Skyfire Browser for Android in Beta


Still haven’t found the perfect browser fit for you and your Android phone? Another in the form of Skyfire is on its way, but why wait when you can get it now. The folks over at XDA have managed to get ahold of a leaked copy of the Skyfire Browser for Android in beta, and are hosting it for anyone who wants to download it and give it a spin.


Skyfire is nothing new to Windows Mobile or Symbian users, and it has been in the pipeline for Android for quite some time now. Skyfire supports all major Web 2.0 standard, including Ajax, Javascript, and Flash 10. Pretty impressive for a mobile browser. (Well, you won’t be able to use the Flash 10 part yet.)

You can get more info over at XDA. Let us know if you try it out in the comments below!

[via XDA Developers]

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  1. no multi-touch?!! hmmm seems a little quicker than the stock browser

  2. Only functions as a basic web browser at this point. No video.

    This used to be my main browser on my old WinMo phone. Used it to watch Hulu and live streaming sports.

  3. FC on Droid everytime. It runs on G1 though. Not impressed. Stick with xscope and opera browsers now.

  4. This beta was restricted by an NDA. Whoever leaked it is violating the NDA they had to sign.

  5. I use that on an old ipaq flashed with a wm6.5 rom and its awesome. Not the fastest browser, but the whole having flash 10 makes up for what it lacks in speed. Its great, i get to say a device from 2005 can do 3 things that the iphone 3gs cant. 1. Customise homescreen,multitask and flash. Hope it comes to android soon (even though i don’t have an android phone yet).

  6. Have installed on my milestone and uninstalled already, xscope is far superior and has pinch zoom functionality.

    Used to play with skyfire on my old xperia x1 but preferred opera, if you’ve not tired xscope on android give it a go – it’s my benchmark browser and skyfire doesn’t beat it.

  7. Have tried it and uninstalled it.

    My browser benchmark is xScope – best browser I’ve come across on Android by far and Skyfire with no pinch zoom doesn’t beat it yet.

    Have to say during my old winmo xperia x1 days tried skyfire as well but again didn;t beat opera for me.

    Maybe flash support will change this but for now i’m sticking with xScope

  8. No! I don’t want WinMo and Symbian ugliness to spoil my Android experience!

  9. It is NOT a beta. Maybe alpha or something. Not impressive at all runs on G1. I will stick with xscope and opera browsers until something better comes out

  10. The tab system is very similar to mobile safari. No pinch-zoom is kind of a game killer at this point. It took long enough to get it in the stock browser. I don’t want to give that up now.

    Settings is in a really odd location. It’s a icon on the browser bar. It’s in a really rough state. It could be nice but there are a few things they need to clean up. It looks better than dolphin browser.

  11. Nothing but force closes on Nexus running CM 5.0.6.

  12. This beta is so lame, no pinch zoom or flash.

  13. i’m really happy this with – for the time being, at least, i’ve replaced dolphin with this as my default browser. i really only use my browser for reading news sites…

  14. This was the best WinMo browser by a mile. It will be interesting to see if they can keep up that track record on Android.

    I think the Android browsers war is a stalemate until someone releases a browser (Fennec?) that supports a plug-in (like Xmarks) that syncs bookmarks and passwords into a cloud-based account. That will be winning feature.

  15. Nothin special. Don’t waste your storage.

  16. It’s not beta, it’s alpha and Skyfire has already explained that this release is hobbled and is not for public use yet. They even had XDA close the thread.

  17. !!!!!No flash cause it was disabled cause this was leaked.!!!!!!!!!

  18. I just downloaded N installed on my Nexus.. Its very basic but fast. It’s nothing to complained about because its in alpha or beta or w.e.. lol.. Flash enable would have been nice though..

  19. FC’s on cm 506 N1 laaame

  20. I just tried it and unistalled it. I agree with the xscope users; it is the best alternative to the stock browser so far. But, if Opera mini gets pinch to zoom, it will be hard to beat because it is not a data hog like any other browser that you can install. (The damn iPhone’s opera mini has pinch to zoom)

  21. XDA thieves at it again

  22. The official skyfire browser 2.0 available on there site but I can’t download. Nor can I find it on the market. Anybody else having this problem. I have sprint HTC hero

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