Apr 23rd, 2010

The phone-to-phone live video app Knocking has reached one million users in the four months since its launch, a growth curve three times that of FourSquare and Gowalla. While services like Qik already have a strong hold on live video streaming from a smartphone, Knocking carves out a niche in the form of phone-to-phone private streams. The streams even work cross platform, meaning an Android user can set up a live video stream with an iPhone user.

Knocking 1M user chart

It seems Knocking users are coming up with some creative uses for the service, as well. It is catching on in the deaf community as a way for communicating via sign language over a mobile handset as demonstrated in the video below (you’ll have to excuse the iPhone):

And how about using knocking to create a homemade Predator drone? Pretty cool.

Impressive stuff, and particularly given the current selection of smartphones available really isn’t set up to take complete advantage of the type of service Knocking offers and the fact the Knocking currently operates only as a one-way stream. If user growth is that tremendous without front-facing cameras, just imagine the growth in the userbase of Knocking Live Video and Qik once the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC EVO 4G, and even the iPhone 4/HD hit the market and two-way video is implemented. Is Marty McFly’s futuristic world of video calls and hover-boards finally becoming a reality? I’ll wait for the hover-boards to make a final judgement.

Full press release:

Knocking Live Video™ Casts One Million Users in Just Four Months

The only 3G phone-to-phone live video app sees viral growth faster than Twitter and FourSquare.

Danbury, CT —April 23, 2010 — Knocking Live Video, the first ever 3G phone-to-phone cross platform live video streaming app today announced that it hit one million users on April 1, 2010 exactly four months after the app’s launch. As Knocking’s user base and adoption rate experiences explosive growth, individuals and communities are finding innovative ways to incorporate the app into their daily lives.

Explosive Growth:
In addition to gaining 1 million users in just 121 days, Knocking has shared over 917,000 video sessions in just three weeks since the launch of version 1.2, which allows cross-platform video sessions between Android and iPhone devices. The average knock lasts over one minute, with users sharing over 50,000 video sessions per day. In an average 24-hour period, Knocking shares over 38 days worth of live video.

“Building a community one million strong in such a short period of time is a testament to Knocking’s usefulness, unrivaled popularity, and position in the market” said Brian Meehan, lead developer and co-founder of Knocking Live Video. “As the only 3G, phone-to-phone streaming video app, Knocking’s completely viral. We add around 13,000 new users a day on word-of-mouth alone.”

Unique Uses:
In addition to keeping in touch with family and friends, users are finding amazing ways to utilize the app. Matt Klusza, a hearing-impaired iPhone user, has become an advocate for Knocking, using the app to communicate using sign-language and share moments live with friends and family.

“We keep hearing more and more unique uses of our application from our Knocking community,” explains Jim Montalto, co-founder of Knocking Live Video. “Whether it’s the deaf community, doctors, military families, real estate agents – you name it – they’re all finding that sharing video live from phone-to-phone can change lives.”

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