Apr 23rd, 2010

While you can register many complaints about Facebook’s native Android app, the fact that new message and friend request notifications bumped you to the mobile Facebook site is high up on my list of reasons why the app just missed the mark. Now Facebook, amid all of their site announcements and updates over the past week, has released an updated version of Facebook for Android featuring — you guessed it — inbox support.


They eliminated the option to open up your phone’s camera for snapping and uploading pics to your Facebook profile (I don’t see it being missed very much) in order to add room for the Inbox icon, and you now have direct access to all of your messages (sent and received) and page updates. A big improvement for sure.

A warning: some users are reporting the new update has been force-closing on many devices. So far I have not experienced this issue, but we will keep you updated.

[Thanks to Jake for the heads up!]