MOTODEV Summit Heads to Latin America


Are you an Android developer living in Latin America? Heck, even if you aren’t from Latin America you may not want miss out on a series of talks and seminars focused on application development for Android. The dates are fast approaching, but you can still register for the time being, so get to it if you fancy a trip to one of three locations throughout Latin America where you will get hands-on time with the latest Motorola Android devices and a wealth of information regarding app development and marketing.


The dates and locations:

  • Mexico City, Mexico – April 27, 2010
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – April 30, 2010
  • São Paulo, Brazil – May 5, 2010

Head over to the MOTODEV Summit page for more info and to register.

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  1. They’re coming to my country (Argentina)!!!!

    Yaaaayy! Even though I’m not a developer I won’t be missing this event! Here I come :D :D :D

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