An Update, but Not 2.1, Heading to a CLIQ XT Near You


CLIQ XT owners can get a little excited — but not too excited — over a new update that is currently making its way to the handset on T-Mobile. This is the same update that T-Mo had released for testing to a select few handsets earlier in the week, so before you go crying for joy, be forewarned this update is not to Android 2.1. It is instead a mild software update to improve overall phone performance and help get quite a few of the phones features up to speed.


What you get:

  • Improves Overall Phone Performance
  • Visual Voice Mail Enhancements
  • Bluetooth® Audio
  • Camera Correction
  • Screen/Display Performance
  • Text Messaging Improvements
  • Touch Screen Enhancement

The update prompt  should come automatically to your phone, but if you are in the impatient type you can manually update through the About Phone section of the Settings menu. The post announcing the update says it is a two part process, requiring the phone first be updated to the 1.31.43 software version before updating to the 1.31.44 version.

Sadly, still now word on if and when Android 2.1 will be making its way to the CLIQ XT

[via engadget mobile]

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  1. lame…!!!!!
    double post…….

  2. By ‘no word on if and when’ on Android 2.1, you mean no specific date? I only say because Motorola already posted up that the Cliq / Cliq XT are ‘slated’ to get 2.1 this quarter.

    That being said the update is quite promising. The Camera issue (where it would freeze up after taking a picture) is definitely a thing of the past.

  3. tmo needs to get it together with 2.1 updates. where’s 2.1 for the fender!?

  4. This is the biggest bunch of bullcrap I’ve ever experienced in my friggen life. I had the G1 the day it came out. I had the MT3G the day it came out. I had the original cliq and not the cliq Xt. I mean. You’d figure that Tmo. had the first Android phone so we’d get some good phones but for whatever reason all of the good phones go to the other companies.. aside from the nexus one with you can’t buy through tmo. you have to get it from google and pay over 500 bucks if you don’t have an upgrade..I have a few other fators that are keeping me with tmobile right now. but soon as my contract is up .. I am so gone.. 6 out of 10 apps I tried to download today needed 1.6 or highter.. I mean come on.. this is beyone rediculous.. put out the 2.1 already.. I mean MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

  5. this is a bunch of crap, send the freaking 2.1 update already.

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