Droid Incredible Pre-Order is ON!


Quentyn just gave you a run down of reviews from across the interwebs of the new Droid Incredible by HTC for Verizon, and I thought it was worth mentioning that the pre-order is now live at the Verizon site. Click the link to reserve yours for $199.99 on a 2-year contract.


As an aside: I wonder why the Droid Incredible seen in the various unboxing and review videos sports no DROID branding on the box. It simply says HTC Incredible. This seems to be the case within the phones software as well. Wonder if this will see a change by the time the retail versions hit.

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  1. I ordered mine at 7 AM EST this morning! Can’t wait for it to come in!

  2. I want to pre-order mine, but I still need my current phone with AT&T(iPhone) to keep working until I actually receive it in the mail. Does anyone know how it works? Will Verizon cancel my service once I submit the preorder?

  3. Just a headsup – the one year contract price is $229. Something to think about instead of locking oneself up in a two year contract.

  4. Sorry for my earlier post- I think that is a corporate discount. When I use my corporate discount link it shows up as 229. Otherwise its 269.

  5. Ordered mine at 8:23am EST

  6. @branon, I will get the one year contract price also. Good point.

  7. @branon – Where did you get that info? VZW generally charges 70.00 extra for one year pricing.

  8. @ Andrew
    When I switched from AT&T to Verizon (to get the Touch Pro 2) Verizon keeps your AT&T service going until your phone is activated. What I did, since I had a family plan, was they gave my family their phones and ordered my TP2. Then, they gave me a free phone to use for 2 weeks until my TP2 came in.

  9. I started my order slightly after midnight Eastern time last night. I got finished and then watched all the reviews that had been pent up. I didn’t think they had shipped our review devices. The internet kept it pretty quiet surprisingly.

  10. I pre-ordered my incredible this morning and was wondering if I would still be able to access my Yahoo email account?

  11. Question for early adopters: Is VZW charging for voice, texts and data all separately. I heard that texts may be a separate fee (aka isn’t included in the $30 unlimited data). Can anyone tell me if that’s true or not? Thanks.

  12. Ordered at 7:00 this morning. Is it next Thursday yet?

  13. Kwest12, that is true 30.00 for data, std voice package starting at around 40.00 and text starting from 250/5.00 and going up to Unlimited/20.00

  14. SMS fees are definitely separate from data charges. Voice, SMS, and Data are all separate components, and are all priced separately.

  15. I decided to go with the 2 year pricing although i got corp discount such that 1 year is only $30 more. I figured if I do 1 year I’ll be chasing phones forever!

  16. done and done… where’s the fastforward to 4/29?

  17. @kwest12 – Verizon has two types of Nationwide plans…their “Talk” and “Talk and Text” plans. You can go with a “Talk and Text” plan and your unlimited msgs are included in the monthly rate. Otherwise, if you’re not a HUGE texter, you can go with the slightly cheaper “Talk” plan and pay a separate fee for messaging ($10/mo for 500 msgs to anyone and unlimited VZW to VZW). Data is always separate. Go on their website and play around with plan options…that what I did.

  18. There site must be getting crushed. I have been trying to add a line for over an hour.

  19. @sean/TRG — Thanks for the answer guys. I’m gonna go take a look at the website and see what I can come up with. Can’t wait for some Incredible in my life!

  20. So the camera DOES stick out? That sucks…

  21. The website was very slow earlier … got a chance when I got home …. much better now. Anyone care to guesstimate just how many got ordered pre-sale and opening day?

  22. I ordered mine online today…I am VERY excited. no really I am… haven’t been excited about a gadget for a long time.

  23. Pre-ordered! See ya, AT&T!!

  24. it seemed like such a steal to get the phone for $150 after my new every 2, its my first step into the smart phone world and i think i made a great choice, i almost feel a little overwhelmed with all the hype and anticipation for an electronic device…

  25. Pre ordered mines @ best buy this past Sunday.. first one @ that store.

  26. haha seems like alot of people are leaving at&t for verizon. i did too. should i make a vid of the horrible things that will happen to my iphone on the 29th?

  27. does anybody know how to get this at the 2 year price if im already on contract? i got a 2 yr when the droid came out but ended up selling my droid last month. now I am using a regular flip phone. should I add a new line and transfer my number to that phone and then close my other line? i dunno

  28. Just read the phonearena review of the Incredible and now I am fully convince those guys are iphone/att fan boys. Every positive comment was followed by “but” or some slide comment. Nit-picking at it’s best. Listed cons were uninspiring design, cheap feel and no headphones. Seriously after that extensive of an review that is all you can paraphase? Sounds like those boys are running scared. See you all on the 29th. Heck ya!

  29. I’m with Verizon and when I pre-ordered online, I saved $100 and because I was eligible for my 2 year upgrade, I saved ANOTHER $100. Total price only $99!!!!!

  30. Everyone should check and see if they have a corporate discount or student discount through their company or school. I pre-ordered mine originally through Best Buy, but returned and canceled when I discovered that I could do a 1 year contract and only pay $229 for the phone with my corporate discount online.

    You have to pay a $35 activation fee, but my opinion a 1 year contract for just $75 more total is worth it. I can switch companies or stay at 1 year. If a new phone comes out on another carrier like T-mobile I want, I have the freedom to switch. That freedom is well worth it to me.

  31. I already have a contract with Verizon, but I don’t hit the 20 month mark until November. Shouldn’t I be able to tack on an additional 2 years for the discount? I can’t seem to be able to do this on the website, though I recall doing it in the past.

  32. hey guys.. i pre ordered my incredible on the 19th at 9am est… it showed up today FED EX!!!! i have it 9 days early!!! did this happen with anyone else?!?!?

  33. I preordered the incredible on the 19 and now it says on verizon’s site that any smart phone ordered with a 2 year contract will receive a free phone. Does this count for the preorders? I went to the site and acted like I was ordering another incredible and it showed that you would get the blackberry pearl. Will all of us get a blackberry too or is this just for “NEW” customers?

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