Apr 15th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:21 pm

In 4 days, you can secure the HTC Droid Incredible (formerly the HTC Incredible) for yourself by preordering it online! We got our confirmation of a release date yesterday, but now you can feel that much better that you will for sure have your Droid Incredible paid for before it hits the streets.


We got our hands on a section of the official Launch Package recently that goes in-depth with the phone’s specs, features, and even what you’ll be getting inside the box. The contents aren’t too exciting, but at least we can confirm that you won’t be getting a microSD card with the phone itself (you can thank the whopping 8 gigs of internal storage for that one).

Version numbers, SKU numbers, and all types of numbers galore! They make me happy and they should make you happy. Keep your eyes peeled to Verizon’s site Monday, April 19th where we should see the pre-order form for this thing open for business. The only downside is that those 10 days leading up to the launch of the phone will feel slower than they’ve ever felt.

Be sure to head over to the Official HTC Incredible thread over at AndroidForums.com to thank Anonimac and the entire community for constantly bringing us Phanjoy!

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