Motorola MB810 Passes Wi-Fi Alliance


A new Motorola smartphone, the MB810, just received its certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance for wireless standard 802.11 b/g/n. And with the announcement, speculation has run rampant that this very well could be the Motorola Shadow, a device that made its rounds in the news earlier this year as a proclaimed Droid 2 or even Nexus Two. And speculation as it may be, all signs are pointing to this being the case.

thumb_450_Shadow render

Just a little bit of what you might expect from the Shadow:

  • Android 2.2
  • 4.3-in capacitive touchscreen
  • 8MP camera
  • QWERTY slide-out keyboard

The Shadow will most likely be a GSM device, which makes sense considering Motorola hasn’t had a recent success like the Droid outside of Verizon, and spreading the love around a bit would sure help out in their accounting department. Most reports see this one dropping sometime during Q2 of this year on AT&T, so if this is the case expect to hear a lot more very soon.

[via Phone Dog]

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  1. Oooh well… hopefully AT&T doesn’t murder the poor thing like they have with the Backflip and Aero.

  2. Drool!!! Can’t wait to see more specs/info!!!

  3. Where is the love for T Mo customers? We are getting ignored once again.

  4. I don’t think Google would release a new Nexus for such a small update as 2.2…

  5. Just the rumor I needed…so much for my thoughts of getting the Aloha. I’m waiting for this beast!

  6. Ughhh nm if it goes to ATT…maybe Google will get Verizon to play nice with this one and actually support it.

  7. @N.R. Bovee: I say the same thing. But I really am losing faith in my beloved Magenta! T-Mo is seriously pushing me toward Verizon, and I still can’t figure out why.

  8. @ bovee
    nothing posted is definite. it is all speculation. and tmo will get some more love soon. remember, we had the n1 exclusively for a while.

  9. It looks like 4.3 is the new 3.7 lol. It also looks like AT&T is stocking up.

    @bovee – I WAS with you until the Incredible came along. It just doesn’t seem like T-Mo intends to be in the high end game at least not on Android. It looks like they are marketing to a different maybe less tech savvy crowd thats more interested in fun looks and stuff.

  10. Looking good!!! if at&t i’m down…

  11. That it is GSM is speculations. And that it is dropping on AT&T is also speculation. Let’s wait and see what the facts are. :)

  12. I hope the keyboard won’t be flat like the droid.

  13. Bah, Motorola never gets their keyboards right, the new LG with Snapdragon and killer LG Keyboard will be better IMHO

  14. This thing’ll be a beast and I want it. If indeed it lands with AT&T, it will confirm the comment made by an AT&T rep that they will soon be the home of the most powerful Android device. At least as a competitor to the EVO. Between this and the Galaxy S that is rumored to land on AT&T, I might just stick with them. I’d jump to Verizon but the signal is flakey where I live and I refuse to get a land line.

  15. That’s a old old render from what I’ve read and its of the Droid 2 not the Shadow, the Shadow is CDMA and doesn’t have a keyboard and doesn’t have a 4.3″ screen it’s supposedly 4.1″ how is this GSM? I see nothing that states that anyhow.

  16. You have to change something here. Shadow ! = Droid 2. The Shadow has no keyboard, while the Droid 2 does :). On a side note, that pic render of the Droid 2 is not how it now looks ;)

  17. Put this on google’s phone store and im buying it in no time

  18. 4.3 is way too big, 3.7 max screen size without a physical keyboard & Xenon Flash Please, sine it looks like the motoroi is not coming to the west.

  19. Every new great GSM phone is always rumored to be going to AT&T isn’t it Phandroid?
    Maybe one of these days you’ll be right.
    Swing blindly long enough and your bound to hit something huh?

  20. If it weren’t for Rogers and Telus, Id’ve abandoned AT&T along time ago.
    T-Mo sucks in my area and I refuse to leave GSM for CDMA so Verizon and Sprint are out.
    I like being able to swap my sim out on the fly. Different phone for different moods.

  21. Hopefully the rumor of this coming to AT&T is NOT true. T-Mobile needs and deserves this device, after all they DID pioneer Android.

    T-Mobile also doesn’t have a High-End Android phone hell, they never really did. I really do not count the Nexus since it isn’t really their phone, it just works on their network. If this comes to T-Mo (hopefully) this WILL be my next phone, people might call it a Droid rip-off, but its made by the same company so it cant really rip the Droid off :)

  22. I count the Nexus One as one of T-Mobiles phones because you can get the phone subsidized with a T-Mobile contract.

    If anything, The Nexus One more a T-Mobiles phone then it is any other carrier since T-Mo is the ONLY carrier that you can currently get the phone subsidized.

  23. oooh i hope this drops soon, i would rather have this than the evo. because of keyboard/at&t/and gsm because i am joining the military!

  24. Both the Shadow and Droid 2 will go to Verizon, as they will be CDMA. The MB810 = Shadow, however, the old pic render is of the Droid 2. People, you have to remember that GSM != 3G. Every phone (new ones) is quad-band GSM, as in you can make calls everywhere. So just because a phone has GSM bands does not mean it will be sold by AT&T or T-Mobile.

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