HTC Cooking Up Their Latest Device, Wants You To Help Name It


The folks at HTC are already hard at work on another device in their labs (which I can only assume looks like a huge pile of epic) and the most difficult part of the process is to name it. On their Facebook page, they are asking users to vote on four different names they’ve already come up with: the HTC Jovi, Zeal, Wildfire, or Festi.


Pretty interesting – and it’s a nice little twist to their naming practices – to see what will come of this. Of course, being a Phandroid, my first thoughts are “OMG NEW ANDROID 2.1!” but we can’t jump the gun in this case. Personally, I wouldn’t mind an “HTC Jovi” with a very heavy music-centric aura. Think: myTouch 3G Fender Edition, except you don’t get the ugly woodgrain finish and instead you get a revamped media experience on Sense 2.1

Wishful thinking, as always. What do you guys think? Is HTC slapping Android on another high-end handset or could it be something totally different? What name would – or did – you vote for and why? Place your thoughts into that magical comment box below.

[Image and story courtesy of Engadget]

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  1. I like the wildfire sounds like htc is on fire with theses new phones but where is the moto-split and the motor shadow news because if what I heard is true and its looking like it HTC will make the touchsrceen only android phones whereas Motorola will make the keyboard android phones and I need a keyboard

  2. HTC Boosh

  3. HTC Wildfire w/ keyboard! Also for AT&T…

  4. HTC stupendous

  5. HTC What we have now..
    HTC Anything you like ?
    HTC what I did there ?

  6. htc demolition

  7. Well it all depends on what the phone is going to be more used for as well as its specs. Is it more Multimedia, or Business, mor social etc. personally I like Wildfire, with Zeal coming in a close second.

  8. How about “HTC hopefully it comes to T-Mobile”

  9. Wildfire and Zeal would be my two also.

  10. HTC weed

  11. Hoe bout “HTC fearless” that would be a nice name for this phone ……………………………………….. I hope this one hits tmobile with some really good specs like the incredible or evo 4g

  12. Sorry for mis-spelling how

  13. I wouldn’t bet on a high end phone based on the fact that they said they wanted the name to be playful and full of youth, I would expect it to be a lower spec phone aimed at the cheaper contracts and the pay as you go market (like the Tattoo)

  14. I think it was indirectly stated but it should be the..

  15. What about

    HTC WillLastMoreThan6Months or
    HTC WillBeKeptUpdated


  16. NESTOR

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