RunKeeper Sprints Into the Android Market


One of the latest apps to make the migration over to the Android Market from the land of iPhone exclusive apps is RunKeeper, an exercise tracking application that has been well-received on the iPhone platform. Android already has a decent selection of these apps — my up-to-now personal favorite being CardioTrainer — but RunKeeper is a welcome addition.

The free version currently available in the market only runs on Android 2.x devices, and will track all the basics such as pace, distance, and time, and provide GPS map tracking. Signing up for a RunKeeper account provides the added functionality of online synchronization of your daily exercise for long-term tracking of progress and goals.

runkeeper nexusone

If you are coming from an iPhone to Android, this means you can pick up right where you left off in your training by entering your account credentials into the Android app. A “Pro” paid version is expected in the near future that should add voice and audio alerts for pace and distance travelled.

I haven’t had a chance to take this one for a spin out on the roads, but plan to get some use out of it later this evening. Any runner’s out there have their own preferences for workout-related apps? Let us know in the comments.


[via jkOnTheRun, RunKeeper Blog]

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  1. QR code please.. It makes it a lot easier to pull up the app.

  2. This app looks pretty cool. I like to use ‘Running Calc’ for doing all my running related calculations. It works like a champ!

  3. Craig – Yes, that Running Calc is awesome… I am so dumb at figuring out my pace, etc so it’s really helpful! And it gives me an idea for what kind of time I will get for distances I haven’t done yet.

  4. Will this app work if I run on a treadmill? I just got the all-clear from the doctor to resume running, but he said to start off easy (read: on the treadmill and not in the heat outside).

  5. So I’m on 2.1 and this is definitely not showing up in my Market. Any suggestions?

  6. It doesn’t have voice notification. My Droid is too heavy to comfortably carry in my hand or on my wrist while running and is hard to read in the sunlight, so it won’t give me much help gauging my pace. I think I’ll stick with SportyPal for now.

  7. @Joshua Munoz

    Are you running a custom rom or on a small cell carrier?

    I have the new nexus one(ATT 3g version) and some apps don’t appear on the market like WHERE as the market hasn’t fully updated to recognize my phone version.

  8. The list of cool apps not available on the Legend and Desire grows every day it seems. Get your act together, HTC and Google!

  9. @Joshua

    Guessing you’re a proud owner of a Desire?

    I’m having the same problem and there seems to be others out there.

    Anyways, the guys at Runkeeper are aware of it and, I hope, they’re working on it.

  10. I also use CardioTrainer and love it. I had Runkeeper on my iPhone before and was ok, but CardioTrainer just blew my mind. It has way more features and is free!

  11. It’s not on the market for me either – what handset do you have Joshua?

    I suspect its the same issue that is annoying me no end and that is a terrible screw up by Google. Reposting an earlier comment:

    As a developer considering projects for when my current contract is up, Android development is high on my list. However, being unable to access many apps on my Desire, including ones I bought on my old Hero, makes me think twice. I’m deeply disappointed in the copy protection limitation that is hitting us legitimate Android users, especially as pirates don’t have this issue. It’s not just Desire owners either, many new EU phones (and possibly elsewhere) can’t purchase or even see copy protected apps in the market because Google are taking months to authorise the firmware.

  12. I searched on the Icredible…nothing.
    I searched on the Hero…nothing.
    I searched on the G1…and there it is. Why is this ONLY available for 1.6? That’s only 31% of the devices out there.

  13. Its on mine…just downloaded. Doesnt give you a lot of the options that the iphone version does. For instance you cant create workouts but i guess its the first day of the app so i will let it slide. The fact taht it saves your data online is a welcome feature so you dont lose it all cough cough cardio trainer.

  14. For those of you that cannot find the app in the market, you may need to edit your build.prop file. I was having the same issue when I loaded the unreleased 2.1 firmware that was leaked. A simple edit of the build.prop file fixed my issue. All apps show up now when before they didn’t.

  15. What do u have to change in the build.prop file?

  16. I’ve got a Desire too, you’d think HTC & Google would have this nonsense straightened out before the release of a new phone & OS.

  17. I use My tracks. It’s pretty good, but they should add a bit more functionality. You can for example upload your run, biketrip whatever it is to your google account so that you get every run in a nice excel sheet where you can easily see how many km you’ve done this week, month, year…

    However, it should be an option so that it uploads it automatically.

    I havent really tried anything else. Is cardio better?

  18. breon said “Why is this ONLY available for 1.6? That’s only 31% of the devices out there.”

    Shut up you gimp, I bet you haven’t had sex in 100% of your life.

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