MyTouch Slide Will Be Available in Red, Black, and White with “Genius Button”


Yesterday brought us a bunch of new pics of the red and black myTouch Slide for T-Mobile, and now we are learning they will be joined by a white counterpart as well. All of the handsets will also feature a little “g” among their soft keys known as the “Genius Button,” as was spotted in the images along with a corresponding app in the tray.


No one can say for sure what the full functionality of the Genius Button will be, but it will most likely open a prompt used for quick input of the plethora of voice commands Android supports. What else it may do is anybody’s guess, but considering there is an app of the same name to go along with the button, my money is on the ability to customize the way the G button works for you.


If you like to believe rumors, then the myTouch Slide may be seeing the light of day on TMO as soon as May 17.

[AndroidGuys, Cell Phone Signal via Android and Me]

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  1. Gimme.

  2. Optical Trackpad ?

  3. just gimme this one with a decent UMA app.

  4. Why does it run such an ugly rendition of Sense? Really weird, seeing as how good Sense looks on HTC’s 2.1 devices.

  5. i dont understand why t-mo and htc are pushing out these outdated phones when Verizon, sprint and even att have more powerfully phones.
    can we get a decent android phone t-mo?

  6. I guess that clears that one up.I was wondering what that mystery button was for.

  7. pushing new improved hardware cost more money and investment. Using older version of stable ROM is much less expensive for manufacture. This alway help reduce the cost of the phone. Why is the fastest phones expensive.. because it cost more to build them, in hardware and in software (optimizing cost money and time). Dont be upset update will follow i am assuming. This way the phone will be cheaper more adoption to Android. Its like buying a PC. what would you like to buy a 100.00 less Windows vista or 100.00 more with Windows 7.


  9. Espresso Sense?
    So it’s running the watered down sense?

  10. ^Why would it be watered down? If anything it’s watered up.

  11. this phone looks cool I am gonna take a look when its out and see if it will be my back up to my N1..
    T-mo has some good phones and I believe this one will 750 Mhz which is pretty good not superphone good but not everyone needs a superphone.Also it is coming with 2.1 no? SO where is the outdated on this phone.

  12. i was very skeptical about this phone initially. i mean, i already have the mytouch slide (g1). but this one seems to be a pretty sick phone. and it will definitely drag a new crowd

  13. The Nexus One has raised the bar on phones with the 1GHZ processor. This phone is rumored to be 600MHZ. If thats true that will certainly be disappointing. Yeah and the version of Android will be important. And what it can be updated to. Android fans are getting wise to all these companies currently selling phones (today as I type) that cannot be (or at least they have no plans to) upgraded to later versions of Android. You can today buy a new phone with 1.6 and you are stuck with that version. In my estimation that is ridiculous seeing the Android OS is open source and thus free. These cell phone companies arent used to the tech savvy Android fans but they better get with the program. :)

  14. I will be getting the white one…

  15. I wish HTC would make more android phones with physical keyboards like this one. I dream of a Desire with a slideout keyboard.

  16. why worry about the version of the of android it will be running? root it and use whatever version you want

  17. does anyone know if the original mytouch,could get the new sense ui with an update?

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