Apr 21st, 2010

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has received a lot of heat for its lack of multi-touch support. It is widely believe that it just plain isn’t possible using the X10’s combination of software and hardware. Yesterday we learned that updates planned for the X10 may provide a workaround that will enable multi-touch-like features without actually being multi-touch, but the below video seems to indicate that somehow this is already possible.

I almost want to say he is just pretending to use multi-touch as Google Maps looks like it zooms in for him with a single finger swipe as well. Any X10 users who can shed some light on this video? Skip to around 6:50 if you don’t want to watch this guy play with his X10 in eery silence for six minutes:

[UPDATE]: In response to the speculation as to whether or not the X10 will ever receive multi-touch, Eric de Kort of Sony Ericsson gave this succinct statement:

“Multi-touch will not be a feature in future updates for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 because the device does not support multi-touch due to her software and hardware configuration. The operation and user experience of the phone will be further improved and Sony Ericsson will come with her own intuitive way of, for example, zooming in and out.”

I guess that settles that once and for all.

[via se-nse blog, IntoMobile]

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