Motorola CLIQ XT Update Preview To Commence Today


Look what slipped under our radar over the weekend: Motorola’s getting ready to preview and test a new update for the Motorola CLIQ XT. Before any of you get excited: no, this isn’t the big 2.1. If any of the following enhancements are something you’d love to have on your phone, however, then you might want to get in on it with this early chance.

Improves Overall Phone Performance Generally improves data connectivity while reducing the occurrence of freeze-ups, resets, and random forced quits.
Visual Voice Mail Enhancements Enhanced design and interaction for Visual Voice Mail.
Bluetooth® Audio Improvements to Bluetooth audio while streaming.
Camera Correction Addresses instances of camera randomly freezing after taking a picture, and helps correct intermittent resets while camera and video applications are in use.
Screen/Display Performance Improves backlight performance for the display.
Text Messaging Improvements General improvements to text messaging – especially for longer text message threads.
Touch Screen Enhancement Improves overall sensitivity of the touch screen.


Initially, this preview will only be rolled out to 1,000 people so T-Mobile and Motorola can get adequate feedback before releasing it to the entire install base. Jump over to Motorola’s support forums now to sign up and subscribe to the thread, where you can expect to find details on how you can participate sometime later.

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  1. I’m downloading right now

  2. Got it 2, and there is two updates to download..

  3. great update!!!! works like a charm

  4. Great update! Fixed freezing and forced quits. I have no lag when i text now I’m able to move threw programs more swiftly. Thanks

  5. My phone is noticeably faster and doesn’t freeze. Screen is also more sensitive. Now all we need is the 2.1 update. Hope it’s sooner than later. :D

  6. Just got the new update this morning, but like many others, my main concern ism when will the 2.1 update come out

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