The MyTouch Slide Is Seen In A Different Color


I knew that after the FCC approved this device, it wouldn’t be long before we started getting more images of and details about the T-Mobile MyTouch Slide. With the steam building up surrounding the rumored May 19th release of this device, we imagine it won’t be long now before T-Mobile makes an official announcement and blast us with some nicer-looking media (and an official spec list).

This time around, the phone sports a red bevel outlining and its screen is actually on and functional. There’s also a piece of plastic covering the front leading me to believe that devices are being mass-manufactured and boxed up at this moment!


Taking a closer look at the image, it’s apparent that this is not vanilla Android. The notification bar is black ala HTC Sense, and the “Back” and “Next” buttons aren’t in traditional Android style (though this could be due in part to customization within the “100% You” start-up app itself). Could we be seeing HTC Sense on this device as it nears launch? Will HTC equip this thing with hardware that’ll significantly put it ahead its predecessor? Those are all questions to think about as we wait for more details about the phone’s specs and an official release date confirmation to leak out in the coming weeks.

[Thanks, TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The form factor looks the same as the original Mytouch. Some specs please?

  2. Now we’re talkin. go t-mobile!

  3. Looks like they could’ve squeezed in a fifth row on that keyboard instead of having the capslock fn lights and huge lip at the bottom. Oh well.

  4. The next and back buttons are part of most phones intro screens.

  5. Finally! A TAB button! Also, what the heck is the “Mytouch” button going to be used for?

  6. Well if I don’t switch to Sprint and get the Evo then at least Tmo will have this keyboard to offer me… but I’ll wait to see the specs.

  7. Rumored to have ARM 11 processor and running 2.0, kind of bummed its not 2.1 but better than 1.6

  8. Waiting to see the specs but this is looking pretty nice.

  9. @john
    What Mytouch button? If you’re talking about the fourth button on the front screen, it seems to be a ‘g’ which I would assume would be Google search.

  10. all i can do is hope to GOD this will be running sense ui…it would be hilarioius if it was running espresso…remember those roms?????!?!?!!? dun dun dunnnnnn

  11. I hate to say it, but why do I feel as if this phone is going to be YET ANOTHER re-hash of the same old MyTouch. Same proc speed, same memory, and probably not upgradable to Android 2.0. All for $199 on contract. But wait! I has a 3.5mm jack and is 100% YOU (whatever that means, I still have yet to understand).

    I apologize, but color me unimpressed.

  12. My expectations are this phone is the same old crap that we’ve seen from T-Mo. If so, it would make me really question their decision making ability. When the Galaxy S is going to AT&T, Evo is going to Sprint, T-Mo is getting the same old crap that underperforms with 1.6.

  13. i Agree, I have the feeling this will just be the same crap specs as the Mytouch.
    But if it isnt..
    this is will be my next phone ^_^

  14. @Dan: yeah,it does look like a Google search function on the outside. I was referring to the hardware button in the bottom left side. Clearly a Mytouch logo, right?

  15. WOW… I want this!

    Could have directional arrow keys though.

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