Xperia X10 Will See Major and Minor Updates Later this Year


The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has seen a mixed reception since its release. Some have had praises for the device, while others have been turned off by the lack of multi-touch support, the UI the phone employs, and the presence of Android 1.6 rather than 2.1. Thankfully word is out that the X10 should be seeing some minor updates to correct some of the issues with the phone, as well as one major update (Android 2.1?).


Harold de Kort, the Communications Manager at Sony Ericsson, told Mobile Phone Helpdesk that the tweaks and improvements should be hitting the X10 later this year. I would venture to guess they would like to have the fresh software on their smartphone before (and if) it drops on AT&T come late summer.

The updates won’t be able to correct multi-touch support, as that limitation goes much deeper than mere software and actually lies in the hardware the X10 is running, but according to de Kort the updates will implement a workaround. How this workaround will add benefits of multi-touch without actually being multi-touch is anyone’s guess. Good news for X10 users? We sure hope so.

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  1. I sure hope that SE makes this phone out of pure gold and adds a “walk on water” feature before they release it in the US considering how much they put us through waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Otherwise…*yawn*.

    That bus has left the depot.

  2. What…..a disaster!

  3. Ok. I am in the software business. Also used to be in the telecom business. I understand the complexity of software development. But my question is, why can one guy reverse engineer a rom for on phone and get it going (almost except a couple bugs) for another phone in his spare time quicker then the big companies can get a rock solid rom going and keep the Android platform consistent. I am stuck with a Rogers 1.5 HTC Magic. No word since January 2010 as to when we get 2.1. There are plenty of ROMs that mostly work with 2.1 if I want to run the risk of bricking my phone.

    And here is yet another phone being release with 1.6 with a promise of 2.1 in the future. At least it is not 1.5

  4. I had high hopes, but unless they use Atmel mxt224 (please) or Synaptics 3000 (at the very least) I can’t see myself getting this and boy did I want one, what a shame. Throw in 2.1 as well and for the love of profit just get to market already. They’ll be lucky to capture any market share even if they do fix all that just on timing alone, they dropped the ball.

  5. This phone took to long to come out and it already is behind. It had potential but better phones are coming out in the US even before this one (Evo, Galaxy S etc). This phone is already old and it isn’t out yet.

  6. I for one really like my X10 despite the lack if MT :)
    I went from my DREAMy old friend.


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