Apr 15th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:21 pm

Usually, when a phone makes an appearance in a CelleBrite system, it spells good things. We get excited for an eventual leakage of more information and begin our journey of waiting months for whoever the culprit is to just admit the existence of the device.

This isn’t the case here.

thumb_550_Sprint Nexus One CelleBrite

AndroidCentral is reporting that Twitter user RedWhiteAndJew snapped a recent picture of Sprint’s CelleBrite system which clearly shows the Nexus One amongst the list of phones supported. Sounds like a confirmation – that is until you see that the HTC HD2 is listed, as well.

Unless we just got confirmation of two distinct devices headed to Sprint, I wouldn’t get worked up over this just yet. CelleBrite systems usually don’t tell a clear story as they sometimes house phones that are not supported or sold by the carrier. I could be wrong – which is why I’m not saying that the Nexus One isn’t absolutely on its way to Sprint soon – but don’t be surprised (or get upset) if it turns out that a Sprint-compatible Nexus One is still a long way off.

[Update]: We understand Sprint’s already announced they’ll be getting the Nexus One. We’re just questioning whether or not it means it’ll be coming “soon”. Reason being is that the HTC HD2 – which has not even been rumored to be going to Sprint – also appears in the CelleBrite system.

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