DROID Incredible by HTC April 29 Release Officially Confirmed


There has been a ton of speculation about the release date of the HTC Incredible. A leak last week from Best Buy indicated the phone would be available on April 29th, and now it looks like that staging site we just told you about has updated to confirm this fact. And it looks like the Incredible will be getting a slight Droid re-brand after all. “The next chapter in the Droid saga begins April 29th.”


So there you have it: the Droid Incredible by HTC. No more speculating, no more hoping, and just a little more waiting. Of course, Verizon could always end up delaying/changing this date at any time up until an official announcement, but that isn’t looking very likely. I, for one, am quite stoked.

UPDATE: It appears Verizon has password protected the staging site, and it is no longer accessible to the general public.

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  1. w00t!!!

  2. I’d like to introduce you to my newest paper weight, the LG Voyager.

  3. Anyone notice the “Droid Incredible” name? How long has that name been tossed around the Official HTC Incredible thread?

  4. Nice!!!

  5. Omg the droid eris is on steriods!!!!

  6. ahhh…pretty damn close to an official release date. Now we are talking!

  7. I am retiring my crapberry forever

  8. Hm, Droid Incredible sounds better than HTC Incredible :)

    I wish LG would launch Android smartphones like this one.

  9. Funny, I don’t actually see this on the VErizon site in the US… Is this actually live?

  10. ITS NOW OFFICIAL….My wife told me to go ahead and take the day off on the 29th lmao. So if you are in Houston please stay out of my way on the morning of the 29th lol.

  11. Thank Good I still have my 4 more days to return my moto droid and activate my roomies old phone and Upgrade on the 29th !!!! SCORE!

  12. @bhangzee – This is a apparently a staging or testing site and probably not supposed to be live. I would not be surprised to see it taken down at some point. But I’m pretty sure the real live site would go up soon afterwards.

  13. I think this is great. I have the droid. would any of you upgrade? The only thing I would like to kow is the display going to be as sharp as the droid?

  14. I think this is great. I have the droid. would any of you upgrade? The only thing I would like to know is the display going to be as sharp as the droid?

  15. so so nice

  16. Yeah, bye windows mobile at the end of may. Sadly I have to wait that long before I can do an early upgrade, but that gives time too for reviews which I am sure will be great. Can’t wait.

  17. They protected the page. /sadpanda

  18. Well that site is now prompting for login, so much for that!

  19. leave it to Verizon to give a beautiful device the most RETARDED NAME EVER. the “droid” line SHOULD have ended at the motorola Droid. not the “HTC DROID ERIS” god they are just plain retarded

  20. Now this here is some phenomenal news. First that the Incredible will be released on April 29th. The next is that Verizon is going with the Droid branding!!! YES! Droid, Droid Eris, Droid Incredible… SWEET. This makes me happy!

  21. I’m with ya Paul, had my Voyager since it came out, will be replaced by a Droid Incredible – So long N1 hope – Google you missed out –

    HTC Incredible Is Droid Incredible, Will Launch With Verizon April 29th [Android]
    from Gizmodo by Kat Hannaford
    Click here to read HTC Incredible Is Droid Incredible, Will Launch With Verizon April 29th
    Ooh, this is something unexpected. That Incredible phone that’s been knocking around for months now will be part of the Droid line-up, launching with Verizon Wireless on April 29th. More »

  22. @Jeff, the sharpness may not be there as the Droid has a slightly higher resolution. But the screen will be gorgeous. Better screen, faster processor, Sense UI, internal memory, better camera, no physical keyboard to come open (you can go either way on that).

  23. How will this measure up to the Nexus One. Is it even worth waiting for the Nexus One at this point?

  24. Thank you Jesus…

  25. Nice. I was thinking Droid Incredible is starting to sound good. Plus the Incredible looks testosterone pumped like the Droid too. It’s like someone took a Nexus and the Droid and made them one :)

  26. @colby that could be the most retarded thing to complain about i’ve ever heard

  27. Plus Droid name is a smart smart move by Verizon…they have a lot of marketing value in the Droid namesake.

  28. @ jay, don’t bother for the N1 now.. this thing is comparable to the EVO, all it is missing is a 4.3 screen, 4g HDMI out but the rest is there for sure so go with this and NOT the n1 if you wanna stay verizon

  29. and, here we go again:
    “UPDATE: It appears Verizon has password protected the staging site, and it is no longer accessible to the general public.”
    VZ needs to get their act together. What a sht-show of a release.

  30. I would like to see a Nexus 1 vs HTC Incredible face off.

    Only downside i see to the incredible is the Sense UI and its typically long waits for software updates (ie iris)

  31. I have read that Sense UI can be turned off on the Incredible…what is the resolution on the droid compared to what it will be on the Incredible? And are the bottom keys on the Incredible hard keys or touch like the Nexus? If they are touch I hope they worked out those touch issues that the Nexus was experiencing..This looks like a great phone

  32. 95% sure I want this my contract been up since feb I’m itching for a phone. Just wondering what extras gonna be in VZW’s N1???

  33. I know something better is going to come out as soon as I get this phone, but I can’t wait any longer, my contract ends soon, my birthday is coming up soon, and I want a new toy so unless something magically just drops out of the air before my contract ends I’m getting this phone

  34. I thought the back of the phone was red.

  35. Finally, my enV2 can go away!!!

  36. I need to know, I’ve never owned a smartphone before, and plan on being a casual user, would this be a little much for a first smartphone?

  37. @shamus “Finally, my enV2 can go away!!!”

    i’m right there with ya!

  38. I work for Best Buy AND my contract it up 04/16. My life is pretty awesome right now. Can’t waaaaaait!

  39. Well, so much for the Nexus One. You snooze you lose.

  40. I called Verizon yesterday to have my wifes calls forwarded to am extra line (she lost her Devour already) and I asked the lady if they knew of a release date for the phone. She said she never heard of it, but she looked it up and said all she could see was that it would be released by end of month.

  41. What……..its still not an iphone

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