Droid Incredible Does TV Out [Video]


Here is a quick video showing off the HTC Incredible’s TV out feature. Through a special USB-to-composite video adaptor any image on the Incredible’s screen can be transmitted to a television set. This includes applications and videos. Pretty nifty feature, but I am much more enticed by the HDMI video out that will feature on the EVO 4G.

[via Wirefly]

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  1. Will this cable work for a nexus one or desire?

  2. That is awesome. It’s going to be a very long time before a Canadian carrier gets something like this though. We just go the sony X10. I’m cautiously optimistic we get something on the “superphone” level.

  3. Be careful about mentioning the EVO 4G and Incredible at the same time. Many people are rabidly fixed to the illusion that the Incredible is indeed the one and only answer to their prayers…and they don’t want to be awakened from their trance! Okay…just taking a cheap shot for fun…tee hee hee! (I bet I this comment will get some posts generated! Release the hounds!

  4. If its usb to composite would it work with other android phones also?? seems like its possible

  5. All this talk about the 4G EVO… I just want to know when the Sprint network became an attractive option?

  6. All this talk about the EVO 4G… I just want to know when the Sprint network became an attractive option?

  7. That is very awesome. Needs a longer cable though. Interested to see something like Replica Island would be very entertaining on a huge screen.

  8. Sprint and Verizon has a roaming agreement. So if sprints service is not available it will roam over to Verizon and vice versa.

  9. It is to bad that getting a movie onto the phone is so painful, hopefully they will ad some new codecs soon.. This could be a great feature for travel or family, to be able to display video or pictures without the need for a laptop or a DVD player.

  10. Sprint became attractive once they went 4G.

  11. @ DJ Lance Rock

    Sprint’s network is a fantastic option for the Superphone. The plan that you must get has free roaming on it so we get the fantastic price of Sprint with the FREE coverage of Verizon. Win/Win!!

  12. Sprint also became an interesting option when they offered free roaming on Verizon network, not to mentioning offering cheaper plans than Verizon.

  13. @DJ Lance Rock, it’s been attractive since they improved their customer service, offering consumers the best plans, and not to mention their voice and data coverage second only to Verizon(while voice and data roaming is included).

  14. Sprint hasn’t let me down. TMo had worse reception, and slower transfers. My gf is always missing calls and texts from people, she still has TMo.

  15. I have Tmo and I never have reception problems or dropped calls missed or anything of the like.this is something that happens with every network there are some spots you just cant get a signal and its every network.Anyways even with 4G Sprints speed will still be slower then Tmos new high speed connections which will be 3X faster then sprints 4G.

  16. Sprint became the network to be on when Dan Hesse took over and implemented free mobile to mobile on any network, 4g, free roaming on Verizon, for 30% less than Verizon and ATT. And now Sprint has the Evo, the most powerful phone on the planet. The question is, why are you sticking with the Incredible and Verizon? I can’t begin to fathom that choice.

  17. Garet,

    Please never type again because you haven’t got a clue what you are talking about. Unless you have been into the future, you make yourself look stupid talking about what speed is gonna be faster when it isn’t even out yet.

  18. Ok. Not as cool as HDMI on the Evo, but just enough to convince me to stay with Verizon…for now.

  19. Do you think this cable can be used on Nexus One or on HTC Desire ?They have almost the same hardware…..And why not maybe also on other Android phones :D ?

  20. Will this cable work with the N1? if not what the hell is google waiting for to make one

  21. Psst, myTouch3G does t.v. out, too. Has for a while. so what.

  22. That’s interesting, would love to know if it’d work w/other Android phones… But most of the time if I wanna go thru the trouble of hooking up something to the TV to play back video I’d just take my netbook (higher res anyway). The EVO’s mini-HDMI is definitely more attractive.

    Sprint customers may roam on VZW’s network but if you roam too much they have the right to drop you as a customer. They do have excellent plans tho, not quite as cheap as TMo but free mobile to mobile (ANYONE’s mobile) makes up for it imo. 4G’s enticing but only if you live anywhere near where they’re first deploying it…

    Otherwize VZW and AT&T still have better overall coverage and/or faster speeds (AT&T’s actually great mostly anywhere outside of NYC and SF :p ).

  23. Problem I see with this is having to run off of battery. If your usb port is taken up with a video cable no way to charge or run off A/C?

  24. :) The next blow for people locked into their view that Sprint su@ks will come when the EVO 4G is actually released and the reviews tell it like it is! Ding Ding Ding…keep all blows above the belt! :)

  25. @Dave and A2 swehes: Are you two messing with me? Does Sprint really offer free roaming on Verizon’s network? Why would anyone stay with Verizon? I feel like I’m not hearing the whole story… I’m just asking. Thanks for the anymore info you can provide.

  26. @DJ Rock

    Its true, if you are a sprint customer you roam on verizons network whereever there are towers. So just in case you are in the middle of nowhere and sprints signal is spotty, you will just tap into verizons network (given that is wherever you are) and grab ahold of their signals. Thats why there isn’t much complaining about sprints signal nowadays like it was in years past.

  27. Ok, this is funny, Android spin just posted this saying it’s HDMI and 720p. Jump to conclusions much? http://bit.ly/bZzoGM

  28. sprint only roams verizon VOICE service though, you can’t 3g roam :( but again and like it will always be, it depends how coverage is WHERE YOU LIVE in the mid west, sprint is the way to go as they have loaded 3g all over it, but people in NY and cali may not prefer sprint and i don’t blaim them, i feel i am just lucky enough to live in dallas area and go to school at OU so i get amazing full bars wherever i go and will have the EVO when it comes out…

  29. I got really excited for a second when I read abt the free Verizon roaming. The excitement died down quickly when I took a look at Sprints maps and noticed that in my area Sprint’s data coverage is only “nationwide”. Nationwide data speeds are 50-70 kbps (both download and upload speeds). Here’s what I’m looking at
    Sprints Coverage (select data) —> http://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp
    Speeds —> http://shop.sprint.com/en/stores/popups/compare_data_speeds_popup.shtml

  30. Forgot to make my point! Verizon’s speeds are double Sprints Nationwide network speeds (or close). I can’t justify having a rocking smartphone and having to be on Sprint’s nationwide data network most of the time.
    Soooo for the ppl who’ve been talking about great coverage, you should really try full disclosure. Sprint’s Nationwide data speeds suuuuuck. I know you hate Verizon but you’re going to end up screwing someone who just blindly believes what you’re saying….

  31. @treefq, I’m also concerned about the need to use the mini usb port for the tv connection. I was hoping that the TV out would be through the aux jack. The battery is going to get murdered if you can’t have it on a charge while using the TV out…. I’m pretty disappointed with this part of the design.

  32. Thanks for the info everyone. One last question. What happens to Sprint customers when Verizon rolls over to LTE? Sprint chose to go WiMax. Will that roaming agreement end?

  33. THAT is why it’s called incredible!

  34. freature?

  35. @DJ – if voice is the only thing that works on roaming it will most likely continue.
    @swazedahustla – Sprint is going to offer a Max speeds (Theoretical) of 10-12 Mbits/s with their Wimax 4G. T-mobile is software upgrading their current 3G network to HSPA+ and will be able to reach (Theoretically) a max speed of 21 Mbits/s. Here is a guy who tested it on Youtube. Current phones for T-mobile will not be able to get up to those speeds, however they will easier be able to reach better speeds than what they currently area reaching. I like the speedtest performed below. T-mobile will be able to reach all their customers as soon as they have completed their upgrade vs Sprint’s Wimax coverage through Clearwire. The only thing that is keeping me to actually choose Sprint over T-mobile is that Sprint is going to get the EVO and T-mobile still doesn’t have an extremely exceptional Android phone yet. I would go with T-mobile if something like the EVO with the HSPA+ chipset came out.
    As for LGE it is the way to go if you can. T-mobile, if they go with LGE, it would work awesome in Europe as that is where LGE will be in majority as well. No wimax there.

  36. This function has full screen output so everything that you see on the device display is also duplicated on the output display. From the demo’s I’ve seen of the EVO, the HDMI out only allows the display of video files, recorded video from the EVO, and images. Is the video out function of the Incredible also available on other Android phones via USB? The EVO has HDMI out capability, but does it also have the video out functionality of the Incredible via USB?

  37. Also Verizon has 2 bands 850 and 1900. Sprint phones have 1900 radios. So they can roam on to Verizon. BUT… Verizon does not always have both frequencies in an area. In some areas its 1900 and 850 and in some areas its one or the other. So don’t just assume that you will have coverage when a VZ phone does.

  38. kwest12 is another idiot who has no idea what he is talking about.

  39. The tv out cable has a port to plug in the charging cable at the same time. Other HTC WindowsMobile phones (Touch Pro?) have had this feature already for a while and now coming to Android.

  40. @swazedahustla I think you are the one who has no idea whats going on I am just stated what is the truth Tmo is upgrading their lines while 4G is a new system read the post by swehes here he explains it better.And there are areas for t-mo that already have this service and have the greater speeds.

  41. @swazedahustla, thanks for being mature and explaining what you think I said that’s incorrect instead of trolling.
    Sarcasm aside, please explain why you think I’m wrong: I’m in the market for a new phone and I haven’t ruled out waiting for the EVO. If I’m wrong about the Nationwide Sprint network offering low data speeds please correct me.
    If you are just here to troll, I’d suggest you take a look at the BGR (boygeniusreport). They have many more users who are just there to troll and you can even become a popular troll if you work hard enough and get enough people to give you the thumbs up on your posts. Just sayin…

  42. kwest12 When Sprint is finished towards the end of the year with their upgrades they will have the second fastest network,T-mobile will be fastest,But the others at&t as well as Verizon will be upgrading theirs also just isnt going to be done this yr.

  43. @kwest12

    Definately not a troll, but what is there to explain. Look at your blanket statement. You said “Sprints Nationwide data suuuuuccccccckkkkks.” I mean what factual information is actually presented in that statement that could be presented for debate.

    Like I said before, when you can show me that you are presently getting those speeds TODAY, then you get no argument from me. Also once you can SHOW me that you are getting faster speeds from a phone not even out yet, then again you get no argument from me. Anything else is purely speculation because the real speeds that are legit would only come from being done on a network with alot of traffic on it because that would be a real life everyday situation. I dont wanna hear nothing about peaks on a network coming from someones lab.

  44. @garet & swazedahustla, my comment about the Nationwide data sucking was based on the speeds provided here: http://shop.sprint.com/en/stores/popups/compare_data_speeds_popup.shtml
    It says that you’ll be getting data speeds of 50-70 kbps on the Nationwide network. The Sprint Mobile Broadband network gives MUCH better speeds obviously. My understanding is that if you can’t get the Mobile Broadband network though, and only have access to the Nationwide network, you’ll be stuck getting 50-70 kbps (at least until it’s updated).
    Verizon’s EV-DO typically will give you speeds around 1 mbps down and 400 or 500 up. Here’s the issue I see: If you are covered by the Sprint Nationwide network (and you aren’t covered by the Spring Mobile Broadband Network), your phone will not be roaming on Verizon and won’t get the much faster EV-DO coverage Verizon has.
    Is my analysis of the situation accurate? If so, then I think I have the right to say that the Spring Nationwide data network sucks (in terms of speed). Also, if my analysis is correct, then all the info about being able to roam on Verizon’s network seems fairly misleading, if you don’t point out what I just did.
    If my analysis of the situation isn’t correct, please explain it to me. Thanks.

  45. kwest12 here is a link about the evo on sprint it might help you out some the link you gave isnt to informative or gives you a map to show which areas get what.My friends have sprint heros and dont have a problem with slow data.I dont think you can roam onto Verizons data when roaming.

  46. @Kwest12

    Your analysis is correct bro, don’t bother wasting your time with swazedahustla. He’s clearly a troll who has nothing better to do.

    Anyways thanks for the analysis, I’m also on the verge of switching carriers for the Evo but those nationwide speeds kind of scare me off if they don’t vastly improve.

  47. @garet, thanks for the link, but it really doesn’t address the issue I brought up originally in post #29. (You’ll have to scroll down and select the data map.) Just look around to see where is covered by the broadband network and where is covered only by the nationwide network. If you’re somewhere that has only the nationwide data network and doesn’t have the broadband data network, you’re gonna get data speeds of between 50 and 70 kbps. That’s just flat out slow.
    Your friend most likely is somewhere that is covered by Spring Broadband data network, in which case he would have solid speeds. You’ve got to go to those links I posted in post #29 to understand what I’m talking about though.

  48. kwest12 I get what your saying so it depends on where you are at who has the best service by you here is a site for dead areas all service

  49. @kwest12

    Ok in your situation you are in some remote location so I guess for you it sucks. But the majority of the us is covered on the ev_do rev a network with excellent speeds, so your statement should have been “sprints nationwide data sucks for me”. Majority of us dont have that problem.

  50. The whole thing about Sprint using Verizon’s network is half the story. If you receive absolutely no signal from Sprint, THEN the phone will tap into Verizon’s network, BUT if you have one or two bars with Sprint, then you are stuck with Sprint and NOT Verizon. :)

  51. @Cristobal; 100% correct. That is what I’ve been trying to point out this entire time. Maybe saying it a different way will get the point across. Thanks.
    @garet, Correct; thanks for the map, I’ll check it out.
    @swazedahustla; I will admit that I’m not in a BIG city, but I wouldn’t call Jamestown, NY (or other small cities) “a remote location.” (Pull up population numbers if you wish).
    I’m also not sure how valid your statements are regarding the number of ppl who are actually covered by Sprint’s BROADBAND data network. Do you have data to support the assumption that most of the readers are covered by the Broadband network? Even if your assumption is correct, you still seem to be ruling out the “few” of us who could be misled by incomplete information.
    Additionally, you still seem to be clinging to the idea that Sprints Nationwide data network is acceptable for some. I don’t think you’ll find to many people telling you that getting 50-70 kbps down/up is acceptable. Sprints Broadband network is much much better, but they are two separate things. Broadband data network isn’t the same thing as the Nationwide data network. Again, I’ll refer you to Sprint’s map, and the links in my first post.

  52. @kwest12

    OK, going simply off the map that you provided, the majority of the coverage area’s on the map are Dark Green which represents sprints Broadband coverage. I don’t have data that breaks down how many people have either coverage, but just judging from the map there is atleast 75% of it in dark green. So I would assume that would constitute a majority. I personally cannot speak for someone who gets the Nationwide data as opposed to broadband because in every city I have lived (Chicago, VA, Maryland, Alabama) I have always had broadband.

    As far as the few being misled, well thats what research is for. You obviously did it before making any decisions so I would only assume anyone thinking about making a change would do so as well. Im not here to call anyone right or wrong as I don’t work for any carrier. My only thing was the blanket statement you made earlier, which you have sense qualified with facts so I don’t disagree with anything you put out. I was only speaking on your generalization that could be misconstrued as misleading to anyone who takes things literally. Thats all.

  53. I carry two phones. One from my job. The other for myself. One’s on Sprint, the other on Verizon. All the guys touting Sprint’s free roaming to mean you get the best of both worlds are misinformed. Too many times while indoors, my sprint phone’s reception flat out sucks, and drops while my VZ signal rocks. And yes, I’m in a major city. And yes, I travel a lot for my job and see the same thing over and over again.

    Enjoy your awesome EVO, because it WILL be an awesome phone, but don’t think that those sticking with verizon and getting an Incredible are idiots cuz that’s just ignorant. A few more ticks on your phone’s stat sheet doesn’t mean your experience will be so much more superior to others

  54. @swazedahustla

    Kwest shut you down, you was arrogant at first now you sound like a little girl. Shout out to kwest, way to hold it down!!!

  55. Does this funtion with a Samsumg Moment with android OS.

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