App Storage on SD Coming To Android Soon


The Google Code Android Issues page just updated the status of Issue 1151 to “Future Release.” What is Issue 1151 you ask? Well that would have a little something to do with native support for app installation to SD card media. Up until now to get this functionality one would need to root their phone and use Apps2SD.


Further corroborating that we should be seeing this feature in an upcoming Android release is a comment on the issue from a Google Engineer:

Apologies, but I’m not permitted to disclose scheduling information – suffice to say
it’s coming soon :)

Sorry for being vague, and thank you for your continued patience – I sincerely
appreciate it.

A quick scan also reveals this is no longer an “open” issue — having been closed just today — meaning it will most likely be ready to launch in the upcoming Froyo release of Android. We are expecting hear a whole lot of info regarding Android 2.2 (Froyo) at the upcoming Google I/O conference on May 19th, which will almost definitely layout the plans for the newest version of Android.

[via Google Code, thanks to Jeff for the head up!]

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  1. F*UCK yah!!!

  2. 41’s comment was sincerely disliked.

  3. ShootchYah!

  4. I wonder if they made it from scratch or took the Apps2SD source code…

  5. we should have a rating system for comments and when a comment has certain amount of negative votes it will go invisible.

  6. wow Kevin, you are definitely fast, google’s engineer post was posted 50 minutes, good job

  7. What Inspiron41 said. :)

    P.S. I love visiting this site and getting Great news reports!

  8. I can’t wait. FMRadio, 802.11 N, and this!!?? I’m so excited I may need to change my pants.

  9. Huge, HUGE news if true!

  10. The Google code site actually lets you star issues that interested in and will e-mail you when someone significant says anything, or any change in status happens. Most of the e-mails aren’t as exciting as this one was :)

  11. @copr165 oooh your poor virgin eyes!

  12. so this will probably be about a year and a half out till the carriers get this to us, if the cattiers is still supporting upgrades by then?

  13. I think FroYo will only allow this feature if it recognizes that you have a Class 6 or above card.

  14. Bill, I don’t wait. I root my Android and make it happen ASAP. Why don’t you do the same? By waiting for your carrier to get their act together, you are just robbing yourself of the latest version available.

  15. OH yeah, I can’t wait for this… My N1 is still unrooted, WooT.

  16. Again HTC, I would like an answer according to Danish legislation.

    One simple question; Can i expect help from you if my ‘home’ button/jack input etc…. are broken, though i rooted my phone?

    Or will you try to escape this fight the moist-indicator-Apple way?

    I’m looking forward to a positive reply, or one hell of a fight!

    Especially, I’m looking forward to see you fool around in the court, trying to convince the judge, that a software upgrade made my buttons crack :D

    Apple and HTC, welcome to the EU! We dont ( I dont!) take shit from no one!!!


  18. Thank GOD!!!!! My Droid is FULL and I need more space for more apps and then more apps will be released and I’ll need more space! :)

  19. Any chance this will work its way back to old versions? I’m tired of figuring out which important app to delete from my G1 when some other important app gets bigger – probably because of larger screen graphics that I can’t even use.

    I’m watching the capabilities of my phone shrink – mostly I don’t even do app upgrades anymore. If TMo had a decent upgrade path I wouldn’t mind, but it looks like I’m going to be living with this for a while longer unless I root or jump carriers.

  20. I had the feeling they were looking into this…..tookem awhile but I am happy to see its on the way…….a

  21. @Brett

    I desperately want to root my phone, but no can get it rooted without major issues, ie 3g issues and such and because of some special software, it is not rooted the normal way and can never be backed up to stock because no one has the original rom released, if you know how the Cellular south htc cdma hero can be rooted and work, Ill be happy to do it, i need help. No one has been able to succeed with my phone yet. i have tried too.

  22. Well, Bill, that sucks :(

  23. rooting won’t give you apps that need more storage (i.e games).

  24. That’s why you stop using the G1 on T-mobile, and use the Nexus One on T-mobile.

  25. I guess the first poster intended to write “f… yeah”, which pretty much is perfectly to the point of this article.

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