Facebook App Updates, Adds Inbox Support


While you can register many complaints about Facebook’s native Android app, the fact that new message and friend request notifications bumped you to the mobile Facebook site is high up on my list of reasons why the app just missed the mark. Now Facebook, amid all of their site announcements and updates over the past week, has released an updated version of Facebook for Android featuring — you guessed it — inbox support.


They eliminated the option to open up your phone’s camera for snapping and uploading pics to your Facebook profile (I don’t see it being missed very much) in order to add room for the Inbox icon, and you now have direct access to all of your messages (sent and received) and page updates. A big improvement for sure.

A warning: some users are reporting the new update has been force-closing on many devices. So far I have not experienced this issue, but we will keep you updated.

[Thanks to Jake for the heads up!]

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  1. Oh, by the way the camera app link is now next to the status “What’s on your mind?” bar.

  2. Once i updated the Facebook app, my phone would always foreclose the app so had to delete and reinstall! Motorola cliq xt

  3. When will they add chatting??

  4. i cant wait till they add the functionality of the iphone one… its annoying that developers do this, another example of this is pandora

  5. @Josh – probably in 2012.

    @Kevin K. – you’re welcome ;)

  6. @Mitchell: Once i updated the Facebook app, my phone would always foreclose the app so had to delete and reinstall!

    RANT: “Foreclose” is what happens when you stop paying down the mortgage for your house. “Force close” is when your Android app suddenly quits and you see an error message.

    One of the market reviews of the Facebook upgrade uses the word “foreclosuring.”


  7. It only forcecloses when I try to go the the “home” page of the FB app.
    No inbox for me.

  8. still long way to go

  9. hmmm… multitouch works on photos

  10. What they really need is an easier way to view events. One of the great reasons for having a smartphone is being able to look up addresses on the fly.

  11. Yes, the facebork app is pretty much a turd compared to the iphone app. Very disappointing.

  12. seeems to work well on MT3G

  13. The question is after removing and re-installing did the app behave properly or still force close?



  15. Upgraded on my Eris. Received the “Sorry”, [force close]. Uninstalled. Reinstalled. Worked until I wanted to go to the home screen. Now it doesn’t work.

  16. Works perfectly for me. Know why? NEXUS ONE BITCHES!! Upgrade!!

  17. @Josh: They don’t need to add Facebook Chat, because it doesn’t work on the website, nevermind putting it on a sub-par official app. Ebuddy does Facebook Chat though

  18. Works perfectly for me. Know why? NEXUS ONE TROLLS!! Upgrade!!

  19. mine works fine…no force closes at , using the droid eris

  20. for now I just go to to get a better experience

  21. Do notifications work? I haven’t used the official app in ages because it never let me know when someone wrote on my wall, commented on my status, replied to a comment, etc. Facebook Mobile has (annoyingly) been what I use to do all my facebooking.

  22. For those getting FC’s, just open the facebook in landscape mode. It works fine after doing that on my cliq. Hope that helps.

  23. great, now add events!

  24. Same question as Josh, when are they going to add chatting? Also why can’t we choose latest posts???

  25. Installed it and now it force closes on Telus HTC Hero. Re instaled to no avail

  26. Installed it on my Eris and it worked fine until I tried to hit the back button. Force closed and refused to re-open. Uninstalled and the same problems occurred.

  27. The problem with Facebook is that they still think Android sucks..

  28. Are they still doing this out of spite for Google? I mean seriously it begins to look bad on them as devs for not being able to build a good app.

  29. I upgraded and it partially worked. I was getting connection refused issues on a lot of the features. I could view the list of my friends though. I rolled back the update.

    running htc hero with damageless rom.

  30. Can’t even log in on Moto Droid since updating to new version. Had to uninstall update.

  31. How does this work for Droid? The app is preinstalled, which means that it doesn’t show as an app in the market that can be installed/uninstalled. Is there going to be a push?

  32. I installed the update and now it force closes every time i open the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it still force closes.PLEASE HELP!

  33. I just did a reinstall most everything works. Looks like they’ve added the ability to view photos instead of signing in through the mobile site. very cool

  34. The updated for the facebook app doesn’t show up in the download part of the store if your phone came pre-installed with it (N1).

    I haven’t had an issue with it crashing yet. Still missing events and gestures(finger swipe) for picture navigation. Still 3rd, maybe 4th, in terms of quality for the android version of facebook. iPhone is #1, webOS #2. Not sure if there is a winMo version and I don’t know if the blackberry app is any good.

  35. They pushed a second update today, and it works fine now.

  36. damn, it was force closing on the eris if you updated earlier in the day but they put out another update that works…NICE WORK!

  37. Still crashing even after the 2nd update today on my hero

  38. they released a 3rd update its working for me fine on my hero

  39. They didn’t eliminate the option to open your camera directly. It is the icon next to updating your status. :P They still need more upgrades like customization and looking at stuff without being directed to the mobile page!

  40. We want chat!

  41. progress is good people

  42. The TRUE update to this app will be when it WILL NOT open up the web browser to view things.

    Its so annoying that this app does that, i use the app to PREVENT using the web browser, not to use it WITH the app.

    i hate to say it, BUT the iPhone facebook app is 100 times better.

  43. Still think the app addressbook with their facebook plugin is the best out there. It eliminates all my “mafiawars” friends and only includes updates from people in my contact list. I can reply to them, review their photos, post my own all through the app “addressbook” made by asurion. Install that, then the facebook plugin and it will update all your facebook photos as contact photos and then you can decide how you want to be notified of new facebook msgs. Still my favorite app on android!!

  44. I like the pinch and zoom on photos but where is photo tagging?!

  45. The application is a big problem. After picking up the first few notifications, it stops receiving them altogether. It’s an application in serious need of improvement.

  46. I just use the FB Touch link in the browser – it works like a charm, and doesn’t take up any app space!

  47. New update fixed the FCs on my Hero :)

  48. Very impressed that they added multi-touch on photos. Did not expect that at all. good job facebook

  49. hmmm.. that would help me. Was wounding how they missed that.

  50. can someone please compare the news feed they see on the app with what they see on the site? I’m getting completely different results.

  51. Who owns this app? I noticed that the Facebook page for the app says “Welcome to the home of the official Facebook for Android application”, but also “This application was not developed by Facebook”.

  52. Anybody having a problem opening pictures in the news feed?

  53. Still a crappy app…

  54. After updates, the Facebook Widget no longer working.

    Back to default one.

  55. I don’t know if this always worked, but when you tap on a photo in a post, it takes you to the photo viewer IN the app, rather than the mobile web page. That always bugged me, and it’s nice to see it working.

    Now, if they only could get swipe to work for moving from one image to the next.

  56. I have always gotten different results when using any facebook app. Using or just always give me everything I need. I am not sure why anyone would want to use the lame apps that are out there.

  57. Lovely, they removed the only ability I had to post pics to FB from my MT3G. The take photo button was the only way my phone would successfully upload pics.

  58. As others have stated the photo button is not gone only moved next to the “what’s on your mind” bar and if you get the force close screen choose “wait” and give it a little longer and it will finally work.

    Working great now on my G1, the inbox is a welcome addition! Looks like some small cosmetic changes all over though.

  59. Come on way behind. After using iPhone for so long this app still sucks

  60. Facebook force closes eveerytime it tries to log in. N1 Froyo 2.2

  61. I tOtaly Hate the new UpdaTe for facebook android, when I open my notificatons it takes me to the computer page mode…and that sucks big time..=(

  62. Is it possible to “like” a photo with this new update..?

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