Even More MyTouch Slide Pics


Earlier today Quentyn brought some images posted through TmoNews to your attention, and it looks like the folks over there have got their hands on a few more. This time they have some shots of the black color scheme for the Slide, and the device is looking pretty good.

Highlighted in the images is the new UI the MyTouch Slide will be sporting, which was confirmed to be the same as the leaked Espresso ROM from January with the addition of HTC Sense functionality.


Head over to TmoNews for the rest.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. Hopefully it will have the hardware to backup that snazzy UI.

  2. This sure looks like the Samsung Moment to me….

  3. it looks interesting.

  4. hmmm if people are knocking the moment then i’d say this will be a flop too

  5. sadly it will only have a 600MHz processor. and not much more RAM than the MT3G did to start. very very bad move on tmobiles part. they could have had the supersonic or desire. but no, they wanted cheap crap android phones……

  6. @mal

    What T-Mo should have gone after is the Samsung Galaxy S. I need to find something on T-Mo to replace my Nexus One. Talk about a “cheap crap Android phone”!

  7. @COVERT…

    IT won’t flop because HTC makes quality product… Moment is horrible .. it’s like Samsung didn’t care.

  8. @Jerry

    The Moment does have it’s bugs, like every phone before and after it, but it feels much more solid and better quality than the some of HTC’s phones. I love HTC and I am totally gonna check the MyTouchSlide out for sure but the Moment is already a much nicer phone hardware wise than most other Android phones available. And the software is just fine, no better or worse than the other 1.5 phones. (Mytouch, G1, Cliq) When 2.1 comes out, the Moment will surely be one of the top players that offers an actual physical keyboard.

  9. This phone does look very simular to the Moment. Hardware wise, the Moment is a very solid phone. Unfortunately it was plagued by bugs on the software side. I cancelled my Sprint/Moment plan within one week of owning it. Hello Droid.

  10. Getting either the galaxy s or the evo4g in oct. Sry T-Mo this is to little to late.

  11. It needs to have the number keys as primary keys in a 5th row at the top.

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