Android Development Around the Globe: MOTODEV Interview with Jose Angel


In ramping up for the upcoming MOTODEV Summit, which will consist of a series of events throughout Latin America, Randy Ksar of the MOTODEV team recently sat down for a chat with one of the founders of the Google Technology User Group (GTUG) Mexico City and, Jose Angel. The full podcast is posted over on the Motorola Developer Blog, and it provides some insight into the upcoming MOTODEV Summit as well as Jose Angel’s take on being a part of the global Android developer community.


While many readers may be unfamiliar with Android development and the strong community surrounding it, the podcast is definitely worth a listen if not to only get a sense of the truly global nature of Android. Jose Angel’s GTUG Mexico City is currently the 10th most popular in the world, and in this interview he shares a little about being involved in Android as well as his favorite Android apps.

Any readers from Latin America plan to attend one of the summit sessions?

[via MOTODEV Blog]

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  1. I’ll go to the one in Mexico City, I’m hoping they give me a new moto dext (cliq) XD

  2. Free the Milestone bootloader Motorola!!!

  3. where bouts in latin america

  4. would the developer sessions be avail on youtube..?

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