Meizu M9 Coming With Android 2.1, M8 Gets An Android Makeover


Some unusual – but still very interesting – news dropped recently. Meizu, the company famous for making an iPhone clone to die for, is bringing out a handset that will sport a modified version of Android 2.1. Dubbed the Meizu M9, it’ll come equipped with 3 different types of keyboards but no other features (or initial specs) have been revealed.


CEO Jack Wong brings us this news but also drops a nice tidbit for M8 users: they’ll be getting Android 2.1, as well. The M8 will be used as a testing ground for the M9, apparently, but that’s particularly interesting – and somewhat impressive – since it’s my understanding that the Meizu M8 was designed to run Windows CE 6.0.

It’s not every day that an old Windows phone gets resurrected with official Android support from its manufacturer, so we’ll keep a close tab on how this pans out. I wonder if an HD2 could be stripped of its WinMo stripes and be granted the awesomeness that is Android.

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  1. iDroid?

  2. they are going to get sued by Apple if they release that, didn’t they hear that there is a patent for the iphone look? oh seems like they are going to get in trouble

  3. You can’t patent a look. They could copyright a look, but there is more than enough difference on this device to avoid that. They could fight for trademark infrindgement, but I think they would have a hard time proving to the courts that people may accidently buy this thinking they are getting an iPhone (which is the purpose of trademark).

    Ummm, the HTC Supersonic (EVO 4G) is an HD2 with a better camera and Android 2.1. Same screen, processor, memory, etc.

  4. I will be getting the HD2 because everyone knows the modding community won’t be able to resist putting Android on it. When they do, I will make the switch. XDA had a post not too long ago on this point, after someone asked about it on their forum. One of the moderators said that it is a possibility with a ;-). So… I am sure they are thinking about it if not already working on it. I now have a phone to look forward to from Tmob. there really aren’t any upcoming Androids on Tmob that tickle my pickle, so I hope the Modders are gettin busy. Thankyou in advance for my Android HD2 XDA!

  5. Well the Evo 4g and the hd2 are from the same company. Apple has gotten a patent on the look of the iPhone, so yeah their in for a law suit if its released with that look. But who cares about the iPhone, same look for every year, they need to come out with something new. And this phone who really give a crap, if its not coming in the states what’s the point in telling us, I’ll stick wit the evo 4g

  6. True about Evo and HD2… but both made by HTC, so what was the point being made there?

  7. woah! looks like the iphone

  8. Crapish!

  9. @5
    Another typical I live in the states nowhere else exists comment… Just because you live in the states does not mean you are the be all and end all of the world. The android community spreads across continents you know… Retarded comment.

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