Apr 19th, 2010

An FCC filing dug up today by someone with a lot more time on their hands than me points to a separate version of the Dell Mini 5 (or Streak if you prefer) headed to the WCDMA bands of T-Mobile. The filing is for a model of the Mini 5 approved for the T-Mo-specific WCDMA band IV. Filings are already in place for a Mini 5 approved for AT&T, so it appears Dell will be attempting to reach more consumers by distributing its tablet/phone through several carriers.


Of course, this filing remains in the realm of speculation for now, and speculate we will! Several unknown factors remain, including whether or not a Mini on T-Mobile would be available subsidized on a plan or for a bit heftier of a price sans contract. There is no word on whether the Android Market and unsigned apps will appear unscathed on the T-Mo variant (or the AT&T one for that matter). Also left for speculation is whether or not the Dell Mini 5 is a phone or a tablet or both.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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