Dell Mini 5 Coming to T-Mobile?


An FCC filing dug up today by someone with a lot more time on their hands than me points to a separate version of the Dell Mini 5 (or Streak if you prefer) headed to the WCDMA bands of T-Mobile. The filing is for a model of the Mini 5 approved for the T-Mo-specific WCDMA band IV. Filings are already in place for a Mini 5 approved for AT&T, so it appears Dell will be attempting to reach more consumers by distributing its tablet/phone through several carriers.


Of course, this filing remains in the realm of speculation for now, and speculate we will! Several unknown factors remain, including whether or not a Mini on T-Mobile would be available subsidized on a plan or for a bit heftier of a price sans contract. There is no word on whether the Android Market and unsigned apps will appear unscathed on the T-Mo variant (or the AT&T one for that matter). Also left for speculation is whether or not the Dell Mini 5 is a phone or a tablet or both.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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  1. Now this news could have possibly slowed down my jump back to Verizon from T-Mo had it come earlier and been more solid. T-Mo just didn’t look like they were ever gonna get anything worthwhile for more of a power user. But in the end I think the network difference would win out anyway.

  2. I’m salivating at the thought of this thing landing on T-Mo.

  3. I WILL wait for this, but if the device is ridiculously big to the point where i look like a fool talking on it, i will have to pass. The specs will be nice though.

  4. t-mobile service is getting bigger and better every week it seems. I made the switch simply because at&t didn’t work at my house which made my 3gs useless. T-mobile has the most amazing customer service, best phone selection and their rates kill the competitors. As soon as they get any android tablet device on their network you better believe ill have at least one.

  5. It definitely seems like AT&T will be the first carrier to have it subsidized. There has been a few mentions of AT&T, and none of t-mobile. However, we have known for a while that t-mobile is going to have it. http://androidforums.com/dell-mini-5/54667-what-we-know-about-dell-mini-5-a.html If it does get subsidized by t-mobile I might get it instead of the HTC EVO. It really depends on how big of a difference the screen size makes.

  6. Very Nice…

  7. I believe there’s big potential in T-Mo. Personally, any GSM network will always be better than a CDMA network like Spring or Verizon. The fact that I can switch phones without having to go to my phone company makes me feel very free.

  8. Tablet? I’m 6’4 w/big hands.

    Hell, this would be a phone for me.

  9. There comes a point when all the leaks/cameos drag on way too long. This is the case with the Mini 5. Yea I’ll buy one…but the wait is just a bit absurd at this point. Dell should try to keep things under wraps until they get closer to launch. Same goes for Sony Ericsson.

  10. Gimme bluetooth headset support and I don’t want to hold it to my head. Looking forward to upgrading to a tablet cellphone.

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