MyTouch 3G Slide Shows Its Specs


We have seen plenty of images of the myTouch 3G Slide over the past few weeks, but little was known about the internals of this T-Mobile exclusive. A source in possession of the phone has shed some light on this issue, giving us our first real idea of where this phone sits. The myTouch 3G Slide will ship with the following under the hood:

  • A 600 MHz ARM processor,
  • 512MB RAM,
  • 512MB on-board storage,
  • A 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash.
  • An 8GB MicroSD card included in the box,
  • Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense UI and multi-touch support

Aside from the processor, the specs aren’t all that bad, with 512 MB of RAM and a 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash. As expected it doesn’t match up to the upcoming Android powerhouses of the Droid Incredible, HTC EVO 4G, and Samsung Galaxy S, but it should make up a decent mid-range Android offering. Absent due to the lower processor speed will be Live Wallpaper support, but chances are if you’re in the market for this phone that won’t be a deal breaker.


The phone will come with Swype installed as the default soft-keyboard (and if you know me, you know I’ll gush sweet nothings about Swype for hours if you get me started), as well as a large selection of media-driven T-Mobile apps, including a streaming music service in the vein of Pandora. That sounds about right, as a phone with these specs and this form-factor will no doubt be marketed to the younger, style-over-function crowd rather than the die-hard tech types.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. This processor means no flash correct?

  2. i wonder when is the mytouch3g 1.2 getting 2.1.

  3. I would like to see the physical keyboard on it.

  4. It better be at $99 or lower on contract, otherwise there are better spec’d phones for slightly more money.

  5. Also wonder how it compare to the Motorola Droid

  6. The 600mhz proc isn’t a deal breaker at the right price. As in this better not be $200 on contract.

  7. I don’t understand why htc hasn’t released a motorola milestone competitor ie a high spec 2.1 phone with a keyboard. It’s the obvious gap in their portfolio.
    I guess we must now wait until q4 Xmas phones

  8. I just upgraded to the desire because the processor on my old magic was just way to slow. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is the same processor ….?

    Worrying thought that they are going to sell this is a new phone

  9. I’m still waiting on at least Androind 2.0 for my first gen myTouch 3g. I know it’s not gonna happen…

    I’m jumping ship to the EVO.

  10. I read a rumor from leakdroid that this will be coming out with the 1ghz instead of the 600 mhz.

  11. This is barely better than the 2 year old G1. This phone will be woefully underpowered by the time the contract is up if you buy one.

  12. @swehes You have to remember the 600 Mhz processor in the Magic/MyTouch slide is a qualcomm unit and the one in the Droid is a TI OMAP. Both use similar Cortex A8 cores but that’s where it ends. The OMAP in the Droid has a better overall design as a SoC than the Qualcomm unit and it also has a dedicated GPU that the Qualcomm unit lacks as well.

  13. Isn’t the screen 3,5 inch? I think this is worth mentioning.

  14. How does intend on competing with crap like this.the only phone that almost had it was the hd2 but it has windows. I’m toooo cheap and not stoopid enough to purchase from verizon. They have the hotest devices. Now sprint has a game changer on the way supersonic/evo!! What is a long time tmobiel customer with nocontract todo when we get crap phones like this. The bar is set at 1mhz why the hell are they coming out with a 600 mhz phone?why? Why tmobile? Are you guys not watching what’s going on with the sales of other phones from other carriers??

  15. How does *tmobile intend………

  16. yea, the processor is a serious deal breaker for me.

    I bought a Motorola Cliq, nice device, but i feel like throwing it out the window everytime lag occurs.

    I’m using a rooted G1 now, the lag isn’t as horrible as the Cliq, but its still there since the processor sucks ass.

    I would of gotten this if it was 1GHZ, or enough to support flash (which none of the phones i own now will get). I guess I’m not the targeted customer for this, the keyboard is nice, i always welcome physical keyboards, but i guess i will have to wait for a beastly phone on T-Mobile(who knows when that’ll happen)and give up the physical keyboard for some awesome specs.

  17. I think you guys all seem to be way too focused on the crazy good, high end mobiles. As you say, the market is being flooded with high quality Android high end phones, but not as much in the middle ground. For mobile operators, as much money is made in the middle and low ends as in the high end. This phone probably isn’t meant for you.

  18. suck that phone!

  19. My question is, When is Tmobile going to offer better Android phones. They were first to offer the Android OS phone and last to be up to date! Big Red is coming out with all the BD @SS phones! Sprint follows. and At&t well they just plain suck! Maybe Tmo is really going to go under. Besides there good plans and excellent service they need to step it up on there phones!

  20. Yeah i agree that theree needs to be a middle ground for these phones. I guess T-Mobile is just stuck with that responsibility since they are fourth place. I just really wish they could get a super high end phone, but it probably wont happen for a while. I have been a tmo customer for a long time, but this summer is looking to be a good one. New iphones, htc evo, verizons new droid. decisions decisions…

  21. Those are boring specs

  22. Whoever tmobile has as a buyer needs to be fired. I’m cool with them having some low priced phones, but at least give us one high end phone (one that’s not windows). I have watched as my g1 has become more and more outdated and now what do they do, get a phone that is only slightly better. I think it’s time for me to go to sprint and feel a little evo love. Maybe in 2 years when my sprint contract is up they will be offering something that will bring me back, but at this rate they will probably be getting their first snapdragon phone around that time.

  23. LOL, What else could you expect from teeny-mobile. This phone should have come out about a year ago. Oh well.

  24. What most of you don’t realize is the fact that most people aren’t tech geeks like the majority of us that follow smartphone news sites. And, most of them will be more focused on asthetics rather than processor speed and gagetry. That’s why the iPhone was and still is so popular. T-Mobile is well known for supporting and carrying this type of phone. Take the SideKick, for instance.

  25. Dan Grover,
    You may be correct about the lucrative nature of mid-grade phones. But T-Mo only has mid-grade (or less) Android phones. Isn’t it time T-Mo also offers a high-end Android phone too?

  26. Huh, wait, I’m missing something. I have the n900. Monster phone, great device, same proc as the n900. I think it’s a great move. Get your mytouch line in the business with a solid performer. I have the HD2…I can’t trust that phone to be stable for a single day. at least with Android and Maemo + blackberry, I have a pretty good lineup of phones to use.

  27. Does anyone know what the screen rez is?

  28. @sergio.. it doesn’t matter this phone will be mid level trash. Or I would call it below level trash. All the other companies are stepping their game up. It just seems as though tmobile just wants to get and keep the non phone savy customers. What about me and the rest of the phone techies. We want something like evo and the incredible. No the hd2 doesn’t count simply because it has WINDOWs!!ewwww gross!

  29. @ Smith- Wow just wow. It pains me to see such ignorance. Not only are you terribly misguided but you also seem to have a problem with “reading” as the article clearly states the phone comes preloaded with android 2.1

  30. LMAO @ myself- It seems it is I who has a problem with “reading”. I clearly misread your comment dude. I just lost it when I “thought” I read “I wonder when this mytouch will get 2.1” Anyway my apologies. Self-powned!

  31. I have a G1, and I gotta say, this isn’t that impressive. Ok, yeah the screen size, camera upgrade along with the memory jump are good selling points, but they jusy aren’t stacking up. Yes, it will have 2.1, but that STILL won’t support flash because of the tiny processor, which is really up on the wants list for all Android owners. I would get the phone simply to upgrade from the G1, which was good, but its like playing and NES when the PS3 is out. It just better be decently priced for what were getting. I’d pay no more than $129 with upgrade or contract.

  32. hi i did look at the specs and there is a flash

  33. So kick the carrier who keeps the competition honest. T-Mobile keeps the service up the signal pumping and the competition scrambling for cool @55 phones to keep you hoping as there service sucks. Even Big (H)red as someone called them is losing ground to the Bit T. Only Carrier to beat T-Mobile on the 3G market was AT(PU)&T. T-Mobile made the right choice service over gadgets. No one says they have better prices than Big T. They can’t. Take them with midrange phones and all but leave them and you will regret it all the way to the bank…

  34. Guys this a sweet phone! I have used it and the ARM processor is super-fast! It might not be 1Ghz but I really could not notice any lag! And I was trying! And it does support flash!!!! It comes preloaded ont he phone! Suck on that all of you that dished out a bunch of cash to get a faster processor you can’t really do anything with! Ill be watching hulu while you can do everything else with your fast processor…

  35. Samsung Vibrant. There’s your high end tmobile device. I’ve played with it and it’s awesome!

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