Verizon Acknowledges HTC Incredible On The Way


We’ve seen the HTC Incredible in numerous pictures, inventory systems and pretty much everywhere else you could imagine. That being said, Verizon has yet to “officially” admit the phone exists, and even if they had (cough Nexus One cough), that’s no guarantee a launch is imminent.

But Verizon CLEARLY knows people are dying for the Incredible and – on their Verizon Offers Twitter Page – they even acknowledge the phone by name, saying it’s coming soon in two different tweets:



Every day we seem to be inching closer to an official launch, but unfortunately, we might still have a few feet to go. Lots of juicy rumors but no hard evidence and, worst of all for the anxious, no concrete price or date. We’ll keep you posted.

[Gearlog via Giz]

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  1. These are carefully worded as to technically not officially acknowledge them.. ‘can’t say much about…’ and ‘does seem to be in demand’ says they’re hearing customers talk about them, not necessarily that they have them.

  2. they didn’t acknowledge anything except that it’s in demand!

  3. It has been on the way since last fall.

  4. Is this another HTC not coming to Europe?

  5. Well this has pretty much become the target date for when the family moves back to Verizon. We’ve pretty much decided that we aren’t going to trust Tmo to increase their 3G coverage. So we worked out the price issues and now I’m just waiting to see what drops in the next month or 2.

  6. It will probably be a while yet.

  7. Verizon should think about renaming the Incredible, the device will be anything but “Incredible”. The Incredible is basically a Nexus One with a different suit. Sprints was going to launch a device similar to the Incredible, instead Sprint came out guns blazing with the EVO.

  8. I’m betting end of May is the target release date for the Incredible.

  9. When I went into the Verizon store on Friday, the rep stated he thought the Droid was the better phone. He didn’t directly say the Incredible was forthcoming, but that he thought the specs (as speculated) for the battery were better on the Droid. If this phone does come out on Verizon with even some of the upgraded specs as related to the N1, I’m in!

  10. I agree with you oneAwake. Unfortunately it looks like the best bet for VZW folks for a while. I mean, lets be honest, does anyone really expect a 4th gen iPhone to show up in summer. Answer: no.

  11. Actually the Incredible specs are more in line with the EVO with 6GB of ROM and 1GB of RAM except probably wont have 4G unless Verizon has a trick up their sleeves and HSPA+ which is way faster than that slow ass WIMAX. Also a slightly smaller screen.

  12. Just bring it to europe too, but if this involved with another US network, Europe will probably have to wait for a Evo spec type of phone from htc….

  13. I hope at the least that Verizon publishes some prices and final specs for the phone atleast that will eliminate all the guessing and rumors going around about the phone. Then we would know for sure it is a real phone and not just that a rumor.

  14. I’ve been waiting for the incredible for months now, but even with all the “in stock” news, phandroid reported that VZW has two new Droid ads. And the second twitter comment shows them pushing the Droid still. Apparently VZW is overstocked and overcommitted to the Droid.

  15. At any rate, even if it comes out, I’ll wait and see if it has the touchscreen BUG that the N1 has.

  16. And how’s the Droid a better phone? The form factor just kills me. I wouldn’t have one if it was free.

  17. The Incredible could be the only thing keeping me on Verizon after the Evo comes out. If the Incredible totally blows the Droid and Nexus One out of the water thats about all I would need to consider it good enough to stay. Otherwise Evo is calling my name!

  18. you may as well just concede and plan to get an Evo… the Incredible won’t blow anything out of the water… it will be an uglified version of the Nexus, but with VZW bloatware on it and probably some disabled features (such as tethering)… Don’t waste your time…

  19. mi canuck go back to Canada. Verizon doesnt cripple their phones. look at att they are taking features out of the phones left and right. Verizon gives you FREE hotspot with the palm pre and didnt disable one feature on nexus or droid. IDIOT! Not one vzw app was loaded on my droid

  20. @me : “Actually the Incredible specs are more in line with the EVO with 6GB of ROM and 1GB of RAM except probably wont have 4G unless Verizon has a trick up their sleeves and HSPA+ which is way faster than that slow ass WIMAX. Also a slightly smaller screen.”

    I know you probably like to believe what you’ve posted, it just doesn’t make it true. In fact, it isn’t true. I reiterate, the Incredible will basically be a Nexus One. Or, another device running Android 2.1 with very similar spec’s as the Nexus One.

  21. Tbreezy: In the past they have done just that. They would disable features they couldn’t monetize and they would put out smart phones with lower RAM than the same phone on other carriers. Whether or not they do that with the Incredible remains to be seen but it’s hardly unheard of.

    As far as giving tethering for free…it’s because 1) they weren’t selling and 2) anyone with half a brain knows you can tether for free with a third party app anyway.

    Keep on paying $100/month for what the rest of us get for $70. Some of us have more sense than money. Also we have 4G :)

  22. @jerbear
    You’re right, Verizon is rather expensive, but you get coverage too. I’m not going to generalize, but in some areas Sprint doesn’t have cell phone coverage at all, let alone 4G, whereas Verizon has coverage everywhere.

    I don’t want to go back in time and switch to Sprint and have coverage in “major cities” or “along the Interstate.” MK.

  23. @oneAwake what makes you such a know it all? How the hell do you know what is going to be come with the Incredible, I simply listed the “updated” rumored specs, thats all it is a RUMOR dipshit, but I also added some HOPEFUL speculation, if you didnt see that than you really are a DIPSHIT.

  24. @oneAwake
    update from another Android site from a few weeks ago……. “Update: The good thing about posting rumors is someone always calls you out on your mistakes. Apparently the Incredible is very near to release and several production models are floating around. You can still consider this a “rumor” but I’ve been told the RAM and ROM both received a significant boost. Early prototypes included only 256 MB RAM, but the latest revision has 1 GB RAM (just like the rumored Supersonic). I’ve also been told the CPU will do 1 GHz, but it throttles up and down just like every other Android phone.”

    Again its just a RUMOR so until facts are actually released EVERYTHING IS A RUMOR.

  25. Another posting on their twitter:
    “@thehometownhero We’d hate to see you leave Brian. Like we said, we do have new phones coming soon, enjoy:-)”

    What that really translates to, I don’t know. But it sounds good! (hopefully something good is coming)

  26. Is the Incredible in real, why aren’t there any other pics of this phone or advertising of this so call phone?

  27. The Incredible is real, and it will be out by the end of this month. There are several pre-release phones floating around and I’ve had one in my hands. It does have 1GB RAM and 6GB of ROM, it has the 1GHz processor, Android 2.1 out of the box, and it’s fit and finish is better than the Nexus One. I think you’ll find it’s a better phone overall than the Nexus One.

    According to reliable sources VZW has several Android powered phones hitting the streets at the end of this month, including the availability of the Nexus One.

  28. Just a heads up to those that don’t know, VZW customer service employees are totally kept in the dark when it comes to new phones. Generally, they don’t know about a new device until 1-3 days before it’s launch, at MOST.

    Believe me, the people that know when the new devices are coming aren’t the people answering the phones or answering your chat requests or emails.

    I wouldn’t read too much into CS Rep phrasing. You’ll see some alluding and double-speak, but it’s not because they are hiding something. It’s because they truly don’t know.

  29. @bigstew that makes sense. I sure hope for a Droid 2 this year. That Droooooid sounds just has to much of a ring to it. Also the Droid could be the phone that always comes out with the highest screen resolution. Sure hope big V doesn’t drop the Droid

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