Apr 15th, 2010

I woke up this morning and found something that made me smile (just like I did with these nice Korean Android commercials yesterday): an assortment of cool looking toys of our mascot. Aside from the usual all-green ‘droid with a  fist in the air we’ve become accustomed to, there were a good handful of unique – and creepy – takes on the iconic figure.


Eager to figure out where we could snatch some of these up for a giveaway, our own Rob Jackson contacted DKE Toys – a wholesale supplier – to see if we could purchase a few sets. The response was unfortunate:

I am sure most of you know already but if not, we did receive about 150 boxes but could barely satisfy the demand from our regular customers.

The one glimmer of hope we did extract, though, was that Google will be selling these toys themselves at some point.

While more of the toys will be made, Google will be the exclusive retailer from now on and there will be no more wholesale. If anything else develops or there are any changes I will email you all again.


So we missed out on the here and now, but thankfully Google will adopt these cute little creatures themselves to provide to the Android-loving faithful. I’m not sure if they’ll sell them separately or in the box collection pictured above, but I imagine we’ll soon see the fellas pop up at the Google Store where they sell a selection of different products with Google branding and style. We’ll be trying to get in contact with Google to see if they’ll grace us with a few sets of these to give away, and we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything about when and how they’ll be selling these in the near future.

Are you going to keep an eye out and purchase some of these for yourself? Jump on over to FoneHome for a comprehensive gallery of the Android army. Thanks to IntoMobile for spotting these little treasures.