ICD’s Gemini Tablet Spotted And Early Tests Look Great


It’s only been about a month since we heard anything from Innocomm, but today they felt the need to shower us with some great new information about their upcoming Gemini Tablet. Yesterday, we saw the features and specs detailed for the first time, and now we already have a prototype to gawk at.


The Gemini, which sports a 1ghz Tegra2-based processor, was praised as being “blisteringly fast” by Stuff.tv when they got their palms on it. Despite the fact that this netbook-sized tablet sports an archaic resistive touchscreen, Android navigation is reportedly still very smooth and the screen looks amazing.

Early impressions of it aren’t perfect, however, thanks to some bugs and features that aren’t yet functional, but that’s why this is still just a “prototype”. I wouldn’t mind seeing more tweaks made to the UI as the offering now seems to be plain vanilla Android.


Here’s hoping we get to see full-motion video of this bad boy in action, and I can’t wait to see how the finished product will fair against the upcoming Dell Mini 5 and the Archos line of PMPs and tablets on their way. Visit Stuff.tv for their full early impressions of the prototype and hit up Engadget for a full spec rundown and comparison sheet.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. At least its not named after a feminine hygine product…

  2. resistive touchscreen? how well does that support multi-touch? I’m sure it can do it… but using your fingernails

  3. Oh god no, please let it keep the stock vanilla UI. Custom UIs severely delay the release of OS updates, (i.e., MotoBlur, SenseUI, etc…)

  4. @DroidRiffic There’s going to be a capacitive option.

  5. the HTC Evolve Tablet looks much better… if it becomes reality.

  6. The second image here is especially nice. It looks like the new ebook reader on the ipad.. a wooden bookshelf.. really impressive!!

    Ah, umm … it’s just a reflection :/

  7. This looks better than the ipad already……….and even on my regular radio station they talk about how bad the ipad is and how it doesn’t connect to a printer or any thing, oh yeah and u still have to have a computer for it to work

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