Apr 15th, 2010

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen recently told Fox Business that Flash 10.1 should be coming to Android sometime in the second half of the year. We had expected to see 10.1 makes its way to Android phones sooner, but it seems Adobe will hold good on their word after failing to produce a beta of the platform running on Android at last year’s MAX Conference.


Straight from the horses mouth:

“We have a number of excited partners who are working aggressively with us to bring Flash to their devices, whether they be smartphones as well as handsets, and so companies like Google or RIM or Palm are going to be releasing versions of Flash on smartphones and tablets in the second half of the year.”

Android won’t be the only breed of smartphone to receiving full Flash support, and it is no surprise that Apple is missing from the list after becoming embroiled in a battle over Flash support on iPhone.

The bad news is Flash 10.1 won’t be getting any love on older handsets, as at a bare minimum phones taking advantage of Flash will require an ARM Cortex-A8 processor. Droid and Nexus One owners are covered, and this shouldn’t be an issue for upcoming handsets, but those who do not own one of these devices will be left without full Flash support.

[via Android and Me]