HTC Says “Sorry” to Hero Owners for 2.1 Delays


If any Android handset is the most snubbed when it comes to receiving OS updates, it would have the be the HTC Hero. The Hero was released a year ago and still runs Android 1.5, even after promises of 1.6, 2.0, and now 2.1 have been delayed and then delayed again. HTC isn’t throwing bananas at their customers like AT&T, and is instead issuing an apology for the long wait.


Tech Radar has the following quote from HTC:

The integration of Eclair on the HTC Hero took longer to develop than anticipated and we apologise for this delay.

We are committed to meeting our customers’ demand for this update.

Do you think they’ll get it out before 2.2 hits? I’m sure the mere suggestion might get Hero owners a bit nervous, but HTC wants to be sincere in their effort, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and cross our fingers that the update will be coming to a Hero near you sometime soon.

[via LeakDroid]

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  1. Honestly this helps a lot. Sure it does not give us 2.1, but at least they understand we are unhappy. Try getting a sorry from Apple or Microsoft. HTC is one of the few companies I will fully support and this only strengthens my support.

  2. The one thing that perplexes me is this. They have Android 2.1 with Sense 1.5 running on the Incredible. Aside from the lesser hardware and some performance tweaking what’s the hold up? Who is willing to be that within one week of the Incredibles’ official release the Hero sees it’s 2.1 update.

  3. no support from me. my magic is also still on 1.5 (while others did get 1.6, but not 2.x).

    htc support told me “we only supply updates if there is enough demand and we generally only update the newer models”.

    “took longer to develop than anticipated”, as if, they simply do not care.

  4. As a proud owner of a Rogers HTC Magic I am waiting for the post telling me that they are no longer going to update to Android 2.1.

    At least the communication is nice. It would be nice to hear how the Magic update is coming along if at all.

  5. Yeah, I’m confused why its not released yet. I am running the Damageless ROM (2.1 for hero) and its working nearly flawlessly. The only issue I’m having is with the live wallpapers (which i don’t care about).

    I’m not super upset about the delay now that I have a rooted version but I’m wondering what the hold up is if the hackers can release it faster than the vendor can.

  6. The issue is the “hack” version are not without their bugs. Not only live wallpapers, but there are GPS, and power issues. In a “hack” version we accept these bugs. If HTC were to release a ROM with these bugs they may open themselves up to legal issues, let alone making them look like a bunch of amateurs. I am happy running “hack” ROMS, but they won’t be complete and fully functional until HTC release their final. Nice to know they we are still being thought about, as a developer I sympathise with the delays.

  7. If anyone isn’t seeing the benefits of the Nexus One over an OEM version like HTC’s phones… let this be a lesson for him. This would never happen on the Nexus One. period.

  8. “If any Android handset is the most snubbed when it comes to receiving OS updates, it would have the be the HTC Hero.” Have you heard of the HTC Droid Eris? We are still running the 1.5 system too. I guess we are just chopped liver, so totally forgoten that we don’t even exist as indicated in the headlined comment from the article.

  9. @Jarl. What are your circumstances? Didn’t know there were any magics out there still on 1.5…

  10. I keep pestering the rogers reps on twitter and they remain confident that the magic update will be june/mid year. We’ll see. I’m concerned that 2.1 will run smoothly on my Magic. Hopefully they’re taking so long because of Sense and that it’s optimized for the unit.

    Frankly 1.5 does everything I technically need, but there are a few apps that I can’t install until 2.1. I’d be happy if they allowed us to Root so we could update on our own.

  11. What about Droid Eris owners, HTC?

  12. Well I just rooted because of the stupid delay and I’m glad for it. Silly HTC :)

  13. By the time any Hero phone gets the update they will all be on their second owners and it will leave the first owners with a sour taste in their mouths.

  14. @Kev: bought my 32a Magic in belgium, because they only sell the 32b in the Netherlands. bought it simlock free from Proximus. Both HTC and Proximus refuse to do anything about the situation. According to HTC, Proximus did get the update. Proximus says “ask HTC”.

    156 people signing a petition didnt help either.

  15. This is why I finally gave in and rooted my Hero about a month and a half ago; couldn’t stand waiting anymore. Loving the DamageControl ROM!

  16. @Mark, Lewis: Droid Eris = Hero, be it without the chin. No sobbing needed.
    As a linguist I am glad HTC wrote ‘took’, not ‘is taking’. I was on the verge of getting VillainROM or any other of the modded 2.1 Hero ROMs out there, but now I will hold my breath a little longer.

  17. I reckon they’ve taken so long that they’ve decided to jump to FroYo. It wouldn’t take too many changes and the timing would be appropriate. Maybe I’m just an optimist!

  18. I guess HTC and T-mobile have given up on the MT3G and G1. Oh well, at least Cyanogen will be releasing his 2.x ROM soon for Dream/Magic phones.

  19. It probably had something to do with how HTC wanted to port their sense UI as well, which I think is a waste of time. Just upgrade the OS first, add the extra bells & whistles on top if one wants to.

  20. It’s obvious isn’t it? they hardly have any resources on that mini project. Most of their programmers are tied up developing their new breed. Let’s be honest guys, our heroes are history.

  21. htc should just buy palm, and forget the android thing the webos is a lot better anyway.

  22. Actually having the HTC sense does weigh in for me as a plus when comparing phones.

    It does suck that the official upgrade has not been released yet but not having HTC sense installed with it will make me want to hold off anyways until that is released. The regular interface isn’t as pleasing.

    Currently happy with the DAMAGE 2.1 till the EVO comes out.

  23. Even the apology is LATE!

    No… I think the 2.2 will be out sooner, than the update is released… On top of that, I’m fairly sure that Hero will be cut off completely after this update. The 2.2 or higher won’t arrive on Hero.

  24. And please… Spare me the statements, that the update had issues and needs to be re-whatever-ised. That’s just bullshit. Legend, Desire, Droid Incredible and EVO are fully operational… If the update isn’t ready, it’s just because all developers worked on launching all these new phones and there was nobody working on Hero.

  25. Sense looks good, but I think this is why I am going to buy a Nexy

  26. As a Hero owner, I say: Screw you, HTC. Apology not accepted. You are a business. Get your act together.

  27. love my Hero..!!! even with 1.5….better call Ripleys huh…?

  28. G1G1G1G1G1G1G1G1G1G1G1

  29. Ive looked at the Incredible and it seems awesome. However there is something about the Nexus one that makes me want it still, even with all these other android phones coming out.

  30. @ Dan

    Same here man! I have absolutely no problem with my 1.5 Hero. Of course an update would be great. It is funny how mad some people get asking for these updates.

    There were some in the XDA forums literally claiming never ever to buy a HTC phone ever again because of the delay in the update.

    I mean c’mon! Chill out!

  31. You know what, I’m a Droid Eris owner, and I really could care less if it’s lumped together with the Europe and Sprint Heros under the badge “HTC Hero.” We all know it’s the Hero by another name, due to Verizon’s goofy naming scheme (why couldn’t it have been the Droid Hero, to avoid confusion?). It will receive its update right along with the other Heros out there. I don’t think HTC would be so stupid as to ignore the Eris when the hardware is basically identical to the Hero, with the exception of Verizon’s slight tweaks, such as the proximity sensor.

  32. Um question for all the people biiiitchen on this site….when u bought the phone…did it come with a schedule of release dates for Android OS YOU WILL GET ????….NO!…so stop crying….this is only icing on the cake…I am sure they have valid reasons for the delay and as long as u get it that’s all that matters…..and I’M a droid owner and my wait wasn’t as long but regardless I wasn’t losing sleep over it….its just icing on the cake

  33. Apple should also issue an apology to all the consumers of their gen 1 products which are superseded quickly lol

  34. What I want to see is HTC actually support or at least allow an AOSP build to go on these. The only reason getting an AOSP release on these is so difficult is because they require proprietary libs and drivers for certain things (sure, that’s not a problem and every device requires those proprietary libs) — but when those proprietary libs rely on changes they’ve made to the core framework, it makes it impossible to put a fresh AOSP build on it without hacking through it and making them compatible with each other. It also made *some* sense when we were looking at Android 1.5 on this phone, because they *had* to make changes to the core framework in order to support CDMA. But even the libs in their latest 2.1 leaks won’t go cleanly onto these devices without hacking something.

    And none of this would even be required if they’d just release a separate “unofficial” non-Sprint-, non-HTC-branded ROM that is completely void of any Sense UI, or HTC widgets, or HTC replacements of AOSP apps (like AlarmClock, Calendar, Dial-tacts, etc). I don’t care if they don’t support it, just at least release it so that we can have the CHOICE of installing a non-bloated ROM…

  35. I don’t feel like HTC is obligated to provide the Hero with updates to the OSes, so I don’t feel upset at them. Of course, I’m hoping it does come, and soon (there are apps I’m dying to try which only work with 1.6 upwards!), but I’m not going to whinge at them about it.

    I think they do try. I’m guessing it’s a combination of making sure their 2.1 OS + Sense ROM performs without too much lag on Hero’s slower processor, and the urgency of getting all their top-rated new phones out before the Trade Commission issues their decision on Apple’s complaint (if successful, Apple is asking for HTC to stop selling their their Android phones in the USA). For all you know, they might also be hard at work on contingency plans (rejigging their phones and the software on it) should the Commission find against them.

  36. why not offer an upgrade to a stock android 2.1 without htc sense for the meantime, if the htc sense is really the problem?

  37. Good to know, thanks. Nice to know they know we’re out here. A little acknowledgment goes a long way.

  38. HTC Like Google SUCK at customer Service! They have no clue about how to look after customers. They are going to feel the pain when people move to other manufacturers as soon as some decent devices are out there. At the moment IMO they are leading the way with Android. SOMEONE please bring out a decent phone that we can move to…

  39. I said it once and I’ll say it again!

    “Totally frustrated how Sprint/HTC has been lagging in updates. This is telling me just how committed these two companies are to their customers and their products. Am I wrong to assume just that and believe that the only way to get an updated OS is to buy new phone models? This is crap! Maybe Google is to blame too? They should be the one in the forefront of OS updates and keep tab of the phone manufacturers and make sure that they are up to date. It appears as if Google doesn’t care what happens to the Android platform as long as their Nexus One gets updated properly. Seriously! If these three companies want to be a real threat to Apple’s iPhone, they should get their act together!!!”

  40. What I really can’t understand is why they bind Bugfixes to the 1.6/2.0/2.1/2.x/3.x update!
    For example, the Youtube Player doesn’t work on the Hero since December 2009, the jumping keyboard issue does exist since the first update, the scrolling bug, problems with EDGE – it all exists for a very long time.

    If they would at least fix those issues even without bundling those fixes with an Android Update it would have been much much better.

    I for one have returned my device to the seller due to unfixed bugs which, as HTC told me, should have been fixed by the end of March.

  41. Why would anyone believe this message from this source? If HTC is really sorry, wouldn’t they place a message on their own site somewhere?

    Funny to see that gossip can be started so easely where everyone looks at it as the complete truth…


  43. Apple should not issue an appology. The reason is simple. They are cutting the phone off after three years of regular updates and awesome support.
    HTC on the other hand had hero skip all the juicy stuff and stuffed us with promises.
    And hero owners with 1.5 who say, they’re not complaining: how the hell can you not complain. The phone has a lot of issues, that should have been fixed a year ago. For example: no Bluetooth file transfer, jumping keyboard when searching in landscape mode and so on.

  44. I’ve had my Hero since summer last year, it does run fairly well in comparison to my experia x1, however i do get occasional drop in calls whilst having full reception, i really hope the 2.1 update does come out early june and fixes this issue, i really dont understand why it happens, and please for the love of god ENABLE bluetooth file transfers!! thanks for the apology but please bring it out soon, i really dont want to revert back to symbian!!!!!!!

  45. @asqwerth

    One of the reasons i bought a Hero was the promised update to 2.0 before the end of the year. So there definetely were promises, and they were not kept.

    Enter Villain 5.2.5 ROM, and the life becomes a bit nices. HTC, you really, really suck; any company who’s marketing department is more important than customer relations is bound to fail in the long run.

  46. What about HTC Tattoo OS >1.5 release ? Its one year from launching the tattoo, still there is no updates from HTC Side. Are really HTC people worry about the customers ? ? ?

  47. Apple should not issue an appology. The reason is simple. They are cutting the phone off after three years of regular updates and awesome support.
    HTC on the other hand had hero skip all the juicy stuff and stuffed us with promises.
    And hero owners with 1.5 who say, they’re not complaining: how the hell can you not complain. The phone has a lot of issues, that should have been fixed a year ago. For example: no Bluetooth file transfer, jumping keyboard when searching in landscape mode and so on.

  48. I’m still disappointed that there is still no 2.X but at least HTC has acknowledged Hero users. Like someone else posted they will probably release the update once the new line of android phones are out on the market.

  49. I see where people are frustrated with the constant rumors of an upgrade but no official word. I also understand these companies don’t want to commit to a release date, but I think they should. Good communication would do a lot to relieve tension and maintain positive customer relations. With the rumor leaking and all that crap it’s sort of like they’re just teasing you.

    Personally, I was curious what 2.1 was all about so I rooted my phone and I haven’t been happier with it. The custom ROMs and themes are great and add to the experience of using the phone. It frees you from all the rumors and corporate BS. I haven’t experienced any issues with it, yet.

  50. I finally got my update to 2.1 yesterday in a Verizon Wireless store here in FL. I went to trade in my wife’s phone and when I saw our rep had an Eris I asked when we were getting the update. He replied,”I have had it for 2 months.” I couldn’t believe it. He said give me your phone(Eris) and he dropped a zip folder on my sd card. Told me how to reboot with a two keys and follow update instructions. It went perfectly. I now have speed dial to my screens, navigator, goggles, all that shit. It is smoother, faster and now my proximity sensor is even more responsive. Why I got it this way, and not over the air is now obvious, it wipes the phone. COMPLETELY! So a backup was in order. The thing is most of the apps will need to be upgraded anyway due to the change in OS. But any notes, or things on the phone storage will go away. Also, I don’t like the whole”linking” idea in People.

    Anyway, I have the file it is labeled, PBOOIMG.zip. Does anyone know of this ROM?

  51. I just hope this statement by HTC finally gets people on Sprint’s Buzz About Wireless website to quit blaming Sprint for this delay. The fault here clearly lies with HTC & no other party. Unless HTC gives the proper technical information for a successful update or resolution of issues in the release candidate builds, the Android 2.1 update could be a complete disaster. Thank you HTC for doing the right thing by taking responsibility, now make sure you get the resources in place to get this update rolled out as quickly with as much quality as possible.

  52. Either this is a fake memo, or HTC is so retarted that they can’t spell apologize correctly. APOLOGISE????? Last time I checked there is no S in apologize,

  53. Ok no problem I switch back to my iphone 3g.

  54. It’s nothing to do with htc sense or any other shit they are telling, it’s all about to make people buy latest phones to make extra money. If we can carry on getting updates free as long phone can take it thay are not selling (or making money)
    I placed an order for desire yesterday and going to cancle it because can not trust htc anymore and wait for iphone 4 which due soon.

  55. i with you @Lewis

    they haven’t done anything with the droid eris yet and im see all of these other phones getting updates

  56. @no more waiting

    I bet you are looking forward to multi-tasking that PhoneOS 4 is finally getting that Android had from day one. Oh wait, it’s not available to iPhone 3G users.

  57. @moises
    LOL! WebOS better than Android? That is funny. We see how well it has worked out for Palm. Why should it work out any better for HTC?

  58. @Branden Both are acceptable in British and American English, although ‘apologize’ is much more common in American English, and many British writers prefer ‘apologise’

  59. What about HTC Tattoo OS >1.5 release ? Its one year from launching the tattoo, still there is no updates from HTC Side. Are really HTC people worry about the customers ? ? ?

  60. @Levy what the rep gave you was the 2.1 bootleg that is out on the internet and rumored to have been released by Verizon to silence the masses.

    Here’s my take. I love my Eris. It does what I want it to do. All my favorite apps are constantly getting updated with improvements. My only want is 2.1 functionality. I want Google Goggles. I want Google Maps Turn By Turn Navigation. I definitely want anything to improve my phone’s performance. These are things that as I researched the phone excited me about the Android platform. I was also, as many of you are, lead to believe that I would receive the update to allow me to use these features.

    I am as frustrated as the majority of you, but here’s the bottom line. Technology changes all the time. The Eris/Hero/G1 was outdated as soon as you walked out of the store with no guarantee of an upgrade only an as of now false promise. How do you think iPhone users felt when the 3G was released not to mention next year’s upgrade. At least we have phones that are fully customizable and have the ability to upgrade storage without buying a brand new phone.

    Everyone’s hot on the Nexus One and the Incredible, but guess what, in two months there will be a better phone that can do things no one dreamed a phone could do. Sure they could update your phone, but they could also just frustrate you into buying a newer one for less money than a massive OTA upgrade.

    Just be happy with what you have, and when your upgrade eligibility comes around, get a better phone. Be forewarned though, a better phone will always be around the corner.

  61. @Dean After months waiting for that damn update (I prefer no multitasking than outdated).

  62. There is no way it’s official….

  63. @Frankie

    When I bought my Hero last October, htc had announced that they would release an OS update to 1.6 before Christmas.

    So YES. There was a schedule for OS updates when I bought my phone, and htc have not stuck to it.

    @anonymous… and anyone else who dislikes Sense

    Last October, base Android had no social network integration, no multi-touch, no Exchange support, and no Flash. The Hero did.

    So anyone who would like to argue that you should buy a phone with a less capable OS because it says “Google” on the back… I’m happy for you to reply.

  64. @no more waiting
    But the real point should be that the Hero of today (Android 1.5 with Sensue UI) is still a heck of a lot better than the PhoneOS of today. The Hero is still an awesome phone. The Sense UI is still amazing. I am sure 2.1 will be even better, but their wasn’t a lot of room for improvement in the first place.

  65. HTC you better have 2.2 by June…shit

  66. We Hero owners needed HTC to be a responsible entity – they are not – they can’t even post their well overdue “apology” on their website and pretend like they care – at some point they will need us to continue buying their products – won’t be me lining up – pay back is a b**** – but sweet – hope the ITC takes HTC out of the game!

  67. What the fuck, HTC? This is such fucking bullshit.

  68. YOU Buy a Phone, when YOU buy a phone, YOU pay the hardware and the software, YOU receive updates to YOUR phone software, but YOU want more YOU want new software sow YOUR phone stays more actuall, but are YOU paying HTC for that? NOW! So YOU don’t have to wait for new software, isn’t YOUR phone good anymore for YOU? than buy another with better hardware and software to the mesure.

    People expect to have a Windows 7 on a Pentium II?

    If the Android 2.1 cames to Hero than YOU should be Happy but do YOU really need to Upgrade?

  69. Im gonna sell my htc- I never gonna buy any htc phone anymore – htc sucks. They arent able to make updates in time. IPhone sucks too. But has all new feature on market.

  70. i bought my hero only after i found out that there was supposed to be an update for it. ever since i got my hero i have been waiting for the update. its already been pushed back twice since i got it. whos to blame tho my cell phone company (TELUS) HTC or is it a problem with Google??

  71. HTC wants to sell phones with new versions of android OS.
    Promises or not promises of upgrades doesn’t matter.
    As usual, these upgrades only work when hardware and software come from the same place, like iPhone, of course.
    I should have known.Joao, HTC hero owner, Portugal

  72. @Alberto – It’s not so much we’re cross that we haven’t GOT the update, it’s that we have been promised it since last year and HTC have remained largely silent about WHY they have pushed the date back (to my count) five times.

    There are many apps which do not run on the 1.5 we have. We were not told that we would skip 1.6 (which would run these apps) and skip straight to 2.1. That never happened. In the meantime, the 1.6 has been rolled out to many other phones, and they are enjoying the apps. We, Hero users, who bought into an award-winning phone, seem to have been forgotten about.

    HTC have really dropped the ball on this and I, for one, have lost faith in them.

    Don’t think I beleive the ‘apology’ from HTC.

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