an AWESOME Moto App coming with it, the phone is worth having for the Apps it’s self!

  37. If Motorola wants to maintain its momentum with the Droid, then keep in mind that iPhone 4 will be announced in June. Moto MUST come out with a refreshed phone to maintain a presence in the market. I just hope Verizon gets them.

  38. motorola are great phones so lets see what they have for us the wait will be worth it june is around the corner

  39. Cnn the Driod 2 sync with MS Outlook PST to get contacts+notes, cal, tasks, & notes field w/o going through google cloud? Can you turn off gmail to Droid sync?

  40. Forget Motoblur goddammit it sucks like hell. Also get rid of Android 2.1 bring it full equipped Android 2.2 software

  41. I love lal these phoes stuff but this is driving me crazy i just ordered Droid incredible but idk what i want all these phones got me going crazy….UGHHHHHHHHHHH

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